At the moment you are seeing Sweden in a motorhome or campervan: 10 things we would have liked to know before going
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Sweden in a motorhome or camper: 10 things we would have liked to know before going

10 essential tips about Sweden by motorhome or camper

What to know before visiting Sweden by motorhome or camper?

1 Before visiting Sweden by motorhome or camper you have to know that the  currency of sweden It is the Swedish crown. Although it is a different currency from the Euro, you should not worry, you can pay everything by card (there, you pay by card for anything and up to 1 euro). Of course, take one card that does not apply commission to the change. For example, we have Evo's that neither apply commissions to the exchange nor to withdraw money at any ATM in the world. Before leaving, take a good look at the conditions of the cards you have and if not, look for one of this type.

No bottled natural water no gas in any supermarket. They only sell bottles of sparkling water. Also, there are no fountains on the street, due to frost in winter. So, fill your trunk with bottles and fill them in the areas where you fill the water tank of your motorhome or camper. Being able to be with your hose ... in case someone has given him to use the one there for other things ... you already know ... The tap water in Sweden, luckily, is of high quality.

3 There are not so many motorhome areas with services as here, neither free nor almost paid… So if you travel to Sweden in a motorhome or camper and you don't want to go camping, you will have to plan the emptying and filling. Where you will find more points of toilet emptying and water filling are in the dual carriageways. In these when there is a Rest area with WC usually have a poti drain next to the WC and a tap for drinking water. To empty the gray waters, it is more difficult to find points, but there are. Of course, nothing is ever signposted, don't look for signs of motorhome dumps. Without a doubt, it is essential in this country, the Parking4night app or some other similar one. For us it has been the great ally to organize our drains and fillings. 

4 HR roads are free, as usual. In addition, the main roads are quite good, only in sections of works can you find unpaved roads. The reindeer you'll start to find them by crossing the Arctic Circle. Watch out, don't run. Also, if you see black garbage bags hanging from trees or fences by the road there are reindeer, sure, so be careful. They are put up by the Samis to warn that they have a herd nearby.

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5 La teAverage mperature in summer is 18 °. It ranges from 15 to 30 maximums. It rains a lot, but fine rain. If you go to Sweden in your motorhome or camper, take especially technical clothing, type of trekking, spring-autumn which is what you will use the most and some summer and winter for the extremes. The raincoat, swimsuit and slipperss for rivers, lakes and beaches are three essentials. In Sweden, you will see that when the sun rises, people bathe on the beaches even if it is at 15º, you will end up bathing safely like them.

6 Take the pantry full of your AC or camper before arriving in Sweden. The food is almost three times as expensive as in Spain. Rice almost 3 euros per kilo and meat 40 € a beef steak ... they are just one example. The restaurants at noon have the “Dagens ratt”, dish of the day, that for 8 - 13 € uros you eat well. The dish of the day includes: a plate, with drink and salad. Ahh and the coffee with cakes ("Fika") is the Swedish national sport, they take it at all hours, a whole ritual that must be tried.

7 On the road you will see signs "Loppis". They are private houses that clean and make their second-hand market at home. An experience and good shopping for sure!

8 In Sweden many museums are free and almost all are designed to go with children. In many of these free museums, there is a box for donations, it is always good to contribute a little to keep this going.

9  The sale of alcoholic beverages of + 3 ° is monopolized by the State in the stores called "Systembolag". If you want a beer like the Spanish ones you will have to go here and pay almost € 3 for each one.

10 If you come to Sweden in the summer with your motorhome or camper and you don't want the children to wake you up at 2 in the morning asking for the cola cao, bring sleep masks. Here, in summer, there is no night, and the farther north the worse!

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