At this moment you are watching Caravaning News for the week March 19, 2021: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY AND ST.JOSÉ
Area number 2 most recommended by Spanish motorhomes: Viladrau motorhome area

Caravaning news for the week March 19, 2021: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY AND ST.JOSÉ

As every week, we are reviewing the news that has been happening in the world of motorhomes and campers in Spain.

Mobility restrictions loosen in Spain: Caution and responsibility to roll again

Mobility restrictions are easing throughout Spain. It may be that Easter is just around the corner ... Catalonia, Basque Country, Valenciana ...


Are you going out on the weekend?

 A maxim that we always put on our trips is never to stay in a place that is not enabled for motorhomes. Legally, if there are more than 3 motorhomes or campers or caravans together, it can be considered camping, didn't you know?

 Yes, and without removing elements from the vehicle ...

 But it is also that lately we know of many municipalities that have prohibited motorhomes and campers from spending the night in these places precisely because of that feeling of overcrowding that neighbors have complained about.

 A complaint that added to the Covid context has proliferated in prohibitions. Nearby examples in our Vallès Oriental Region: Cánovas and Gualba that have forbidden from 22 pm to 07 am to park motorhomes and campers in the places that were made, more legal or less, they have
marked at least ...

2 new motorhome areas and 1 renovated

Villafranca del Bierzo, Leon

New motorhome area in process in Villafranca del Bierzo, León, on a river beach. Hopefully it comes to fruition and takes off.

La Solana, Ciudad Real

La Solana, Castilla y la Mancha, finalizes its area for 15 motorhomes in the Moheda area. A project already in execution of its works subsidized by the Diputación de Ciudad Real. It is expected to be a digitized and automated area, with bathrooms, electricity and water. It is expected to operate in summer and will have an economic cost. 

Tafalla, Navarra

The City Council of Tafalla, Navarra, has already finished with the improvement works in its motorhome area. It has been fenced with wood, made a picnic area, marked the squares, planted hedges around it ... In conclusion, they have made a more pleasant area for the
motorhome that we are going. To do this they have hired the Tximeleta motorhome association, they have surely done it to our liking!

2 temporary motorhome areas for Easter

Sopela, Bizcaia

Sopela, Bizcaia ,, will open from March 31 to April 6 the Urko parking lot for motorhomes with a capacity for 24 vehicles for those who visit the Biscayan coast this Easter, a very good base place to rest. It will have electricity and water, garbage and a picnic area.

La Gomera, Canary Islands

The City Council of San Sebastián de La Gomera, will once again enable the motorhome area, this time on the occasion of Easter. As usual it will be in the parking lot attached to the Visitor Center, being prohibited in the rest of the surroundings of the helmet.

The authorization of the area will take effect between March 29 to April 04 (both inclusive). A maximum limit of 10 vehicles will be allowed, which will be delimited and separated from each other by perfectly visible fences placed by the City Council, as a measure of distancing and security from the Covid.

Motorhome and sustainable tourism in Vietnam

Different news: Vietnam presents its new tourism product to promote sustainable tourism. Do you know what it is? Motorhome trips to the north of the country. Without a doubt we are the future and sustainability in tourism, Vietnam knows it.⁠

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