Here you will find the best articles about our experience in Sweden.

Articles with proposals, tips and routes to travel around Sweden in a motorhome or on a free roadtrip with your car or one for hire.

Sweden is an incredible country, like all the Nordic countries. 

Without a doubt it is the one that has surprised us the most. We did not expect much from Sweden, since there is not much information on the net, instead what it has given us on our trips has been a lot.

A generous country and friend especially if you travel with children. Where there is no place to remember toys or books for the little ones to entertain themselves.

An open, free, friendly state where Swedes make you feel at home.

Sweden undoubtedly has a lot to tell the world. Not only for its wonderful, spectacular and varied nature, which surprises wherever you go. Sinó for its culture, society and lifestyle.

Every corner of this country has impressed us. Some of these places that I would recommend with your eyes closed are the Gothenburg Archipelago with paradisiacal islands, Storfossen with the most incredible rapids I've ever seen, the High Coast, Rotsidan, Stockholm or Gammelstad a church town of the most peculiar and different than have ever seen.

Sweden is undoubtedly a wasteless destination and I highly recommend it.