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how to make a strong homemade glue

How to make the best homemade glue for the family step by step!

If you are wondering how to make an easy and cheap homemade glue, here we suggest you prepare a homemade paste or white glue that in less than half an hour you will have it ready to do your crafts!

How to make a strong homemade glue

The ingredients

The ingredients to make a homemade white cola are:

  • 190 g wheat flour
  • 300 g sugar
  • 1 l water
  • 3 tablespoons vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda

Instruments we will use

The process of how to queue

In the following article on how to make homemade white glue step by step or carpenter's glue or also called paste, we explain step by step like making a strong homemade glue, spectacular and cheap to make crafts. It is the homemade glue that we use at home to make papier-mâché, decoupage and any craft with paper, cardboard and even fabric, it is effective and works great because it is even an edible glue, ideal for children.

You will learn how to make edible glue, perfect for children and with ingredients that you surely have in your pantry.

The process does not take even 15 minutes, with cooling for 30 minutes maximum. Even a child knows how to do it. And if you think you don't watch the video of how we make this super good white tail for crafts at home!

Video of how to make homemade white glue or paste

This video is perfect to see it vertically in full screen on your mobile, hopefully it will help you see how to make homemade white glue cheaply, efficiently and very easily!

The step by step of how to make a homemade glue that works

Step 1: Melt the flour in the cold water

In the liter of cold water that you have put in the pot, throw the 190 g of flour.

If you sift the flour previously, passing it through a fine mesh strainer, it will cost less to undo the flour and you will not have lumps.

On the contrary, if you have groups, nothing happens now in the fire they will surely end up falling apart.

Step 2: Pot over medium-low heat and add the sugar

Put the pot on the fire, over medium-low heat and stir to finish undoing the lumps. Once you see that the mixture is already hot, pour the 300 g of sugar.

Stir well to melt sugar. Never let the mixture boil and beat a good time, minimum 5 minutes.

You can beat the mixture with electric rods or with an electric mixer. 

A tip, always mix in the same direction, so surely the mixture will not be cut. This is like making mayonnaise.

Step 3: Vinegar and baking soda, the ingredients that will make it a spectacular homemade white cola

With the flour, water and sugar we would have a paste or homemade white cola base. But here we offer you our recipe with two ingredients that will make it the perfect cola: vinegar and bicarbonate.

So after a minimum of 5 minutes of stirring, add the 3 teaspoons of vinegar and stir 5 more minutes, always in the same direction. 

Then put the two teaspoons of baking soda and watch the magic it produces. A foam will start to come out, it will look like you are making a meringue and it will even make you want to eat the mixture!

And keep stirring a few more minutes. Turn off the heat and let it cool.

Stir the already cold mixture, and voilà! Your perfect homemade glue for DIY crafts and to work with your children.

A cheap white glue, easy to make and without toxic elements for children.


For any questions, leave us your comment, below. We hope we have helped you!


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  1. kenyi goedillo

    Good afternoon:
    What happens if I let it boil?

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Kenyi, in principle nothing happens, only that it overflows a lot and there will be some clump of more.

      1. Yusmari

        This super post but I could not see the video of how to make the glue

        1. Kucavanera family

          Oysters, I don't understand it, I see it well, maybe if you give it to watch it directly on YouTube or change the device?

  2. Fafa

    Where can I base it and what temperature should it be?

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hi Fanny. I always put it in recycled glass or plastic jars and keep it in the fridge if I want it to last longer, but if it is to spend quickly, it holds up well like any white glue. If you do, explain your experience to us, it is the recipe that works best for us 🙂


    Hello! I doubt what properties and functions each element has, such as sugar, vinegar and bicarbonate. What is each one specifically for? Are there any that are precindicable?


    1. Kucavanera family

      Good Antonia, the function of these elements is to have a glue that sticks well and is malleable and soft at the same time. I've never done without any, I make the recipe since I was little and it's familiar and that's how I keep it 🙂

  4. Yonny Alexander Soto Hernandez

    Will it help me to glue shoes?

    1. Kucavanera family

      I doubt maybe it hits that much, I never provided it for it.

  5. thairy requena

    hello for cardboard it works I want to make a shelf but I need to know if it is resistant

    1. Kucavanera family

      Cardboard and paper too 🙂

  6. Anabell


    1. Kucavanera family

      Thank you!



    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Beatriz, I usually do it and keep it in the fridge for at most a month. But I usually make the necessary amount for my crafts and I have little left over, it's the best 🙂

  8. edgar

    hello, very interesting post ... one question ... can sugar be substituted for salt?

    1. Kucavanera family

      Thanks Edgar, it will not do the same effect, the melting sugar causes the pasta to stick 🙂

  9. Romilda guzman

    Good afternoon now I'm doing it but I want to make a snowman it will work

    1. Kucavanera family

      If you do it with paper it will work, tell us your experience 🙂

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