At this moment you are seeing Combarro in a motorhome: in the top of the fishing villages with granaries!
Combarro in motorhome

Combarro in motorhome: in the top of the fishing villages with granaries!

Combarro in motorhome is a destination fascinating in our trip to Galicia by motorhome. Without a doubt, it occupies a deserved position in the top of the fishing villages. Famous for its granaries and crosses, it also manages to surprise you by its striking streets that adorn the heart of the town.

When you come, you will discover a site of 10!    

What to see and what to do in Combarro

Combarro is very close to Pontevedra city and ... everyone says it is super touristy. It's true. And it is also true that your visit is worth it when you approach Galician lands. The charming old town of Combarro offers you corners full of charm.


The horreos

Come to this beautiful historical complex of thirty granaries, located on the seashore and which have the honor of being the most photographed in Galicia. In your social networks, they will be luxurious!

The granaries of Combarro, like those of the rest of Galicia, are traditional and typical constructions that since ancient times have been used to store food, grain or potatoes. Another great symbol of the place are its crosses: stone crosses characteristic of Galicia that formerly represented the crossroads.

Benedictine monastery of San Xoan de Poio

This monastery was founded in the XNUMXth century and inhabited by Benedictine monks for centuries. In his best days he had great power in the environment. When you visit it, it is easy to imagine. Feel its history!


The Combarro port area has a special aftertaste: halfway between seafaring traditions and modern trends. Here you can see fishermen preparing nets before going out to sea and others with their yachts for a walk along the estuary. Stand up. An ideal place to watch life go by.

The houses and the old town

The houses in Combarro are made of stone, wood, colored ... Without a doubt, when you walk through them you realize that it is the best way to get to know the locals. Oh, and don't miss the church of San Roque, from the s. XVIII.

Tambo Island

A real discovery on your tour of Combarro in a motorhome! At high tide, this island filled with water and in times when the island belonged to the monastery of San Xoan de Poio, it provided fish. More curiosities: The island hides many legends and, although currently it cannot be visited, it is allowed to navigate nearby.

Where to park and spend the night in Combarro in a motorhome

Very close to Combarro in the next town you can park and spend the night in your motorhome area. From that to Combarro there are about 15 minutes on foot.


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Galicia has two official languages: Spanish and Galician. Due to the large influx of tourists in Galicia, a lot of the population speaks Portuguese and it is also very common for the staff of the tourist services to speak some English.



The census amounts to 2 701 743 inhabitants.

Currency and prices




The prices in Galicia are similar to those that can be found in other Spanish tourist destinations. Probably, the greatest difference in price is seen in the hotel industry, which if we compare it with communities such as Catalonia or the Basque Country, the price is a little lower.

Some examples: coffee with milk: € 1,80; beer cane: € 1,50; loaf of bread: € 0,50; Menu of the day in a normal restaurant: € 10.

Typical Galician food

A delicious gastronomy

Galician gastronomy is an authentic delicacy forged in the middle of the Atlantic. You can find flavors of a great diversity and exquisite products top quality… all of them linked to the land and the sea. 

On your trip to Galicia in a motorhome you will find restaurants for all budgets. The usual thing among tourists is to take advantage of the mornings to visit the beaches and coves eating something light and reserve to indulge in the evening in a restaurant.

En Galicia eats well and in abundance, definitely.

The typical Galician dish is seafood. This rich delicacy has its origin in an abundant product of the area.

The skewers and tapas Galician octopus, Galician empanadas, pork shoulder with turnip greens, chorizo ​​with cachelos, padrón peppers or Galician tripe they cannot be missed in your visit.

Ah! do not forget to try their tasty Galician broths and stews, nor its cheeses (from Arzúa-Ulloa, San Simón da Costa or Cebrero) nor the Santiago cake or the Mondoñedo cake and the Allariz almond groves.

And to water the meals the spirits and the queimada they cannot be absent as typical Galician liquors.

Official tourism website

Galicia Tourism Website:

Getting around Galicia: roads


In Galicia's road network, the highways and highways stand out, which as a curiosity are identified with AG- and with a blue background, unlike the rest of the autonomous communities that are usually AP-. AG stands for "Autoestrada Galega". There are many highways in Galicia and pejae, on the other hand, there are few highways, including the Costa de la Muerte highway or the Valle Miñor highway, the rest are generally very good quality highways.

Several of these main roads leave back roads towards the different populations and coastal area especiallyAll these roads are in good condition and also allow you to enjoy a dream landscape along the way, although some are curvy and narrow, but in general they are accessible to everyone.

Galicia legislation in motorhome or camper

Legislation of Galicia for motorhomes: vigilance against camping on the coast and protection of natural landscapes

The legislation is the same as the Spanish state in Galicia.

If a municipality does not prohibit us by ordinance from parking and / or overnighting of motorhomes, we can park and spend the night without problem, as long as we do not leave the parking marks and do not camp (this is very important).

Bans on parking / spending the night in Galicia in a motorhome, sometimes, and always camping!

In some points of mainly coastal municipalities, they veto us parking and spend the night in their streets. Unfortunately, this is the result of the abuse of many who have camped where they should not. The most prohibitions are to spend the night in motorhomes, especially in parking lots on the coast, in the interior there is no problem as a general rule.

What is extremely forbidden, and this is by law for all of Spain, it is camping. We cannot camp in any public place.

And remember, that camping is spending more than 72 hours in the same place or going outside the perimeter of the vehicle (opening a simple window, taking out the awning or taking out the table and chairs is camping).

Advice to avoid camping with heat in Galicia in a motorhome or camper

That is why a tip if you come in summer, come with autonomous air conditioning or an autonomous Viesa-type refrigerator so as not to open windows or take anything out and thus avoid all kinds of fines while also being cool in your camper or motorhome. For us, God Viesa is everything 🙂 It should come standard and not be an extra, we always say it, so surely many would stop camping and stop us from banning unique places.

Spend the night, camp and do services in Galicia in a motorhome

Where to spend the night, camp and do motorhome and camper services in Galicia

Galicia dIt has many campsites and many motorhome areas, some public and many others private.

Campsites and private motorhome areas in Galicia

There are many options in Galicia in different destinations to find campsites and private motorhome areas at a good price. 

These two points are where we must go if we want to camp (take out a table, chairs, awning, open windows ...). Campsites and private areas are the only ones that allow us to camp.

Public motorhome areas

There are many municipalities that have also opted to establish public motorhome areas in Galicia. Most free areas.

But remember that in these public areas camping is generally prohibited. Here you can spend the night without disturbing anyone and you can do services, but not camp as a general rule.

Gas stations and supermarkets that offer services to motorhomes and campers in Galicia

There are some Galician gas stations and supermarkets that make emptying and filling water services available to motorhomes and campers. Some points even allow overnight stays.

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