At this moment you are seeing Sant Hilari Sacalm, the town of the 100 sources of the Guilleries (among them the famous Font Vella)

Sant Hilari Sacalm, the town of the 100 fountains of the Guilleries (including the famous Font Vella)

  • Days: 3 days, from Friday afternoon to Sunday during the Fira de les Guilleries, with a motorhome meeting organized by the Tourist Office.
  • Dates: from October 12 to 14, 2018
  • Populations visiteds: Sant Hilari Sacalm
  • Overnight places: Motorhome area in front of the municipal sports center with free water and electricity services. You can find it here:
  • Total spends of the getaway approx: 67 Euros calculated round trip (gasoline approx € 6 without tolls going down the Sant Celoni C-35 road to Hostalric and the GI-552
    / Tickets visited places € 0 Guilleries museum / Overnight areas 0, in purchases during the fair, shops and restoration of the municipality € 61).
  • Summary of visits and activities carried out:
    • Sant Hilari Sacalm (2 nights)
      • Visit town
      • Participation in the Guilleries Fair: concerts, children's magic performance activities, bubbles, chestnut, drawing contest, handicraft exhibition ...
      • Visit museum Guilleries
      • Walk to the Font del Parc / Picnic area with barbecue latrines included
  • Best of this getaway
    • The motorhome area, in front of the sports center and municipal swimming pool, with a soccer field for the little ones, and with all the free services including electricity.
    • The Fira de les Guilleries, with many activities for the little ones
    • The trails around the town with chestnut trees and many sources to enjoy.
  • Worst of this getaway
    • The rain throughout the weekend that did not allow us to enjoy all the activities of the Fira, nor to be able to go see the AQUA museum taking the little train that there is.
    • General
      • If you want to save tolls, exit before the Roca toll in Granollers, and take the C-35, it is a good road.
      • Always carry always even if the sun shines a raincoat if you make long trails in autumn, at noon it is likely to start raining.
      • For hiking excursions, take GPS and download the corresponding trac you want to do before going. We always look at for excursions with trac. We download the trac we want and with a garmin mountain gps watch we do the routes, it is much safer than going to the mountain with nothing. Although if you are going to do a couple or three of km with the children for the routes that we propose, there is good signposting and a path.
      • If it is summer and it is hot there are many sources on any trail or path around Sant Hilari.
      • If you want to plan your visit to St Hilari well, we recommend you write or call your tourist office, their attention is magnificent and they offer you all the existing programming. St Hilari especially during summer organizes many excursions and workshops that can be interesting and you can book in advance. Here you have the phone and mail 972.86.96.86  [email protected]


      • Center d'innovació AQUA, is a different modern museum to raise awareness around the main source of development of the municipality, mineral water (remember that Font Vella is here). There are spaces with interactive, with mirrors and scenography on the water and the Guilleries. The ideal is to visit it with a guided tour of the permanent exhibition that they have of: AIGUA: Memòria, Natura i Benestar, so call before to reserve, otherwise you will not see the space well. The price was very symbolic, I think I remember it was € 3.


    • Les Guilleries Museum, a museum where you will find for the little ones a place that they will love, where they will get to know the fauna and flora of the surroundings of the municipality and of Les Guilleries. It is located in an old house from 1920 in the center of town, there are usually temporary exhibitions, in our case there was one of mushrooms that even made a guided tour and it was very interesting. The museum itself organizes outings and workshops, in the tourist office they will help you plan the safe weekend 🙂 On Sunday the museum only opens in the morning, something also to remember.
  • Specific if you travel with children:
    • If you go during the fira de les guilleries, look before the programming, there are a thousand great activities for children where they will have a great time.
    • In the motorhome area in front you have a soccer field that the kids will love, and also the sports area to buy a ticket and go to the pool or play a game of paddle tennis with them.
  • Specific if you travel with dogs:
    • The motorhome area is great, there are paths for the forest to walk the dogs without problem
  • Specific if you travel with a motorhome:
    • If you need electricity, the area is available and free of charge.
    • We strongly advise you to take a special GPS for a motorhome or truck to put your AC measurements, in these mountain areas you go much more relaxed, it is a rest.








Day 3 Sunday: Sant Hilari sacalm






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