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Traveling by motorhome

Why travel by motorhome? Advantage

Discover the and advantages  traveling in a motorhome, according to our experience.


Freedom and improvisation

It is the most attractive thing that a motorhome brings you. Thanks to her, the organization of the holidays is very different, much more elastic

It is true that it is advisable to reserve a place if you plan to go to a specific camping, but you are not a slave to the schedules as it can happen in the typical plane-hotel-organized excursions trip.

So if you choose to travel in a new or second-hand motorhome, you decide the schedules and the route. You even have the option to change them on the go. Remember that it is easy to find a place to stay overnight. You carry the house on your back.

Although the ideal is to sleep in campsites, camping sites or parking lots specifically for these vehicles, the service areas for motorhomes.

Why? One reason is comfort (there are different services such as water, electricity, chemical toilets to empty the dirty water tank, etc.) and also for safety.

Finally, this freedom entails tranquility.

If there are no schedules there is no rush. You can enjoy the landscape, the places you pass through ... In short, you can take your own trip for what it is. Goodbye to stress, goodbye to haste.

Amazing little tourist sites

Traveling in AC is a way of doing different tourism that allows you not only to know the most popular areas, but also places far from the tourist routes but not for that reason less beautiful. 

In addition, it brings you closer to the customs of the different regions you visit and also to people. It is a more humane tourism.

Your things always with you

For those who find it difficult to change a bed, sleep with another pillow, or even those with allergies or hobbies and find it difficult to find restaurants or places to cook what they want, the motorhome option is our perfect solution.

It facilitates the trip, makes it accessible to our needs and provides us with a lot of comfort in all aspects.

Strengthens family ties

When traveling by motorhome we travel with more people in a small space for many hours. It is a great way to travel as a family. 

The motorhome is a vehicle that allows us to spend that time that many times we do not dedicate to our own (and on more than one occasion discuss, let's not fool ourselves).

Children usually enjoy it very much. For them it is a small refuge with a huge playground.

Meeting people with the same hobbies

Traveling in a motorhome we end up parking and spending the night with other motorhomes or campers always. This creates a favorable climate for socialization among us. It becomes a small community wherever you go.

If you like climbing, skiing, sailing, trekking or anything else, you will go to park and sleep right next to those places that will allow you to practice your hobby. Therefore, you know that your small neighborhood has a lot to do with you and with the way of conceiving life. 

Thus, you always find families similar to yours, making great friendships.

Children are the most socialized. For them it is a small neighborhood and it is a rod to see how they make friends and have a great time.

Infographic: the best of traveling in AC

traveling by motorhome


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