things to bring in a motorhome

Things for motorhomes, caravans and campers. More than 50 useful elements of the caravanning world. 

Next, we offer you a list of more than 50 extras and elements that we carry in our motorhome and that for us are very useful.

Each of the things that we list in this article we take in our own motorhome. In our blog you will find more specific reviews on the operation, pros and cons of each of these elements and extras of motorhome. For this reason, we invite you to subscribe to the blog or our YouTube channel where we are starting to put some fun and show you things about our motorhome (

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Things to bring in a motorhome to increase your safety and improve your performance

Traveling in a motorhome with anti-theft security elements

Always know where your AC or camper is with the GPS tracking alarm

Anti-theft pedal lock

Exterior security locks

Interior security locks for a peaceful sleep

Park the motorhome

Communication during parking and fun routes with friends. Walkie talkies

Parking sensors

Rear view back camera

Safe motorhome travel on and off the road

Fuse kit for the most common incidents in the AC, caravan or camper

TPS tires. The one that has already avoided us two blowouts, solar and without installation

The GPS that avoids complications on the road

Portable and USB Carbon Dioxide Gas Alarm Detector

Batteries, water and heating

Eberspacher heating height kit. Heating that works and is safe at more than 1600 m high

Improving battery safety and performance with the battery separator relay

Water pump expander cup. Eliminating noise from low pressure pump

The water saving faucet adapter

Go to the snow in a safe motorhome

Chains to go to the snow with the motorhome

Foldable shovel to go to the snow in safe AC

Ladder to clean the roof, solar panel, etc.

Technological comforts for traveling by motorhome

Internet, Netflix, tablet, music and digital thermostat for heating

Mifi, the wifi in our motorhome

Antenna for the mifi, the solution to always have coverage for the wifi

Netflix in our AC

Music like home with the indestructible speaker with battery that lasts and lasts and lasts (already usb!)

Table stand for tablet

Digital thermostat with timer for heating

Useful kitchen items in our camper

Useful appliances in our motorhome

Battery powered and USB blender

The easy to install extractor with active carbon filters

Active carbon filter extractor parts


The indispensable folding barbecue that takes everywhere

Paellero that makes us an outdoor kitchen

The extra powerful vacuum cleaner for everything

Things to bring in a motorhome such as dishes and other kitchen utensils

Anti-tip cups for liquids inside the caravan

Our tableware 

The pot-oven that makes us an oven to cook on the gas stove biscuits, bread or whatever you want!

Perfect dishwasher and does not take place

Gas cooker toaster

Drinking tablets for our clean water tank. Drink water safely

Faucet aerator, to save water

Trash bin for closet or entrance

Sink holder

Bag holder for kitchen cupboard

Kitchen cupboard organizer


Useful elements in our bathroom and health motorhome

Things to take in a motorhome and in your vanity case

Humidifier to avoid drying out eyes and throat with heating in winter

12v USB hair dryer

Battery and USB hair straightening clips

Mini usb washing machine

Useful elements for traveling in a motorhome with a dog

Badge with phone to never lose it

Folding feeders

Cooling blanket to lower your body temperature in summer

Control of the temperature of the motorhome with alarm on the mobile for when our dog stays inside (always in summer with the Viesa on)


Chemical toilet and water tanks

Pills for the chemical toilet, the most practical and clean 

Gray water tank cleaner, without odors and small traffic jams

Drinking tablets for our clean water tank. Drink water safely

What to bring to travel in a motorhome with children

Things to bring in a motorhome when you have children. Games and toys that we carry in our motorhome for children and not so children

Table to paint, play and see the tablet on the go

Sleeping Children Head Support

GPS watch and emergency call for children always located

Getting around on an electric scooter

Tough photos like daddies

Paint stones or anything