At this moment you are looking at MOTORHOME INSURANCE: TOTAL ANALYSIS >> We have asked for 4 different estimates, we have analyzed them and this is the result….
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MOTORHOM INSURANCE: TOTAL ANALYSIS >> We have asked for 4 different estimates, we have analyzed them and this is the result….

Choosing the best among all motorhome insurance is not an impossible mission ... but almost ...

Many people ask us how to choose correctly between all motorhome insurance possible. As we did before, thousands of motorhomes spend hours and hours comparing the different contracts offered on the Internet by insurance companies ...

And, above all ... so as not to miss a single opportunity, we crawl on Google in every possible way: motorhome insurance, motorhome insurance, motorhome insurance, motorhome insurance, motorhome insurance, camper insurance, camper van insurance, camper van insurance, camper van insurance price, best camper van insurance, camper insurance ... the best and cheapest ...

And what do you say to me when we read a lot of looping opinions ... and yet in the end we end up more lost? What a maremagnum ...

Look no further, I will try to help you with our recent experience to select our insurance this year!

At least, if what you are looking for is a Comprehensive insurance with a 300 franchise, because it is what we are looking for.  For us it is the best in terms of what a motorhome needs and the risk we run.

So in our case, and after requesting dozens of online budget, we have found the 'jewel in the crown' or so we think we go hehehe at least for us it has been.

Finally, we signed the contract with Ucoga, better price and greater coverage after analyzing how you will see one by one. 

We tell you why the choice with numbers? 

Oh ... and if you keep reading until the end there a gift for you if you are going to ask for quotes! Go down at the end and there you have it 🙂

But before we start… what insurances are mandatory in a motorhome?

As you probably already know, the law requires you to have basic or third party insurance for any motorhome or camper van. Therefore, it is the minimum or mandatory coverage that is necessary when traveling by motorhome or only circulating around the city.

And what does a motorhome insurance or camper van insurance cover?

Guarantees and coverage of motorhome insurance and insurance for camper vans they depend on the modality you choose. That is the most important.

For this reason, we tell you that these are some of the different coverages: mandatory civil liability, voluntary civil liability, roadside assistance, windows, fire, theft, own damages, own damages with excess, legal defense ... That is, this is the list minimum that you should have in your head, but as you will see below, there is more that you must take into account.

About coverage and what you should ask yourself to take out motorhome insurance, you have an article that we also did a long time ago and is also updated that is extensive and that can help you. I leave it here: Post motorhome insurance what to take into account to choose the best one.

Result of our insurance comparison for motorhomes and camper vans for 2021-2022

Next, we show you the comparison that we have made from Kucavana to take out our comprehensive insurance with a 300 franchise. As you will see, We have analyzed the four best-known brokerages, specialized in motorhome insurance and insurance for camper vans.

 We present you the list of these insurance brokers, in alphabetical order:

  • Carvan
  • MV Insurance
  • Ucoga
  • Zalba Caldu  

We have studied, one by one, the most interesting coverages in motorhome insurance or in camper van insurance.

Well, we go one by one to compare coverage that they give in their budgets:

Mandatory Civil Liability

They all have it, and thank goodness because it is mandatory lol

Voluntary Civil Liability € 50.000.000

You will also find it in all.

Includes all fixed extras up to € 10.000 euros for free

It is available only in MV Seguros and Ucoga, in the rest you must declare it before hiring it and you have to pay the extra.

Civil liability derived from fire (covers third parties)

It is only offered by Ucoga with an amount of 600.000 euros.

Defense and Claim

You should know that they all have it, but Carvan puts the limit at € 600

Defense in fines

It is part of the offer of Carvan, Mv Seguros and Ucoga, the rest are not.

Cargo Liability

It is only offered by Ucoga. And the most important thing is that the amount is € 100.000. 

Driver Insurance

In Carvan they offer € 30.000 per death while Ucoga double it to € 60.000. In Zalba Caldú we have not found the amount of this coverage or in MV, they do not say anything in their budgets.


There are good guarantees in all of them, but the most complete is offered by Ucoga by including all types of glass, methacrylate or other plastic windows. In addition, the sunroof also considers it as the moon. Skylights as accessories are covered.

Travel assistance

We see that Carvan includes, from km. 0, repatriation of the vehicle and occupants without further ado.

For its part, MV Seguros offers you travel assistance, towing of your choice of vehicle from km 0 of the home without further ado.

In the case of Ucoga, it has better benefits apart from repatriation than also. If after 4 days, the vehicle is still paralyzed, it will be towed to the workshop designated by the insured and also the accommodation and breakfast expenses in hotel up to a maximum of 4 nights without cost limit and in 4 or 5-star hotels it is included while it is repair. This I assure you is very very important so that the holidays do not stop.

The offer of Zalba Caldú is from km. 0 for accident and international breakdown, includes repatriation of the vehicle and occupants. In addition, medical assistance maximum 3.600 euros and only abroad, not Spain and hotel only € 300 in total, with a maximum of € 150 per day (with a maximum of two days).

Subsidy Deprivation Permit

We have seen that it is included in Carvan, MV Seguros, Ucoga and Zalba Caldú, that is, they all have it. What the detailed subsidy does not tell you, only Ucoga spells out in his budget.


This coverage in Carvan and Zalda Caldú is total and partial (market value).

With regard to Ucoga, it is total and partial. And it also has the extra luggage and personal effects with a maximum of € 500, little but something is something.

In the case of MV Seguros, it is total and partial and also includes luggage and personal effects with a maximum of € 500, also little but something is something.


Those of Carvan and Zalba Caldú offer you total and partial for the market value.

In the Ucoga brokerage it is total and partial and also includes personal effects with a maximum of € 500.

MV Seguros' proposal is luggage and also include personal effects with a maximum € 500.

Civil Liability at the Camping

Only MV Seguros offers this coverage. Here are the details: up to € 60.000 per claim and year, including damages that may be caused to third parties by events for which the policyholder or spouse acting as head of the family as user of camping sites and areas may be civilly liable. rest for the duration of the stay in the establishment. This coverage is valid in all countries of the European Union. 

What is not clear to us if the rest of insurance as they have civil liability we understand that this would also be included, right? The truth is that sometimes it is difficult to understand what insurance conditions tell us ...

Nature phenomena (hail, wind, snow, rain, landslides and other catastrophic or extraordinary ones)

We tell you that in Ucoga and Zalba Caldú they are included and in good conditions, the others say nothing.

Collision due to running over of hunting animals always with police report and without insured guilt

You should know that in Ucoga and MV Seguros they are included and in good condition, the others do not say anything.

In case of loss, the total compensation with 3 years of the vehicle would be….

Only Ucoga considers this point in its budget, which gives us transparency in a general way and helps us to trust a little more. They tell us that it will be 70% of the new value.

What would the other companies give us? No idea, they do not put anything in their estimates or conditions that they have sent us ...

An easy color chart to help you get it right!

This table, which we have prepared, reflects the number of coverages that each of the analyzed insurances includes: Ucoga, MV Seguros, Carvan and Zalba-Caldú. It is a graphic example that helps you to know at a glance, the conclusions we have reached. 

Motorhome insurance

Motorhome insurance price:
How much do you pay with a € 300 excess for each of these insurance companies?

ANNUAL AMOUNT455€478€510,26€576,71€

Another Ucoga feature that we did not expect ... to take into account ... and that add points ...

Next service for policyholders: farms for the overnight stay in a motorhome

Mariña, our insurance advisor from Ucoga, who by the way, has a great human quality, there I leave it for her bosses: P, she attends us and tells us by phone that they are also working on an upcoming free service for 2022 for Ucoga insured: farms and agricultural extensions for the penocta in motorhome!

What you hear ... this has just made us fall in love! I don't know how this extra service from the company will be in the end, but the mere fact that they are moving to help the motorhome collective and above all that it has to do with helping rural areas already attracts me! We add extra extra point to Ucoga in the comparison!

What is our conclusion?

Without a doubt, the final decision is personal. Depending on the guarantees you are looking for when hiring the best insurance for motorhomes or the best insurance for campervan or the impressions you have of each company.

The most important thing is that you analyze well what you need to avoid hiring unnecessary coverage and above all not to forget to ensure important aspects of your trip and that you should have covered.

For example: if you go to North Cape where there are many accidents with reindeer without a doubt see that your insurance covers accidents with hunting animals!

Our recommendation, Right now, and after years of experiences and thousands of kilometers traveled outside and within Spain, it is to choose All Risk Motorhome Insurance with Excess 320 in this case of Ucoga which is the one that seemed most transparent to us, with the best coverage over the others analyzed and, above all, the one with the best price!

We chose Ucoga as our insurance, after seeing that it is the best fully comprehensive with franchise once the coverages have been compared really important in a motorhome or camper van insurance.

And as we said at the beginning… here is your gift!

Here is your gift:
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