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How does a motorhome work?

We explain how to travel by motorhome or camper. How a motorhome works to practice.

La autonomy is the key to these traveling vehicles. They are houses with wheels, so if we want water, a sink and light as at home we need elements that give us that autonomy.

In the family of 4, two adults and two children, our average autonomy is 4 days. And it is the chemical poti / wc that always limits us the most and we need to empty the first one.

Basic elements of how to travel in a motorhome to know how they work

How to travel in a motorhome with regard to showers, washing dishes and other need for water? How does a motorhome work on the subject of running water that we need?

We need clean water to wash dishes, clean and shower. For this, motorhomes or AC calls commonly carry clean water tanks. 

We cannot drain the water from the shower or the dishes directly to the floor, so they have a large dirty water tank. 

This is called the grey waters. We will have to empty these tanks when they are filled or before (we have a panel that notifies us of this). 

Emptying must always be carried out in places designated for this, within motorhome service areas or in campsites. You can locate these places easily through apps like parking4night or caramaps.  

How to travel in a motorhome or camper for the needs of a toilet?

How does the toilet of a motorhome work?

We need a toilet to have our space of intimacy and basic need.

For this reason, the toilet is one of the great luxuries and at the same time basic that motorhomes have. It is a chemical toilet that works with pills or liquid that helps us undo our needs. These pills or liquid will help to keep stools and urine from giving off odor for the 3 or 4 days that they can remain in what we call the black waters.

We will have to empty these tanks when they are filled or before (we have a light in the same toilet that warns us of this). 

We will always empty the tank in sewage dumps, which are located in motorhome service areas (many on motorways) or in campsites. Apps like parking4night or caramaps will help us locate these places easily. 

How to travel by motorhome or camper as far as the needs of a have electricity and light?

How does a motorhome work in terms of the lights and electricity we need?

La vehicle battery offers very little autonomy. You must always be traveling to generate the necessary battery charge.

HR solar panels and auxiliary batteries they provide good autonomy and are the solution. This added to an electrical converter, which is used to connect a laptop to a dryer, gives us the necessary autonomy in electricity. Or if you are camping or an area with electricity, you can directly plug into the electrical network.

With the solar panel and auxiliary batteries you guarantee in summer that you have hardly any problems with electricity, since you generate all the necessary ones without problems. Autonomy is total.

 Now, in winter, skiing for 2 days standing in the same place, you can run out of battery as you don't have to be careful with the lights and the general electric cost in the motorhome.

How to travel by motorhome or camper while cooking food?

How does a motorhome work on the subject of kitchen and fridge?

Motorhomes usually have a three-burner stove, fridge and even freezer. Some even oven. 

Most run on gas.

Let's talk about propane gas. It is the best because it lasts longer. It has a autonomy of 1 bottle every 15 days, if it is hot because the fridge needs more gas to cool. But if it is normal or cold, it lasts 1 month cooking a lot every day and with a full fridge.

What to say about butane gas? Both propane and butane gas in each country have their different bottles and nozzles, so if you travel outside of Spain you should calculate to take the necessary bottles.

Yet another system, the GLP for those who travel a lot outside. The solution to the purchase of gas anywhere in the world.

How to travel in a motorhome or camper for heating needs in winter or cold places?

It can be gas. It can also be diesel. For us, this second is the best option for its greater autonomy. The only downside is that it makes a little more noise than gas.

More considerations: the altitude limitations of the heaters. Webasto at 2000 meters may stop working. It is advisable to look at other manuals because they are at 1600 meters and if you want to go skiing you will have to adapt a height kit.

How to travel in a motorhome or camper when it is very hot?

You can only use normal air conditioning when you are plugged in while camping. The alternative to being autonomous is See, Oneill or the like. A water spray air ventilation system that lowers the temperature to around 10 degrees. 

For us the Viesa is a great ally in the hottest days and we recommend it 100%. The price is around installation for around € 1000. 


How to travel by motorhome or camper if I need the internet or I like television?

For this, motorhomes generally have a minimum television. Now it is interesting to have TV antennas, if you want to see it well.

And if what you want is Internet in the motorhome or camper with a MIFI router and a SIM card, you will have WIFI in your motorhome.

Then I recommend the Mifi that we use, a Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi. It has been our Wi-Fi solution for years wherever we are. It fits in your pocket and perfectly in your motorhome or camper.

Provides 150Mbps high-speed Wi-Fi. We accompany it with a 4G antenna to improve coverage when we are lost in the middle of the mountain.

Easily connect 10 users via Wi-Fi and 1 with USB. Outings, family reunions, parties will not be a problem from now on.

Also, running out of battery is no longer a concern. The low consumption of the device will allow you to be connected to the internet for 6hrs or 600hrs at rest.


And if what you want is to watch Netflix on the TV in your motorhome, we recommend that you wear this little gadget so easy to install on your TV: the Fire Stick, a great solution to a rainy day.



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