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How to test or start traveling by motorhome or camper

How to start traveling by motorhome?

 If you are considering get started in the world of the motorhome or camperHere we explain the three options you have and guide you which one to choose for each case.

Rent a motorhome to start traveling by motorhome or camper

If you are going to start traveling by motorhome, this is the option we would recommend. So if it is the first time, rent.

And if you are not going to go out more than on long vacations, this option is also the one we advise you, renting a motorhome or campervan will be the most economical option. If not, it will not be amortized due to the large investment it involves.

You must assume, when renting, a cost of between 100 to 150 euros on the normal day.

Don't forget that you have rental companies versus rent between individuals type Airbnb with this platform that we put here:

With them we know very good experiences and we know that if you rent them in France, the rental cost is less than in Spain and can be reduced to less than € 50 the day of rental. A very good alternative to start with this world at a good price.


This is the least recommended option if you are going to start traveling by motorhome.

The price of a new motorhome fluctuates between 45.000 and more than 200.000 euros. It also has other costs that you must add such as insurance, ITV, municipal vehicle tax, parking for her if you can not leave her at home, engine checks and air tightness checks of the cabin.

And do not forget to tell that it is like a house. There are always things to keep.

Buy one second-hand motorhome is another excellent option. It is ideal if you do not know what the world is about and want to start traveling by motorhome. You can buy second-hand motorhomes from 15.000 euros. Of course, they will be more than 20-25 years old.

Where do you soak up the subject? in caravanning fairs. In Barcelona or Dusserdolf they make the best fairs if you want to travel in a new or second-hand motorhome.

Seeking advisers is highly recommended. If you know someone from the world, ask them and they will help you. There are things that you don't fall for at the beginning of a purchase, such as which extras are essential and which extras are not useful (although this is relative depending on the use and the type of family).


Camperiza if you have a van or vehicle

One option: do it yourself. There is a lot of youtuber that explains it to you and it can be a good solution to start traveling in a motorhome.

You can also put yourself in the hands of professionals. They are companies that make you camperization to measure.

You decide if travel in a new or second-hand motorhome or camperize a vehicle making it an authentic and original motorhome. 

If you are still not sure how to start, here is a super tip

If you do not have a motorhome or camper, we still give you an advice to rent one before buying or campering a van. And if you want to rent at a good price we advise you to do so from the website that we leave you below. It will be half price because it is a rental between individuals. And on top of that you can rent it wherever you go, saving kilometers on the route. In addition, in countries like France there is more offer and they are cheaper than in Spain. Many of our friends have rented through this platform and are very happy with the experience so we recommend it 100%.

How to travel by motorhome


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