Right now you are looking at 15 Km0 plans to do with kids this summer

15 Km0 plans to do with kids this summer

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Discover from the hand of 15 maternity and family travel bloggers the best destinations and plans in Spain of km0 to do with kids this summer 2021.

Proximity plans, within Spain, and km 0, a post-covid vacation that will surely be different but that will bring us closer to nearby places full of charm.

From July 1 to 16, you will be able to discover on the instagram profiles of each of these super bloggers their proposal for a plan with children in detail, don't miss it!

Mom at 40 proposes an excursion to the school farm La Era del Rey, in Cubillas


Mom at 40

Beky, a Madrilenian living in Palencia, mother of 3, two teenagers and the queen of the house, little Laura.

In her blog you can find a bit of everything, motherhood, crafts, recipes, various recommendations ... In addition to other things in general.

You can find it at:
Instagram like @bekyandfamily and also on his blog www.mamialos40.com

Plan with children that he proposes to us

In this initiative, he will tell us about a family outing to the La Era del Rey school farm in the town of Cubillas.


Bloomir proposes a trip to Barcelona to enjoy the Tibidabo theme park



Miriam has a personal blog called Bloomir, where she writes about her experiences in motherhood, activities and crafts that she does with her little one, and where you can also find reviews of products that she tries among other things.

You can find it at:
Instagram like @mirlerma and also on his blog https://www.bloomir.com

Plan with children that he proposes to us

In this initiative of plans with children, he will talk about the Tibidabo Amusement Park, located in Barcelona.

Mami Enamorada proposes you to visit Toledo with children and adolescents

toledo mommy in love

Mommy in love

sandra, better known as Mami in love. A great blogger related to teen motherhood.

Although on his blog, he also  you will find from recipes, pets, crafts, family entertainment and recommendations for the products they like the most.

You can find it at:

Instagram like @mami_inamorada_ and also on his blog www.mamienamorada.com

Plan with children that he proposes to us

The plan they propose is in Toledo, the best places to see animals in this beautiful municipality.
Are you signing up for this excursion?

Learning with Julia proposes 10 Andalusian beaches to go with kids this summer

Learning with Julia

Learning with Julia

M.Ángeles, mother, blogger, accountant and opponent of FP teacher. On his blog he shares activities, games and educational printables with which to learn while playing. You can also find easy crafts to do with children, stories, family leisure ideas and much more.

You can find it at:

Instagram like @learningwithjulia and also on his blog https://aprendiendoconjulia.com


Plan with children that he proposes to us

His proposal for this summer's travel plan consists of 10 Andalusian beaches to go to as a family. A must to enjoy some wonders of this land. There are beaches with restaurant and accommodation options nearby, others perfect to take our picnic and spend a day disconnected from everything, others to practice with their surfboards or body boards, to fly kites, or simply make sand castles. What is certain is that they are all precious and we have them very close.

Sra Diaz takes us along one of the routes to Valquejigoso in Chinchón

miss diaz-01

Ms. Diaz

Ms. Diaz is a mother, a blogger and a thousand other things like all the women in this country, an unstoppable one.

You can find it at:

Instagram like @sradiaz and also on his blog https://sraddiaz.wordpress.com/



Plan with children that he proposes to us

The plan is to take a walk along one of the routes that take us to Valquejigoso in Chinchón. The path begins at the convent of the Poor Clares and ends in a very refreshing pine forest with a play and rest area.

The mòn ens awaits takes us to La Cerdanya with kids

Mon ens awaits (1) -01

The mòn ens awaits

El món ens awaits is a blog about family travel around the world and getaways near Catalonia. We are Norma and Marc, journalists, and we travel with our little ones Blai, 5 years old, and Elna, 3 months old. Right now we are touring part of Europe by motorhome.

You can find it at:

Instagram like @normals and also on his blog https://elmonensespera.com


Plan with children that he proposes to us

La Cerdanya with children: lakes, excursions, animals and hot springs as a family

 It is the valley with the most hours of sunshine in Catalonia. Sunken between the Pyrenees mountains, on the border with France, it is one of the best areas to explore with children. For example, we suggest you take the cable car to the Niu de l'Àliga refuge in the La Molina ski resort and eat with one of the best views of the Pyrenees; an excursion to the lakes of Font Viva, Malniu or les Bulloses; bathe in the hot thermal waters of Llivia, Llo or Dorres; flying across the Passet reservoir on zip lines; milk cows and bottle calves at Rialet's farm; have a picnic in the imposing Prat de Cadí or see bears, goats, wolves and other mountain animals up close in their habitat and semi-freedom in Les Angles park.

A family route takes us through the best cove in Menorca to go with children


On the road with the family

On the road as a family are Àlex, Laia and the intern. They have been writing on their travel blog for more than seven years and for four
They try to break up topics and show that traveling with children anywhere is possible. Day after day they try to transmit that traveling bug to the intern, who had already been in ten countries before she was three years old and had crossed the pond, something that her parents took almost thirty years to achieve. When all this happened, they have the purpose of recovering many
pending trips!

You can find it at:

Instagram like @derutaenfamilia and on his blog https://derutaenfamilia.com/


Plan with children that he proposes to us

The best cove in Menorca to go with children
Menorca is a paradise for lovers of beaches with crystal clear waters and fine sand. But, access to many of these beautiful coves is not always easy and requires a good walk through places that are sometimes not suitable for all ages.

If you are looking for an easily accessible option, our favorite beach in Menorca is Cala Algaiarens. It is a small cove, with golden sand and completely transparent and very calm waters. Ideal for all ages.

In the De ruta en familia blog you can read an article full of recommendations on the most beautiful and accessible beaches of Menorca to go with children.

Mom, what fem demà? He proposes us to go to Berguedà with kids

mamaquefemavui (1) -01

Mom, what fem demà?

Mireia, librarian by profession and blogger in her spare time. In his blog «mama, what fem demà?» explains the places you visit with your family. And where does that name come from? In Spanish «mama, what fem demà?» It means "Mom, what do we do tomorrow?" This is what his son asked him when he went to sleep, knowing that he had some plan in mind. And that's what this blog is about: visits to museums, parks, family activities and excursions in the Catalonia area. 

You can find it at:

Instagram like @mama_que_fem_dema and on his blog https://mamaquefemdema.com/

Plan with children that he proposes to us

Berguedà with children

Bergueda It is a region of the province of Barcelona where you can enjoy nature and the many tourist attractions that this corner of Catalonia has. You can visit some coal mines, a tourist train and even a garden designed by Gaudí. If what you want to see are animals, in Berguedà there is a donkey reserve and a recovery center. Dinosaur footprints have even been found! And if you like to go on excursions, you will find several easy routes to do with children. Here I leave you my selection of places to visit with children in Berguedà. Enjoy!

The Red Duckling proposes the city of the ants of San Clodio, in Lugo

the red-haired ducklingjpg-01

The Red-haired Duckling

A large family, who appreciates the wonders of nature. They have a commitment to themselves
every year find a moment to discover a new place that makes you fall in love.

You can find it at:

Instagram: @elpatitopelirojo and blog: www.elpatitopelirrojo.blogspot.com

Plan with children that he proposes to us

In our networks you can see our history and thousands of proposals, but for this occasion we chose the visit to the city of the ants of San Clodio Lugo.

One plus one are three, they propose a visit to the Palentological Museum of Cuenca


One plus one equals three

They are a newly released family of four. In the blog they talk about the experiences they live in raising their daughters. They tell about their day to day, seeking to accompany families who are on this beautiful path, with their difficulties and joys.

You can find it at:

Instagram @unomasuno_sontres  and blog: https://unomasunosontresblog.com/


Plan with children that he proposes to us

During the perimeter closure of Castilla la Mancha, we visited the Palentological Museum of Cuenca. It is an ideal museum for little dinosaur lovers. Although for security against Covid, currently some of its rooms are closed. In the exterior part you can visit several recreations of dinosaurs with a little explanation. This part is freely accessible. The interior part has several rooms in which the fossils are explained, real recreations and finds from the Castilla la Mancha area. We can also see Pepito, one of the most famous dinosaurs. 


Fiddling with Soraya recommends the route of the castles through Rioja Alta with children


Fiddling with Soraya

Hi, I'm Soraya and in addition to traveling and getting to know places, which is what I am passionate about, I like to do crafts, activities with my little one and some other cooking recipes. 

You can find it at:

Instagram @transteandoconsoraya and blog: http://trasteandoconsoraya.com

Plan with children that he proposes to us

Route of the Castles through the Rioja Alta. 

 A perfect route to do as a family and that everyone will undoubtedly enjoy, a tour of those most relevant castles and fortresses in La Rioja Alta, which still resist the passage of time and which have strategic locations from which we can enjoy incredible views. .

Mamá en la Selva proposes us to discover the medieval town of Moya, in the Serranía de Cuenca

Mom in the Jungle

At mama en la selva we talk about maternity, childcare articles and through our facebook group we propose the best plans with children in Madrid.

You can find it at:

Instagram @mamaenlaselva and blog: https://mamaenlaselva.com/

Plan with children that he proposes to us

Small explanation: We are going to discover a corner of Castilla La Mancha unknown to many and that, however, had great historical importance: the remains of the medieval town of Moya. A perfect plan to spend a family day in the Cuenca mountains.

Kucavana we propose you Mallorca with children

Formentor beach by motorhome

Finally, we propose a close proximity travel plan, Mallorca. An island hit hard by the Covid crisis and that is undoubtedly a paradise for the little ones.

Beaches and thousands of activities, such as visiting wineries by train, visiting Talayotic villages, discovering birds in S'Albufera or embarking on a boat are a good example of everything you can do as a family on this beautiful island.

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