At this moment you are seeing Route of a getaway through Córdoba and Malaga in a motorhome by @clasam_viajanconamor
Motorhome route through Córdoba

Route of a getaway through Córdoba and Malaga in a motorhome by @clasam_viajanconamor

Discover this Andalusian motorhome family and enjoy their motorhome trips. This family is made up of Fran and Silvia with their two little ones, Claudia and Samuel. They love to do everything together, play, cook, travel and above all enjoy nature while traveling. Claudia is calm and very curious and Samuel is very active and loves a challenge. 

They are starting this adventure together of traveling by motorhome and sharing their trips on Instagram. They love!

So don't wait any longer to discover the world from your motorhome, follow them on Instagram!

Getaway and route through Cordoba in a motorhome with a stop in a beautiful Malaga town

Next we are going to show you a motorhome route through Córdoba with a stop in one of the lesser known but most beautiful villages in Malaga.

We left one day in September towards Cordoba in a motorhome, Córdoba capital, and its most essential places. We leave Malaga, a beautiful city where they exist, and for that reason on the way back we will stop down in one of the most beautiful and less known Malaga towns: Igualeja.

What to see in Córdoba. 

En Cordova we can visit a endless monuments heritage of our history. 

Córdoba is not only its Mosque-Cathedral. There is Roman, Arab, Jewish and Christian history everywhere. Visits for all tastes. From the Roman bridge with the tower of the Calahorra in the background and its walks along the Guadalquivir river, the Jewry with your precious Synagogue and its alleys full of life, the Arab baths, Alcazar de los Reyes Christians, the Cordovan Patios, Botanical Garden, Palacio de Viana even a city for children, the Children's City (a very large park that in summer there are even attractions with water, for the symbolic payment of € 1), among others. 

Tips to visit Cordoba by motorhome

  1.  To see the monuments, remember this: most closed on Sundays from 15 pm and all Monday. This premise is useful for most towns in the province of Córdoba.
  2.  In Córdoba, not all culture is paid. So you can visit for free the Synagogue, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Arab House, the Royal Stables, the Posada del Potro, the Souk and even Medina Azahara, among others. A great plan in this getaway to Córdoba by motorhome.
  3. In the Mosque-Cathedral, There is a double tail (and very long is the time that is usually). One to buy tickets and one to enter. A tip buy them for internet or visit it at 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., Which will come out on top free from Monday to Saturday! The cost of the basic entrance is € 11 and for children under 10 years free. Before going to Córdoba in your motorhome or camper, visit the website of the Mosque ( ) to see that there are no events and it is closed at the time you go. They usually close a few hours on Sundays and religious holidays for mass.

Park and spend the night in Cordoba in a motorhome or camper van

For, park and spend the night in Cordoba in a motorhome or camper there is a AC area payable guarded 2 minutes from downtown. The bad thing is that it is worth € 18 24 hours without services (services are charged separately, € 2). 

On the other hand and not far, about 10 minutes from the center you have several free ground parking. The bad thing about these is that there are caps, but with giving them 1 euro it is already there and they are watching over you. If there are other motorhomes and campers, it is a very good option for these car parks, otherwise the area would be better. All the car parks can be found in the parking4night app. We have been in the ground parking of the zoo two days, where we have been very accompanied by other campers and we have been well.

The morning after this getaway motorhome route through Cordoba, we left early to a monumental World Heritage Site: Medina Azhara. About 15 km from the center of Cordoba by motorhome, we find Medina Azahara, a marvel of the history of our country.

Medina Azahara by motorhome, what to see and tips

  1. The schedule from October 1 to December 31, from Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00; Sundays, holidays and Monday, holiday eve from 09:00 to 15: 00.
  2. The deposits are free to access.

 Where to park to visit Medina Azahara

In Medina Azhara there is a large parking lot during the day, where we will not be able to spend the night since they close the access, to leave the motorhome and take you by bus for one euro and a half to the Medina Azahara sites by bus.

This parking lot is the Interpretation Center of the World Heritage monument for the UNESCO of Medina Azhara. GPS coordinates: N 37 ° 52'54.084 ”W -4 ° 51'10.7928” 37.881690,-4.852998

To spend the night there is a private area not far or very expensive, on the road, it is not pretty but practical on the way.

And before leaving zone one recommendation a few kilometers from here: Visit the Game of Thrones Castle in Almodóvar del Río


On the way down to Malaga, I had to tell it, we went to Igualeja. A very nice town in Malaga, where they were collecting chestnuts, almonds and pine nuts.

It was a wonderful meeting. FWe went through its fields to collect chestnuts and on the way we went hiking, we had a great time.

What to see in Igualeja

Entering Igualeja from the Sierra de las Nieves detour, from the road that connects San Pedro de Alcántara with Ronda, gives the possibility of observing one of the most beautiful views of the Genal Valley. And here is the entrance of the town and it is where the river that bathes one of the valleys of the most beautiful Andalusian geography.

A town of steep labyrinthine streets with mansions that cling to the rock walls.


 And here is the essential to see: The Source of the Genal River, a natural outcrop of the Sierra Blanca Cuifer, where the water rises in gusts.

Located in the upper part of the town, next to a recreational area, the water gushes out in an enchanted landscape full of vegetation, waterfalls and flashes of light. In the rainy season, when the level of its riverbed increases considerably, what the people of Iguazu call bursting the spring takes place: a loud and impressive explosion of water, since not in vain the spring is what geologists call a siphon.

 Another curiosity is that it seems that the name of Igualeja comes from the fact that, once the Moors were expelled, the Christian settlers shared the lands of their previous occupants "equally".

Of course here in Igualeja you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful nature that the Genal Valley offers, so get lost on its trails and finally listen to the legends of famous bandits from his town: “El Zamarra”, “El Zamarrilla” and “Flores Arrocha”.

Where to park and spend the night in Igualeja in a motorhome 

We park in the town square, but it is true that the town with steep streets can be difficult. To park and spend the night you can go to the recreation area of ​​the source of the Genal River. In low season you will not have any problem staying overnight. The coordinates are the following: N 36 ° 37'57.8208 ”W -5 ° 7'4.3716” 36.632728, -5.117881


Cordoba and Malaga by motorhome

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