At this moment you are seeing Caravaning News for the week to March 12, 2021: 5 new areas, 1 extension, 1 new ban, lighter mobility restrictions etc ...
Area number 2 most recommended by Spanish motorhomes: Viladrau motorhome area

Caravaning news for the week to March 12, 2021: 5 new areas, 1 expansion, 1 new ban, lighter mobility restrictions etc ...

As every week, we are reviewing the news that has been happening in the world of motorhomes and campers in Spain.

Mobility restrictions loosen in Spain: Caution and responsibility to roll again

Mobility restrictions are easing throughout Spain. Could it be that Easter is just around the corner ...


 We all want to go out again, but remember that we are more and more and that this situation is not normal. The Covid is still there and the neighbors will look at us askance to reproach us for any action.

 Caution for the Covid, but also precaution not to overcrowd any place, to help sustainability and to set a good example of motorhome and van that we deserve. 

 If you go to a parking lot, which is not an area specifically enabled for camping, remember not to remove absolutely any item from your vehicle, eat inside, rest inside, remember if you can take the garbage home and above all use the wonderful poti or chemical toilet which is the best invention of this world.

 Above all, responsibility so that our arrival in the villages is always welcome. Because we generate wealth, we energize culture and preserve the nature that we like to enjoy so much as a family.

 I'm looking forward to shooting again! ⁠

Any more tips that I forgot? ⁠ We wait for you in comments, below.

5 new motorhome areas and 1 extension

Zizur Mayor, Navarra

Zizur Mayor, Navarra, has set up two motorhome parking areas, on Istizu street (at the back of the Zizur urbanization) and part of Arrobia street, in Ardoi.

Montmeló, Barcelona

Montmeló, Barcelona, ​​has already opened its new motorhome area, recently inaugurated. It is located in the slaughterhouse area, it is already open and available to users who want to use it. The maximum time of stay is 48 hours, it is free and has the services of water loading and emptying of gray and black water. Another good point is that it is 5 minutes from the R2 suburban renfe line where you can access Barcelona capital in 30 minutes.

Camariñas, A Coruña, on the 11 lighthouses cycling path

The procedures have been started to carry out the works of a motorhome area in Camariñas, A Coruña, at the back of the cycle path that will link eleven lighthouses along 59,6 km of the coast of A Coruña (6 on the Costa da Morte).

Folgoso do Courel, Lugo

The Sillor employment workshop is working on the rehabilitation of an old alvariza located in the surroundings of the town of Santa Eufemia, in the municipality of Folgoso do Courel and when they finish it is planned to start work on a new motorhome area in the town.

They will enable, thus, within a few months an area with water and electricity also for about 5 or 6 vehicles, the city council foresees.

La Pernía, Palencia

The newly released La Pernía motorhome area in Palencia in January has been so successful that its city council has already said that it will improve it shortly, allocating more investment.

Fuencaliente, Ciudad Real

Fuencaliente, in Ciudad Real, will have this summer a municipal campsite for the moment only enabled for motorhomes. It remains to be seen if it will resemble the motorhome areas of French municipal campsites.

New prohibitions and regulations against motorhomes. The Islands do not make it easy for us.

The island of Mallorca, the least camper friendly in Spain

There were few places to park in Mallorca, the Cala Agulla car park has been closed so that we do not pass. And the thing is that in Mallorca there is neither a campsite nor a motorhome area for the overnight stay. In the whole island not a tourist establishment offer for our overnight stay, when even in Menorca and Ibiza there is.

Tenerife and the association La Paca

The Islands want us little, in Tenerife another of the places without any complete motorhome area, this week Paca has once again done actions with the Federation of Municipalities of the islands to see if the areas are promoted. Hopefully it will be successful and the motion that was made in favor of the creation of areas in the Canaries becomes a reality.

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  1. Christian

    What do they loosen during Easter?
    I don't see any constructive information?

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good Christian. Regarding the restrictions, starting next week, for example, in Catalonia we will be able to move freely within the community, just like in Valencia, Euskadi, etc ...
      About your second question, I don't understand you 🙂 There are constructive information, 5 new motorhome areas is good news 🙂 in a week 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    good morning
    When talking about loosening the measures, I mean going back to the situations before the Pandenia, that is, even with a mask, being able to travel through Spain, because moving within your community, with few exceptions, we have been doing it for months. no problem.
    The interesting thing is that you, as professionals in the sector, inform when borders are opened, or we can spend the night on the edge of a river, or on a beach, without being chased.
    Without that freedom, frankly I almost prefer not to move, because even in the areas are you safe since they are parked half a meter away and if windows are opened, the smoke from the neighbor's cigar enters me in addition to other things

    1. Kucavanera family

      Sorry we had not understood you 🙂 We are praised by the professionals 😛 but only to point out that this is a blog of a personal family and that we have nothing to do with something professional, we are a teacher and a computer scientist with two little lovers of this world simply 🙂 Just we tell our experiences and experiences and in this case we tell you news that comes to us in a synthesized way to help you stay informed :). I wish we were professionals 🙂

      A hug family!

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