Kucavana, who we are

Kucavana, its name and its history

Traveling by motorhome is our passion and here is its history.

Kucavana is the name with which our children baptized our new motorhome the day they got home.

Anna with 2 years old did not know how to say motorhome very well and said something like "kucavana" And so repeating it, she and her brother, who was laughing at her sister, gave her his name. And the truth is that we love the whole family!

Our Kucavana is one Challenger 396, a new model from 2018 from Challenger, she has taught us how to travel by motorhome.

Su history goes back to the day we decided to sell our old and historic 25-year-old Volkswagen California van, the Cali, a full-fledged hippy van :). After spending 3 weeks in the Pyrenees during the summer of 2017 on 4 and enduring days of intense rain with two little children, we clearly saw that we had grown too small and that we needed a change in our lives 🙂

We decided that if we sold it, we would bundle the blanket over our heads and buy a new motorhome. And so it was, in a very short time we sold it and started looking at motorhomes. Without a doubt traveling in a motorhome would change our lives.


Choosing a Challenger 396

Our initially favorite was the Benimar Sport 323 nasturtium and with bunks and we were quite convinced of it, it was what we needed: bunk beds for children and a lot of dining space which is where we would spend the most time, with a double bed that should not be made or undone.

However one day, and almost by chance we passed by Cargol Caravans, in Parets del Vallès, and we said let's see if they have a nasturtium with bunk beds ... And here Our surprise, they did not have but they had just received a new 2018 model of a profile with a great novelty: tilting bunk beds that gave at the same time a free area for children or second dining room and best of all a large large garage (just what that we missed in the Benimar!)! It also had the gas oil heater as we wanted and the gas fridge and it was a Ford cabin (in the Fiat it did not come well! I am quite short hehehe).

The second we fell in love, it was our perfect motorhome, for our children, our dogs and for us. Perhaps the qualities of Challenger were not the best, but neither was Benimar, but the distribution was very important for us.

Choosing a motorhome is very personal, we believe that each family has their needs and that there is not a perfect motorhome for everyone, but rather that everyone finds their perfect AC.

So we present you our Kucavana, a Challenger 396, with whom we are very happy, especially with Montse our saleswoman 🙂 Thank you for showing us what our Kucavana was going to be that day!


If you want to see it inside you can see our VídOr where we show you our Challenger 396 motorhome both outside and inside. 


Video of our motorhome


And who do we travel on it?


Well we are one family from a 36 year old couple, Pilar and Jose, that we live in a small town of Barcelona, with two wonderful children little ones 4 and 7 years old, Anna and Arnau. In addition, we have 3 adopted German Shepherd-type dogs, that is, large ones of about 40 kilos. All three are adopted from the Vilanimal protector, with whom we have great esteem and have collaborated for many years. From here we encourage you to adopt! www.vilanimal.org !

We can only take one or a maximum of two of the dogs on each trip, due to space and family logistics (and because the two males fight us 🙁), but the others stay with the grandparents at home who are delighted and from here We warmly thank you for all the support you always give us. THANKS, WE LOVE YOU !!!

We are a computer engineer and a political scientist who is also a university professor, who grew up in a caravan going from town to town like a good daughter of fairgrounds (cop what ??? public administration). We have both worked to modernize public administration for many years and we try to make it better one day. We go above all to small town halls giving organizational support and digitally transforming them, helping them with their strategy and internal organization. We met for a few years doing the same thing in a company and we continue together and doing the same.

For us, traveling to small municipalities is our day to day, all year round, weekends and weekdays. We love it and we enjoy it, and above all, getting to know its people.

We hope to see you soon in one of the thousands of corners that await us in this beautiful world, remember to say hello! 


Manual for traveling in a motorhome



Access all our articles here: www.kucavana.es

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  1. Jose Manuel Buzón Avila

    Hello family,
    We are almost residents of the population 🙂 we live in Granollers, we also have a Challenger 387 and of course Cargol, we love your stories, we even share a surname 🙂 one day we will meet on the way. Continue like this and resist that many over time will leave you, a hug,

    1. Pilar Avila

      How good these spirits Jose Manuel! Thank you! And what a good chance, apart from neighbors to see if we are family! hehehe hey well if you feel like write to us [email protected] And if you want with a phone number, I will add you to a small group of WhatsApp challengers from Cargol! We are already a few and the truth is that between us we are helping each other a little 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Fran

    Hello !!!!, I have read your article and I really liked it. You are the first couple I know who has 396. I hope you are well. As it turns out that although we live in the south, we have a budget for a 396 in Cargol, hoping that this pandemic will allow us to move. I love that model and I was looking for someone who had it and gave me their opinion on its operation and handling. We also like the mounted on ford. We went from caravan to car and there are five of us. And so far we have also pulled the VW van with the caravan in tow. Well, I love the name of your car. I await a response, greetings and good health.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Fran, you will not regret the purchase. It is without a doubt the best thing we have done in life. We repeat it every day. If you want we have a WhatsApp group from AC Challenger and another one for 396 that we will add to you. Email us at [email protected] A hug!

  3. Urtzi

    Hello, I have a 396 challenger and I would like you to add me to some group of kids or challenger to share ideas and learn. I have not been able to contact you by email. Thank you for everything and congratulations

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Urtzi! That is done now I write to the email that you have left us and we add you! a hug and welcome to the Challengers 396 club! A hug!

  4. Carolina

    Thank you very much for the video!
    My family and I started our holidays this Monday with a motorhome and we are on our nerves! with your manual you help us a lot.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good morning Carolina,
      A thousand thanks to you for your words, they are the right and necessary vitamins that we need to continue writing and helping more colleagues like you! Anything will be here to help you. That this super trip that you are going to start is great! It sure will be wonderful! A hug.

  5. esther

    Good, you have fallen links on the trip to French Brittany. Thank you. Very interesting.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good morning Esther, I think that more than dropped links is that I still have to finish developing a post like Broceliande's that I have half-written. And so it is not yet published. This trip was the last and I still have not been able to finish it 🙂 I promise to do it shortly 🙂 Any questions why write to us [email protected] A hug family.

  6. Ramon

    Good afternoon,

    I suppose that at these heights of the game you will be on some distant route or not ... like snails.
    I discovered you today and I really liked the way of explaining this world to you / us
    I'm more of a camper but the truth is that I don't have either ☹. Right now I have a 4 × 4 and I'm thinking of doing something special with it… ..but the woman says no. Time to time….
    Nothing, just congratulate you and you already have one more follower.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Ramon! We love meeting you 🙂 Surely one day we will see you with that camperized 4 × 4 on an overland trip of the molones 😛 That is our next dream too, to have a camperized 4 × 4. Because we treat the Kucavana like a 4 × 4 but it lacks the four hehehehe And for your wife, neglect that she will fall 😛 we always fall ejhehehe and luckily! Hugs! Pillar

  7. Arnau albesa

    Hi! I really liked your website! I have found you because we are about to buy the 396! We loved the layout! Surely we will look at your page in the future because it is very good and you have a lot of information !! I would like to ask you some questions that I have: 1.- When the beds are up or when you sleep, do they move (move it is understood that if you move while sleeping they move) or are they fixed? 2.- We also want to go skiing and to the mountain in winter (do you have any winter pack in the kucavana? In addition to the advice you say?)
    Thank you very much and congratulations on the website!

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good morning Arnau! So I think we'll meet by clues, right? In Vallter2000 it already snowed this weekend lol Well theme beds, be calm, they do not move and the truth is that they are quite comfortable. With a viscolatex mattress for the big one even more 😛 And for winter kit theme. We only carry the heater height kit, which if it is Eberpacher you must install it. Otherwise you will have problems at more than 1600m. The rest for our mountains is not necessary, even in the Alps that we have gone we find no need for more at the moment. We have a Challenger WhatsApp group and 396 if you want to write to us by email and we are in contact. There we help each other and we all learn from everyone 🙂 Our email: [email protected]

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks for the reply! If in the end we decide to buy 396, I'll let you know to include us in the group! I think it will drop soon but it is not 100% decided yet! Regards

      2. Arnau albesa

        Thanks for answering! Well now I send you an email so that you can include me in the whatsapp because we have already bought it! We will pick it up on Friday !!! We have launched into the world of the motorhome !! 🙂 I have seen the tutorial of the height kit, we will have to assemble it now that the cold is approaching. See you on the road!

        1. Kucavanera family

          We will answer you in a while 🙂

        2. The Karwüay

          Hello kucavaneros family. A few days ago I bumped into you on the trip to Brittany. I started reading and watching your articles and videos and I fell in love with them. But when it touched my heart the most was your presentation. We have another point in common, which is not being motorhome owners and travelers, I am the daughter, great-niece and great-granddaughter of fairgrounds and you have reached me very deep. We don't have a Challenger, but we'll see you sometime on the road. Thanks for all your contributions. Happy route !!

          1. Kucavanera family

            Good Karwüay !!! Well to know if we have crossed paths at some point. You already know that the fairgrounds are like a big family 🙂 I think that's why I like this world of caravanning so much because it has that family point too 🙂 Surely one day we will cross paths, the world is very very small. A big hug and thank you for your motivating words 🙂 Hugs! Pillar

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for answering! Well now I send you an email so that you can include me in the whatsapp because we have already bought it! We will pick it up on Friday !!! We have launched into the world of the motorhome !! 🙂 I have seen the tutorial of the height kit, we will have to assemble it now that the cold is approaching. See you on the road!

    1. Kucavanera family

      Wow how fast !!! that last! It took us 9 months, just like a delivery was hehehe Come see you by mail 🙂

      1. Jose Maria

        Hello, I am José María from Valencia and I have had a Challenger 396 for 1 month, you could add me to the WhatsApp group.

        1. Kucavanera family

          And both José Maria, write us an email to [email protected] 🙂 Welcome to club 396!

  9. Vanesa

    Hi! What made you decide for profiled instead of nasturtium? We are 2 adults, 3 children and a puppy and I have many doubts about which is the best.

    Thank you

    1. Kucavanera family

      Well, honestly, for us the choice was not for profiled, nasturtium or integral. The distribution of our motorhome with floating bunk beds was not done in any other type of motorhome then, so we could not choose much. In our case, the interior distribution prevailed to give us more space to coexist with the double dining room. We always say that when you choose a motorhome, the first thing is to prioritize the needs you have. There are no perfect motorhomes, there is a motorhome for each family and for each moment of life according to your context 🙂 The outlined ones are lower, so in tunnels or 3-meter bridges they take, the nasturtiums do not. The profiled ones also have a small lower consumption, but the difference is small. On the contrary, the nasturtiums always give interior spaciousness and another good thing is that you always have a minimum bed made and that the living room does not cancel you 🙂 A hug, Vanesa and think that you will surely choose well, they all enjoy themselves very much! 🙂

  10. Dani

    Hello, thank you for this page, the truth is that your advice has been very helpful in our travels. We are also a family of 4. We travel by caravan and this year we want to do the route through French Brittany and Normandy. It is a trip that we had to postpone because of the pandemic. We too have been with a Jack Russell dog for a year now, and we have many doubts about whether to take her with us or leave her at home (of course in good hands). I do not know how the dogs in France are in general, I am concerned that it limits our access to many places. What do you advise us?
    Thank you very much and greetings

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good morning Dani, first of all, thank you for your comment, which encourages us to continue writing and sharing with everyone. From what you tell me, I think you will not have many problems with your dog. France is paradise for dogs, in general they let you enter everywhere with them and there is always some side of the beach that they let go with them. We travel with a German shepherd, much bigger and practically do not limit anything 🙂

  11. Maria Jesus

    Hello, my parents have just bought a 396 and they will surely leave it to us one day, there are 5 of us, could you add us to the wuasap group?
    Thank you

  12. Carme

    Hello Kucavanera Family!

    M'agrada molt recomanacions that it is from the cure that we have to have both not camped in llocs that is not pot; amb la not massificació dels pàrquings; in general amb l'entorn.

    Moltes gràcies !!! Sou a bon exemple!

    1. Kucavanera family

      Moltíssimes gràcies Carme, it is not possible for another way, if I will preserve our freedom of motorhome 🙂 A hugging family!

  13. Miguel

    Good morning from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    We are thinking of taking advantage of our recent retirement with several motorhome tours of Europe.
    They could give us a hand advising where to rent motorhomes economically and groups to interact before and during the trip.
    Thank you very much in advance and our sincere congratulations.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Miguel write us if you want an email to [email protected] with all your doubts 🙂

  14. Fernando

    Hello, congratulations on your motorhome, I have read your advice and seen the video of the car, which I liked very much. My wife and I have booked one like yours (online, we haven't seen it physically yet), and taking advantage of the fact that we are retiring we are going to start a new stage. I wanted to ask you some questions:
    The Ford engine has been good for you, the one I have reserved is automatic transmission
    The cooler to put it you have to cut the ceiling
    The beds are stable, because going up and down makes me afraid of problems.
    Well, I do not get more.
    Thank you in advance, and keep it up, you help lay people like me a lot.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good morning Fernando, thank you for your comment, which always encourages us to continue sharing with everyone. About your questions we try to answer you:
      1 The Ford engine has not given us any problem, on the contrary, you should know that the Ford chassis holds up to 4250 kg, which is lower than that of the Fiat, it does not reach 4000 kg, a point very in favor knowing that reality makes us always exceed 3500 kg.
      2 Yes, you have to cut the roof or sacrifice a skylight. In our case we prefer to cut the ceiling.
      3 The beds at first had a factory defect, but they changed the supports and they have been 3 years without any problem.

      I hope I have helped you, we have a group of WhatsApp Challenger and 396 that if you want write us privately at [email protected] and we add you, surely together we will help you more 🙂

  15. Fernando

    Thanks for your answers, another question has arisen from what I am reading, you have put air suspension or in this model it is not necessary.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good Fernando, we have put air suspension yes, in all motorhomes it is good, it is an important safety element, it is not that it is only because of the 396 🙂 The truth is that driving with pneumatic is very noticeable, especially when it is windy key in safety.

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