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Nordkapp by motorhome or camper

Nordkapp, the end of the world: route and tips for the trip of a lifetime

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North Cape in Norway. Summary, tips and route map for a trip to Nordkapp by motorhome, camper or car

Would you like to take a trip to the North Cape in Norway? What if it's a trip to Nordkapp by motorhome or a road trip with your car or motorcycle?

Next, we invite you to read about our experience in Cabonorte, the great journey of our life so far. Experience of a 38-day trip to the North Cape in Norway, to Nordkapp by motorhome going up through Sweden and going down through Finland.

We travel in family with our motorhome, with two children of 3 and 6 years old and our large dog Max.

Here you will find the chronicle of a trip to North Cape Norway, which for us has been very exciting and endearing. Never before have we been able to spend 38 days in a row on vacation, and never before have we traveled so many kilometers, nor known the most northern point of Europe, nor Santa Claus, nor so many other things that these Scandinavian countries have given us!

A trip to North Cape by motorhome that we have tried to make it low cost within what is in itself this super route and the prices of these countries.

Come on let's go to the North Cape!

We hope you like it!

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 In addition, if it is your first time in a motorhome, we will advise you on where to rent the motorhome, how a motorhome works and on the existing regulations of the country you are going to in a 1-hour video call.

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Summary of the trip to the North Cape in Norway

Key facts about the trip to the North Cape in Norway

Travel days North Cape in Norway

38 days. To consider that the last 5 days we do in France in the Ardèche area. So we think 1 month is enough to make this trip through Nordkapp or North Cape in Norway, Norway.

Dates of the North Cape trip in Norway

From June 28 to August 4, 2019

Northern Cape travel route in Norway

Route to the North Cape in a motorhome, crossing the bridges of Denmark on the way, going up through Sweden and returning through Finland with a ferry from Helsinki (Finland) to Travemünde (Germany)

Travel kilometers North Cape in Norway

About 9.000 km traveled

Countries visited during the roadtrip to Nordkapp in Norway

  • France (on the way only to spend the night on the way, on the way back we do 5 days in the Ardèche)
  • Germany (only to spend the night on route)
  • Denmark (Legoland)
  • Sweden (from south to north)
  • Norway (only on route to Nordkapp)
  • Finland (From north to south)

Expenses of the trip to North Cape in motorhome

Total: € 4.666 (2 adults + 2 children + 1 large dog)

·         Petrol: € 1.336,95

·         Tolls: € 436,10

·         Helsinki-Travemünde ferry 3 months in advance booked: € 830

·         Supermarkets: € 576,40 (we carried but the pantry and fridge full)

·         Tickets to museums and activities: € 569

·         Hospitality: € 315,8 (we ate only in 4 restaurants, the rest some coffee, ice cream)

·         Campsites and AC areas of payment: € 158,05 (we only went to 3 campsites and 1 payment area in the 38 days)

·         Parkings: € 106 (expensive Nordkapp parking is included here)

·         Public transport: € 31

·         Laundry: € 53

·         Souvenirs and other purchases: € 353,10

The average cost per day was: € 122,8

On the other hand, the average cost per person was: € 1166.6

And finally, the half-day / person cost was: € 30,70

The phases of the trip to Nordkapp by motorhome

For us this trip to the North Cape in Norway has had 5 stages:

  • 1: One way to go with the arrival at the Legoland (Billund) grand prix for the 20-hour drive to Denmark
  • 2: Sweden from bottom to top
  • 3: Nordkapp (Northern Norway)
  • 4: Finland, from top to bottom
  • 5: Return home, with 5 days of rest in the Gorges of the Ardèche (France) before arriving

Best of the route to North Cape in Norway

The worst of the trip to Nordapp

Tips for a trip to North Cape

Documentation that you must bring for your trip to North Cape passes through Sweden, Finland or Norway

To go to Norway, Sweden or Finland, you must have the valid DNIs or passports of adults and also children as identification documentation.

You must also bring your Covid vaccination certificate or QR code or a PCR or negative antigen test for those over 12 years of age. This can not only be requested at the border, but in many restaurants, museums and other places of interest they can request it from the 3 countries.

On the other hand for medical issues you must take the European sanitary card in force, although you should know that in Norway, Sweden and Finland there is a medical copayment for foreigners in most medical care and treatments. For this reason, and due to various experiences of colleagues, we decided to always carry a medical travel insurance that because of the cost that it has, the whole family is safe and calm, that with children this is even more relevant. We always take out an Iati insurance called "getaways" which is designed for traveling with family and pets and in a motorhome or campervan. In this insurance, apart from medical insurance, it includes accident insurance for the pets with which you travel and also a small insurance for theft of the interior of the motorhome, which is always a plus. For the price it is really worth it and more with the Covid that includes it, which not all insurance includes it. Without commitment we leave you here a discount of 5% of this same insurance that we hire in case you want to ask for a budget at a good price.

Travel tips for this great trip to North Cape

Best date to go

  • Verano without a doubt if you want to travel by motorhome or camper. In June and July you will see the midnight sun. And if you go in September there are possibilities to see some northern lights already. In winter they reach temperatures so low that our campers could not bear it.

General tips for a trip to Nordkapp


1 Carries sleep masks. If you go to Nordkapp in summer by motorhome or camper, you will see that there is no night against going further north. Therefore, make sure with a mask that you have the rest you deserve.

 2 Load what you can from the pantry, food products are three times more expensive than in Spain in supermarkets in Sweden and Norway (not so much in Finland, prices are more similar to Spain).

 3 In restaurants ask the dish of the day is the cheapest formula to eat at noon.

4 Respect what you find in public places toys or stories in the parks or on the beach are public, no one from there thinks to take them home! You will find a thousand things and you will see that everyone respects it.

5 There many free museums and very thought-out everything for children. Seize it! 

6 Take clothes of all kinds. Mainly in summer what you will use most is technical spring-autumn mountain clothing, but it can be hot and it gets to 30º or cold and you're in a jacket and gloves. The raincoat, the swimsuit and the booties in the suitcase are essential. 

7 There are mosquitoes like here, the cold does not deter them, on the contrary, having so many lakes, sometimes they appear in thousands. It's not dramatic and they come out only at sunset, but protect yourself. Take mosquito protection.

8 The bike in these countries is always a great plan and ally. There are many bicycle lanes, both Sweden and Finland are very flat countries perfect for cycling.

Tips for traveling with children to the North Cape, Norway

1 Everything is designed for children: museums, playgrounds, public transport, restaurants ... They think of them everywhere! You will have toys, entertainment and all the equipment they and you need to be comfortable.

2 For children under 7 years almost always is everything  gratuitous. For the oldest there are discounts, quite good.

General tips for traveling with dogs to Nordkapp

1 Dogs are not allowed in few places.  They are fully accepted in any store, restaurant, even museums and amusement parks are welcome.

Remember to ask your vet before going on this trip on  passport  of your dog with the microchip number, with the rabies vaccine given at least 1 year ago and up to date and with the deworming of the tapeworm with less than 1 month carried out (signature of the veterinarian in the same passport) (This last requirement is to enter Finland).

No no prohibited dogs in the lakes or beaches, so you will enjoy it beautifully.

Although your dog is sociable and good, remember that another dog may not be so or that there may be people and children who are scared of him. Take it tied at all times.

5 Put in the collar of your dog with permanent his name and you phone, you never know if you can escape carelessly and even if it has a chip, the European data exchange system does not work well (I know from experience).

Tips for a trip to the North Cape by motorhome

1 Not many motorhome areas as we are used to in Spain, France etc ... If you don't want to go camping (which are expensive here), you will have to plan the emptying and filling. Where there are more points of emptying of poti and filling of water are in the highways in the same booths that there are WCs in Sweden and in Finland in the Gas Stations. The app parking4night It is a great basic ally for a trip to Nordkapp by motorhome or camper.

2 HR roads they are free as usual. And the main roads are pretty good. Secondary schools, especially in Finland, most are not paved, they are dirt roads, the good thing is that they are wide and that there is never too much slope.

3 Each reindeer You will begin to find them by crossing the Arctic Circle. You will see hundreds. Watch. And if you see black garbage bags on the road there are reindeer for sure, eye. The samis put them because they have a herd nearby.

4 On the road you will see signs "Loppis" in Sweden and "kirppis" in Finland . They are private houses that clean and make their second-hand market at home. An experience and good shopping for sure!

5 Al do not sell bottled natural water, you will have to fill bottles at the filling points of motorhomes, which in many cases does not put drinking water and you are left with the doubt. Take away water treatment tablets for the tank of your van or AC, this way you will be calmer if you have to drink or cook with the tank water.

Route map with descriptions, prices, tips and photos of each point of the trip

Access the map that we have been making during our trip to Nordkapp by motorhome. 

We believe it can be very helpful to plan your trip to Nordkapp by motorhome or camper and during the same trip.

 Like a travel journal, the map shows, in chronological order, the places where we have been. In this way it helps you to visualize the route taken.

In addition, on this map you will find at each point a explanation of what we lived, what we liked, what we didn't, prices, photographs we took on site, advice that we have thought can go well if you decide to go, etc ... 

In short, with this map we want to provide you with a synthesized, interactive and useful guide to help you plan your own trip, choosing points that you may like and points that you will discard. 

We hope it helps you for your next trip to Nordkapp by motorhome or camper! 

Click in the map image to see the detail and interact:

Interactive map of the route to North Cape: coordinates, services, points of interest, photos, tips and more at each point on the route that we have taken

Travel guide to North Cape (from our roadtrip). Points on the map above.

Below, you will find the description of each of the stops made on our trip to Cabonorte. The exact locations and coordinates are on the map above. In fact, here you will find the descriptions of each of the points on the map.

STAGE 1 to Nordkapp: Roundtrip and first stop in Denmark, Legoland, the gift of the little ones

Day 1: 1. Departure point of the tripLeaving home, near Barcelona, ​​on 28/06/2019 at 15:30 PM
Day 1: 2. Overnight en route in the AC area of ​​GervansFree AC area with all services. Beautiful vineyard village near the Rhone river. Stop only to sleep on the road. We slept very peacefully.
Day 2: Overnight in route AC area free of OttersbergOvernight free AC area in front of Ottersberg sports center and municipal swimming pool. Nice town with a bike path everywhere. Only stop en route.
Day 3: 1. Legoland CampingIf you buy in a pack with the tickets, everything is well priced. But only one night at the campsite is almost € 80 for 4 people and 1 dog. The pack is purchased from the official Legoland. There are offers for 2 days of tickets to the Legoland park + camping pitch for € 220 for 4 people and 1 dog.
Day 3: 2. Legoland Billund and 5 tips5 things to know about Legoland in Billund (Denmark):
1️⃣ Buy tickets online you will save 50%. You can buy them on German or Danish group groupon. Or on the official Legoland website, for a little more but cheaper if it is anticipated.
2️⃣ Everything is paid to park, except for parking number 6, next to the bus parking. That's free and it's only 10 minutes from the park entrance. 
3️⃣ In the park, half of #attractions and shows are for the entire #family of whatever age. There are also attractions for the older ones. The queues at the beginning of July do not exceed 5 minutes, so in one day you see everything relaxed. Also in all the queues the kids can play legos. Ahhh and you can come with your #dog without problem inside the park!
4️⃣ Everything is mega expensive in Denmark (where the currency is the Danish crown) and more in Legoland. Take advantage of the picnic areas inside the park, they are great. Take your food and water (there are no fountains).
5️⃣ To spend the night there is an area for € 15 and the camping of the same Legoland that leaves for almost € 80 a night. The #camping can be much cheaper if you take the family pack of 2 days of tickets + 1 night in the camping than with a dog and for 4 it cost us € 220 all. Remember to buy it online before.
4 Day: 1. Free P6 to go to LegolandP6 totally free and allowed motorhomes and campers. The girl from the campsite told us to go here because at 12 noon we would have to leave. Surely there will be people who stay overnight. We leave and spend the night elsewhere.
Day 4: 2. Overnight and visit Viking village in VingstedOvernight in Vingsted in the middle of nature near a lake, river and a small museum- populated with iron age houses with people living in the Vinkingo style 24 hours. Very interesting to watch. It is free to see it and paying to do some of the activities they do. The place is super quiet and we loved it. There are barbecue and picnic tables with grass to play the kids.

STAGE 2 to Nordkapp: Sweden from bottom to top

Day 5: 1. Free parking at Las PiedrasFree parking is the front without grass. If you want to stay overnight there is a camping car area with toilets and showers with payment of € 15. But you can always sleep. as we will do, on a beach not far away.
Day 5: 2. Ale stonesVisit this set of stones in the shape of a ship, an archaeological site of a burial of a Viking king. On a cliff. A beautiful place. It is the stonehenge of Sweden. From the parking it is a 15 minute walk. Entrance is free and open. There are beautiful views of the cliffs on this Swedish coast of Skåne. There is a lot of internal summer tourism in the area.
Day 5: 3. Overnight at the seafrontFree parking on the beach and behind with a bike path to move to other beaches. The parking lot is big, but it is full of motorhomes. There are toilets.
6 Day: 1. Parking to stop for lunch, visit Hamsted and see the open-air museumFree cement parking, with some trees that provide shade. We eat, we do not stay overnight but it is possible. 15 minutes from the center and the free open-air museum for children of Hamsted which we visited.
Day 6: 2. Hamsted Hallandsgarden open-air museum for children. Free museum. With a mill and old houses that recreate the life of an important farm in the old city, they have activities aimed at children. 
Day 6: 3. Gothenburg overnight stay at the port Paid parking (like everyone in Gothenburg, but they don't steal here… downtown have stolen from all of them lately). € 5 24 hours. The place is beautiful with spectacular views, next to a magnificent beach with games for children, barbecue and picnic area. There are bathrooms. There is the possibility of taking the bus to go to the center of Gothenburg.
Day 7: 1. Parking to go to the port of Salthomen to visit the islands of the southern archipelago of GothenburgCement parking 10 minutes from where we spend the night. It is worth the same as the other, 50 crowns 24 hours. The tram is in front and takes you to the port of Salthomen, 2 stops, where the public ferries leave for the southern archipelago of Gothenburg or else it is a 10 minute walk. With the 1-day ticket of public transport (about € 7,5 per adult, children free) you can go on the tram, ferry and buses unlimitedly. The tram also takes you to the center of Gothenburg.
Day 7: 2. Port public ferries in Saltholmen75 crowns about 7,5 Euros per adult an unlimited travel card for 24 hours including trams and buses. From here we take ferry 681 and stop at the different islands of the southern archipelago. The ferries have tales to lend to the children along the way, a detail as always by the Swedes.
Day 7: 3. Styrso Island Island that has two stops depending on the ferry. We stop at Skaret, where there are hiking trails. Let's go to the viewpoint there. Good restaurant with dish of the day for 60 kr near the port. Beautiful marked hiking trails, overlooking the island of Donso. There is a picnic table in the gazebo.
Day 7: 4. Donso IslandThere is a supermarket in the port. It is perhaps the most populated island and with the most fishing life. There are a couple of restaurants and a little store.
Day 7: 5. Vrango Island We make a route through the spectacular nature reserve of birds. There are barbecue and picnic tables. It is the island that we liked the most, for its scenic beauty and tranquility. In good weather there is a beach.
Day 7: 6. Overnight in Ulricehamn on the banks of a beautiful lake Motorhome area in front of the lake with a beach and with the largest playground we have ever seen! . We spend the night on the way to Stockholm. There is a toilet, water to fill bottles (you can't get there with the AC or van) and it has to empty the pot. 
Day 8: 1. Lunch stop en route to StockholmStop in an area where the poti can be emptied and there are toilets. There is also a table with an umbrella and a restaurant next door.
Day 8: 2. Parking and overnight in Stockholm 2 daysParking base of operations in Stockholm. With beautiful views in front of a dock with old boats, 5 minutes from the Town Hall and 10 minutes from the old town on foot or with a bicycle lane fast accessibility everywhere. 15 eur 24 hours great and very safe. In Stockholm there is an area but twice as expensive, always full (you have to reserve they say) and further afield.
Day 8: 3. Stockholm center, walk through Gamla Stan etc ... 5 tips5 #tips for those who plan to visit Stockholm
1️⃣ What is essential for us in this city: stroll through Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace, the Opera, take a boat around the archipelago, see the Town Hall and a museum.
2️⃣ Riding it on #bicycle or #patinete is the best way to do it.
3️⃣ Visit free museums, there are more than 15 super cool: history, natural history, architecture, Mediterranean, modern art, economics, the national museum, antiquities from the East, the Middle Ages, of maritime history, etc ...
4️⃣ Order the dish of the day (dagens ratt) at a restaurant at noon (option that comes out between 7 and 12 euros and that includes salad, drink, dessert and coffee in some). And if it is something typical better: kottbulars (the famous Swedish meatballs), gravadlax (salmon), pytt i panna (pieces of sausage, beef and pork fried with onion and potato) or sill (fried or pickled herring)
5️⃣ Park your van or motorhome in any 24-hour parking for € 15 near the Town Hall. An area with incredible views and very quiet. There is a paid acs area but you have to reserve if you want to guarantee your place and it costs more than double.
I hope if you go there any idea we have given you!
9 Day: Stockholm. Vasa flagship museum150kr per adult, free children under 18 years. Includes guided tour and film in Spanish. In total the visit lasts about 2 hours
Unique precious museum in the world. I'm not very into boats but I loved it and the whole family. A 7-storey museum built around a royal flagship beautifully preserved thanks to the fact that it only sank only set sail 333 years ago in 1960. 98% of the pieces are original. In the museum you have a picnic room with a tap to fill the water bottles.
10 Day: Camping in a beautiful fishing village on the Sandsvall CoastAfter 10 days we need to put some washing machine and rest from the city of Stockholm somewhere to plant the table and chairs. We find this camping highly recommended in a beautiful fishing village: Mellarfjarden, on the Sandsvall Coast. The unbeatable camping. For € 23 the plot with light, sinks with great showers, unlimited washers and dryers included and a super kitchen-dining room where to cook, very well equipped with even a dishwasher with the pills and everything! In addition there is a little bit of beach for bathing if it is good and games for the children.
11 Day: 1. Hoga Kusten Suspension BridgeSuspension bridge where the motorway passes and where on the north side is the information center of Hoga Kusten (the High Coast of Sweden), some shops, hotel, playground, where routes depart and there are good views of the bridge. Good place to get tourist information of the area and take a walk around to see the views. Here we make a small route, where we find a barbecue and picnic tables, good visas and we discover for the first time a sport that we will later see in other natural parks the probasket (with a frisby as a golf you have to encase it in some baskets that are through the forest). Bring a frisby if you want to try it, you will see that there are families playing!
Day 11: 2. Overnight and visit to the Rotsidan Nature Park4 km of flat rocks in the sea of ​​diverse but ordered colors make this natural park. Wheelchair accessible with a wooden walkway and with barbecues with the wood cut in a shelter (a good plan to make one with those views). There are restrooms in the car park and it is a quiet place. Access is by dirt road but with many sidings and well to access. From the parking lot to the natural park it is a 15 minute walk at most.
Day 12: 1. Mannaminne MuseumMannaminne museum in # nordingrå
If there were an exact adjective for this #museo it would be #loco 
In #mannaminne you can find ANYTHING. From a Chinese pavilion, a giant #world ball to an old airplane, ship, train, toy, or an ancient Lutheran church! Its owner is a #antiques collector, designer and artist. 
This open-air museum does not leave you indifferent!
Entry for children under 15 is free and for adults over 100 Kr, which is about € 10, it does not arrive. Actually, we really liked it.
Day 12: 2. Doksta stop to eat In front of the dock where boats go to the fishing island of Ulvon. With picnic tables and a motorway next to it, so we do not deviate from the route to the Skuleskagen Natural Park.
Day 12: 3. Stop at the Ski Lift to go up to the Skuleskogens National Park closed for construction 
Day 12: 4. Skuleskogens National Park We go to the parking lot at the entrance to Skuleskogens Sur (signposted on the motorway). The parking, which is accessed by dirt road with good sidings, has a reserved area for motorhomes and campers. From there multiple routes leave, some near the beach where there is a camping area and others go up the mountain with beautiful views of the sea. There are toilets and garbage. Just seeing the entrance gate to the natural park is already beautiful because of the views.
Day 13: 1. Stop at the lake with play area and bathroom to eatStop at a lake recreation area with toilet, outside shower, drinking water to fill bottles, playground, picnic tables, barbecue, even hammocks and toys for children to play. And if a great bath is good! It is free but they accept donations. It does not hurt to collaborate, the site is beautiful.
Day 13: 2. Filling with water and emptying poti during the route 
Day 13: 3. Lulea, Gammelstad town-church World Heritage SiteParking to visit and where we sleep. Following the E4 road that passes through the east coast between forests and more forests we reach #lulea. In #lulea there is a parish called #gammelstad. 
In #sweden they are more #rational and do not have 300 #municipalities, when in Spain we have 8.116. 
They are called communes and these in turn have scattered dependent territorial nuclei that call them parishes. Until you get used to it, it is difficult to understand it and more about the maps.
Gammelstad is a #curious town. All the #houses are made of old red and white wood, around a big church and nobody can live there as their main residence… hence when you walk around it looks like a #ghost city
Its origin: a church city of second homes where they only went for religious festivities.
Walking through Gammelstad from 18pm when there is no tourism is a whole #experience ...
Day 14: 1. Visit Hagnan open air museumFree and with activities for children such as making bread or feeding farm animals.
Day 14: 2. Visit the largest waterfall in Sweden. A spectacular site in a unique nature reserve: StorforsenParking at the Storforsen natural park. If I had to recommend something from Sweden, it would be to go here. There is a picnic area with barbecues, bathing caps, shop and cafeteria, toilets and a trail accessible to everyone and routes to a beautiful natural park with the largest waterfall and waterfall in Sweden. Simply spectacular. We have been very surprised. Worth.
Day 14 3. Overnight by the lake near Jokkmokk in Lapland Sami landmarkJokkmokk, in Swedish Lapland, is Sweden's Sami landmark. For the next day to visit Jokkmokk and its museum we decided to stay in this place. It is in front of a lake where we can see our first midnight sun. It is full of campers but there are no other services than garbage.
Day 15: 1. Visit Ájtte museum of reference on the Sami worldFairly comprehensive museum about the Sami. Outside there are huts that can be seen freely and inside there are different rooms with explanations of the history, customs and current affairs of the Sami people. On the top floor there are many games and interactive games for children, which makes the museum very entertaining. Admission is free for children and for adults it is 90kr each, about 9 euros. Also in the museum restaurant you can eat well typical food of the area and Sami. There is a free buffet for 13 eur each which includes drinks and coffee.
Day 15: 2. Walk around the lake and playground near the botanical park and Sami cabinsThis lake has a swimming area, a children's playground in front of it and a forest with Sami huts. Besides the museum, you have a beautiful church and the whole town of Jokkmokk has small Sami handicraft shops.

STAGE 3: The goal, North Cape by motorhome

Day 15: 3. Overnight in the port of Hetta (Finland) en route to NordkappWe entered Finland for the first time. Just crossing the border looks different. The houses as less cared for and in general everything as more left (nature wilder). In Hetta in the port we sleep very calm and with good views. The only bad thing is the mosquitoes at sunset. Hetta has a beautiful church and a supermarket where the price is lower than in Sweden and what will be Norway, so it is great to stock up.
Day 16: Nordkapp, we slept and enjoyed the viewsThe best: the way to get there and the thrill of seeing excited people reaching their goal. It's very exciting, really for us, who doubted a lot, it was worth it. The kids are very excited. Incredible and very diverse landscapes at all times: forests, tundra, reindeer on the beach, glaciers ... In Nordkapp it is 5-8 degrees on July 13, we have to turn on the heating and put on gloves, a hat and a jacket to go out. To get there is like a toll barrier. They are 27,5 euros per person 24 hours, the girl does not give us any more option, but then we see on the web that you can order 12 h at half price. I suppose that since they see you in a motorhome and at night they cannot control you if you have left, they do not let you take 12h. From 00h the barrier seems to be open and that is not paid until early they arrive. In Nordkapp you will find a movie, a museum, a shop, a restaurant and a post office. Apart from the famous ball. Remember that it really is not the northernmost point of Europe. This is 2 km before reaching the left (there is a parking lot and free), there the road of 16 km there and back to the northernmost point of truth. With the little ones and the cold we opted for the commercial Nordkapp 🙁
Day 17: Overnight at the tip of the fjord en route to Finnish Lapland Great views. Very cool low tide in the fjord and we slept very peacefully, accompanied by other cars.
Day 18: 1. Castings and AC services 
Day 18: 2. Karasjok. Sami Park Scam A Sami park that cost us 50 euros for the family entrance and that had nothing that could not be seen from the outside! you pay to see a movie that they show you and see what others see without paying admission like 3 poor reindeer behind bars they have and some Sami huts ... Do not go ... or go but look around without buying the ticket, because it looks the same ...
Day 18: 3. Karasjok Sami Parliament. Super nice building, worth seeing. Free guided tours from 13.30:14.30 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., very good explanation in English that helps you understand more about the Sami people. For the guided tour you go and sign up there a few minutes before.

STAGE 4: Finland from top to bottom

Day 18: 4. Inari. Overnight and hiking place with suspension bridge and route to go to Inari center by bike or on footGround parking in the middle of nature where various trails start. At 0,5 km there is a very cool suspension bridge in some waterfalls of the river. And from there there are also routes to the town of Inari, where the next day we go with the bikes. The easy path is the one before the bridge on the right, everything and that there are ups and downs. The way of after crossing the bridge that goes to Inari is for more complicated mountain with children. Crossing the bridge and also on the left path there are semi-open shelters with barbecues. Here we make our first barbecue on the bike ride. A great option that kids love. Sausages and potatoes is typical in Finland with the barbecue!
Day 19: 1. Visit Finnish Sami Parliament and Sami museum that we did not enter. We come by bike from the pernocta parking lot, 3,5 km roundtrip 7 or the path to the right. First we go to the Finnish Sami Parliament. Guided tour of the Parliament at 12pm and 8 eur (we did not arrive on time). In the Parliament there is also a Sami cultural center and a Sami handicraft shop, we also enjoyed because there is a herd of reindeer in front of the Parliament next to the playground. Then we go to tourist information in the Sami museum that helps us a lot to organize the next stops. We do not go into the museum, we have already seen a lot about the Sami world and the children would get bored. On the way back by bike we do the barbecue. A great day that the little ones love.
Day 19: 2. Overnight in the parking of the amethyst mines activity that we will do in the morningParking in the middle of the natural park, very quiet but without services.
Day 20: 1. Amethyst Mine in Lusto. From the parking of the mines walking is accessed. It is 2,5 km away and tickets are purchased at the refuge cafeteria in front of the mine or online at the same price, 48 eur family pack. The activity is very cool and the children love it. The top views of the mine are also beautiful. There's a really cool explanation with juice first and then digging the mine for a bit. In the end you can take only 1 of the amethysts you find. Although if it is one of those that are worth 3000 euros, they say that they will negotiate with you to buy it lol In any case we find many, but cheap (the clearest) and small lol Very funny. And the walking path has a trivial contest that is very entertaining for the kids. Take your pencil before leaving and the answer sheet from a wooden box at the entrance to the road and then through the trees you will find the questions!
Day 20: 2. Drained and filled with water at the shell gas station. Free services. The grays and the poti are the same rule. Behind the water with a green top on the ground, there it is.
Day 20: 3. Santa Claus Village. Park for overnight stay right next door. We arrive late and everything closes at 18:00 p.m. We crossed the line of the Arctic Circle taking pictures. In the morning we met Santa Claus in his office (be careful because there are two! Yes, very strong ...). Seeing it is free but if you want photos or video you can't do it and you have to pay: 40 eur photos and digital video or 30 photo on paper. Behind Santa's office are the reindeer, which the poor people feed them for 5 euros (then we feel bad about the harassment that we see animals by people :(). Another thing we do there is what to buy "Santa Claus write you a letter wherever you want for Christmas" for 8.90 a letter The rest are all shops and the tourist information stand is not very good for anything other than Rovaniemi itself.
Day 21: 1. Artikum Museum on the ArcticNot bad, but the only thing that is different from the Sami museums is environmental awareness. Actually, after seeing and doing what we have done so far, perhaps we would have saved it, although the children liked it for the interactivity. Free admission for adults and children under 13 years old is € 7.
Day 21: 2. Place of pernocta that we have lovedDirt car park where many trails start and where there are ski slopes in winter and now in summer there is a sled on rails with a chairlift running for 10 eur. The best views of Rovaniemi, beautiful trails and there is a large herd of reindeer that have surrounded us the motorhome. Ahhh and something curious there is snow covered with a white canvas in front of the sled on rails where the super views.
Day 22: 1. Haparanda Ikea on the way to KemiOur back hurts from days ago in bed and we go to the Ikea in Haparanda (Sweden) which falls near where we go to the Finnish coast (kemi). We bought a mattress pad that saves our back and the rest of the rest of the trip. We also eat for a good price hehehe And at the tourist office in front of the ikea they give us a lot of info about Finland and the lake area.
Day 22: Overnight place and rest area, barbecue and great bath in the Kemi riverPlace in the middle of nature next to the kemi river with barbecue. There are many fishermen and it is a very quiet place where we rest great, we take out table and chairs and we even do some hand washing of clothes. The little ones make Finnish friends and collect flowers. A great resting place.
Day 23: Oulu visits and stays overnightOulu is a seaside city with a lot of life around its market. It is a city for dining and strolling through the port. We take bike rides through the city full of life, shops, restaurants ... with beaches, where there are various museums, the most outstanding science museum, a beautiful park for walks, an amusement park for the kids, etc.
Day 24: 1. Rokua Geopark World Heritage Site. We park and 0,5 km we reach a lake with a swimming area and a great barbecue. There is even a sauna to rent at saumat.co and many trails. A curious path is the one that passes by some old railway tracks in disuse. We enjoyed a morning and barbecue between baths in the lake and a good walk along one of its trails with train tracks. It is a geopark, because as you will see its land is sand like beach, which is curious.
Day 24: 2. Lake District: Overnight at the Kivesvaara viewpoint The overnight stay is an old closed camping (probably because the access is not very good for caravans due to the rise it has) and parking from the kivesvaara viewpoint to the lakes area. On site there is a closed cabin with barbecue in the center with kitchen utensils, dry toilets and an exhibition of rock types. The views are the most impressive we have ever had to the lakes. The sunset is spectacular. Now there are mosquitoes at sunset. We are at a top of 293m. Climbing is 3km on a gravel road with a slope but it has been very worthwhile and it is wide so there is no problem finding another vehicle.
There is a hotel with a cafeteria and a very cool restaurant in front with bird-watching booths like cabins with hippo views ... it must be impressive to sleep in that hotel.
Day 25: 1. Drained and filled with water 
Day 25: 2. Gray drain 
Day 25: 3. KuopioOvernight place near the beach with trampolines, in front of the lake and 10 min from the center. The beach is great for children, nothing deep and sandy. Bike path next door great for visiting the city. We do not go to the Kuopio tower, which is famous, because it will be impossible to have better views of the lakes than those of yesterday's viewpoint of Kivesvaara and with the heat the children prefer the beach.
Day 26: Kolovesi Natural Park where there are Saimaas seals.Parking place (where we also spend the night) to rent a canoe or boat to Lake Saimaa, the largest in Finland and where there are freshwater Saimaa seals. We hired a boat for 42 eur (there were no canoes left). It is done through the web http://www.sealtrail.com/ and when paying they send you instructions of what you should take and the code to take the life jackets from the booth. There is also a barbecue, toilets and a camping area. Unfortunately we do not see any seals but the boat tour is great and you can go to other ports with shelter to eat and barbecue while you spend the day. There are mosquitoes but only at dusk. And you can bathe on the beach apart from picking blueberries.
Day 27: Savonlinna, opera festival, castle and stroll through a pretty little town in the Lake DistrictParking place and overnight at Savonlina. At the end of July we are in the middle of the International Opera Festival, so the castle can only be visited on a guided tour in the morning at a specific time (which is why we don't do it). The city is worth it, it is beautiful and has a lot of life. Music invades the streets with opera everywhere. There is a beach, a large park, the museum of the lakes and it is very pleasant to walk around the lake. We loved it.
Day 28 : 1. Filled and emptied at ABC gas station, for 2 eur all 
Day 28: 2. Lietvesi Landscape Road. Puumala bridge and lakes viewpoint from the elevator towerWe are going to Puumala to do the section of the scenic road that goes from here to Mikkeli, before going to Helsinki. The views are no more impressive than the Kivesvaara to the lakes, but we continue to be amazed that there is more water than land in this area. In Puumala there is a bridge with good views of the lakes, but you can't stop. To see it better, you have to stop in the town that has a charming church and port and go up to its elevator.
Day 28: 3. Pistohiekka on the Lietvesi scenic road. Amazing beach and views From Puumla to Mikkeli along the scenic road 62 we stop at each area of ​​the road, until we reach Pistohiekka. Here we stop at a place that we will like so much, that without being the idea of ​​staying the night, we stay for lunch, dinner and sleep ... and it will be difficult for us to leave the next day ... We have nicknamed this place "the camping without camping" … It was an old campsite so there is shade from pine trees, barbecue and bathrooms. It is crowded (but like everything in Finland, not overcrowded) by Finnish campers ... and I am not surprised. ..A beautiful lake beach, great for children as it covers little water, and with beautiful views of the lakes and their islets. The sunset here is spectacular. And we are surprised there is not a mosquito, not even at night. It is a joy of place with the heat that begins to do (almost 30º). A place to relax, have barbecues, have the children play, go to the beach and take good photos. And then on the way to Mikkeli the next spectacular piece of road of bridges between islands with beautiful views of this lake region.
Day 29: 1. Helsinki. Base of operations and overnight in front of the seaIt is a parking lot frequented by the ACs campers, sheltered, and in front of the sea with a cafeteria and a nearby bathing area, frequented by locals during the day. There are bathrooms and even showers, the ones in the sports area there. Also next to it is a vertical forest. You can get to Helsinki center by taking the bus from the same parking lot or by bike it takes 15 minutes. To go to the center, cross the white suspension bridge and follow the bike path straight ahead, there are many works and the maps take you badly but following the bike path you get to the center well. To use public transport, it is best to buy a 1 day / 24h voucher card (8 eur free adult under 7 years). They do not sell it on the bus so it will cost you a more expensive ticket, but you can buy it online with the app and the card will be virtual on the mobile (https://www.hsl.fi/
Day 29: 2. Helsinki CenterWe visited the center of Helsinki. We see its famous cathedral, in the Senate Square and in front we go the Museum of the City, where there is the city of children. It is a free museum and in 2 hours you can see it, the little ones enjoying it a lot. Then we went to the market in the port, and there to the market where there are handicrafts / souvenirs and typical Finnish food, from there the cruises and ferries leave for the archipelago of Helsinky and Suomelina. Then along the esplanadi we walk to the center, taking the old tram for a stop and enjoying the bustle and life of the city.
Day 30: Visit to Suomelina Fortified Island, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe ferry to Suomelina is caught in front of the central market flea market in the center. With the 1 day / 24h voucher card (8 eur free adult under 7 years old) you can get on the ferry, metro, bus etc… Only the views of Helsinki on the ferry are worth it. Suemelina is pretty too.
Day 31: Finnlines Helsiki-Travemunde Ferry Terminal (Germany) The return home we do with a ferry that about 3 months ago we bought the tickets that goes from Helsinki to Travemunde (Germany). It is 29 hours of travel, one night and the dog can come in our cabin. It is expensive because having bought it in advance is € 830 for 4 in a cabin, the motorhome and a dog ... but it is worth it and it would also cost money to take the ferry to Tallinn and drive on bad roads as well as the Baltics to Germany. In total there are about 1000 and little km that we save. It compensates us and it may be more expensive in total than driving, but for around 300 eur more than it will be, we have enjoyed two days of «cruising». We are going for the children it has been a full-blown cruise lol chiquipark, jacuzzi and sauna, magician shows etc ... Finnlines' treatment was super good. Meals are expensive on the boat but we save that by taking us for picnics.

STAGE 5: Return home from the trip to the North Cape in a motorhome. But before a break in the Ardèche, in France

Day 32: Travemunde area of ​​AC of payment. Overnight We arrived at 21:30 pm at Travemunde. Late, so we go to this area to spend the night. 12 Eur a night. With all services + € 1 water It is very central to the town, pretty indeed.
Day 33: Overnight en route in the Black Forest Emmendingen free area with all servicesBe careful if you are on the way there is a radar at 30 km / h! We took a photo 🙁 Free area with all services
Day 34: Camping Le Chassezac in l'Ardeche, FraciaRest, cleaning and overnight at Camping Le Chassezac (53e) in l'Ardeche, where we will spend a few days before returning home.
Day 35: 1. RuomsVisit and swim on the beach. Very commercial and alive center. Excellent tourist office
Day 35: 2. VoguéVogué visit, bath in river and overnight
Day 36: 1. Pont d'Arc. Parking 5 minutes from the Stone BridgeBath in the Pont d'Arc. Parking 5 minutes from the Stone Bridge. You pay 8 euros for camping cars or 4 euros in the afternoon
Day 36: 2. Overnight and visit through the maña of the cave and prehistoric zoo of l Aven Marzal.Overnight and visit by way of the prehistoric cave and zoo or the Aven Marzal. Very cool for the little ones for 15 eur adults and 4,5 eur for the 2 things
Day 37: 1. Parking St Martin d 'Ardeche next to the beach to bathe. 3h 5 €Parking St Martin d 'Ardeche next to the beach bathing. 3h 5 €
Day 37: 2. Overnight in a quiet little town Overnight in a quiet little town with Roman archaeological remains (Cesar's camp) and an aqueduct. Tomorrow get up early and make the return home!

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Route, map and tips of a trip to North Cape in Norway, Nordkapp by motorhome
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  1. Ricardo Soler Cabeceran

    In May and June 2020, I want to make the trip from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
    I have read your trip. You can inform me in more detail of your route. Places where to change waters, where to put diesel and lpg, coordinates where to sleep, kilometers between each stage. I am a novice, I have the Ac since April 2019. What tires do you have to take ?. I see that on a ferry, you had the reservation for 3 months?
    All the information you can give me, I will thank you with all my heart.
    Thank you very much
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    1. Pilar Avila

      Hi Ricardo! I think that for all your doubts, the map we made will be your great ally. Here you have all the overnight points, empties, visits etc with the coordinates to go directly to the GPS, in addition to each point you have photographs that we took and the description of everything that we consider worthy to note and advise. On the other hand, I advise you to see our instagram. You have day to day of the trip explained in the featured stories and in posts for each day. Insurance between one thing and the other can help you a lot. If you have doubts and want to write to us, you can do so at [email protected] and we can start a conversation in more detail than here 🙂
      The map accesses here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/edit?hl=ca&mid=1N87RErGNLMeBceJ150tvE48WT9fi-MFW&ll=49.07321399543326%2C15.843690299999935&z=3

      Just tell you it's a great trip! that you will not regret at all 🙂 A hug!

      1. Ricardo Soler Cabeceran

        Thanks for your information.
        A abrazo.

  2. Ricardo Soler Cabeceran

    Good morning, I can't find in your route description the coordinates of the places you used to stop.
    If you can tell me how I find them.

    1. Pilar Avila

      Good morning Ricardo, if you go over the points on the map and click on it, a little window will appear with the information on the marked point. There at the top, in its title (usually that says DAY X: XXX), painted reddish, on the right there is a little arrow that is to go to the gps browser. Click on that arrow and it will take you directly to the google maps where the coordinates appear and where you can also send the point to your GPS navigator. I hope it helps you, if you can not write us an email to [email protected] and we give you a cable 🙂

    1. Pilar Avila

      Good Ricardo, in this case that you point me as an example, instead of the coordinates you have the exact address with the street name, number and population. In other cases where there is no exact address, the numerical coordinates appear. You will always see it on the left side of the google maps that shows you where you want to go with where you want to go blank. I do not know if I explained well. Sinó write us to the email and we will pass the phone to help you better 🙂 Greetings to see if we have helped you like this 🙂 A hug Ricardo!

  3. Javier Vicente

    Good afternoon. I am planning to go to the North Cape in the medium term. For me the preparation stage is an enjoyment, I begin to internalize the trip, it is like starting it now. To document myself I use the network and the odd app. I try to have things fairly clear before I start, as I already told you that for me it is like starting to travel. Well, looking for information I have found this wonderful description that you do. It is a great help. I want you to know that this extraordinary work has helped me a lot and I have collected a lot of information that I am sure will help me. Thank you very much for this great job. A greeting.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good evening Javier, thanks to you for telling us. You do not know what motivates and excites us words like yours. We write to save our memories but also always thinking of you so that it will be useful and help you. Without a doubt on our trip to North Cape I would repeat everything. Sweden Spectacular, a great discovery and Finland is not short. We did Norway on another trip and here we only did the North Cape part. Norway is awesome too. The truth is that whatever it is and wherever it is, the trip you will make will be one of those to remember all your life. Any questions you have, you can tell us. Above all, take a lot of bottled water and / or drinking pills hahahaha Our anecdote of the trip hahaha There is nowhere in the Nordic countries, there is only sparkling water hahaha

  4. Francesc

    What a wonderful reportatge, I am preparing a trip to North Cape this September, if the covid allows it, with a camper and I assure you that it has helped me a lot to clarify any doubts. I travel alone and seeing that you are wearing max, I have thought of taking my companion on adventures, myva, a spectacular border collie. The question is, apart from the documentation book of vaccinations etc, did you need some kind of additional permission, you had a problem to cross any border. Thank you very much and I congratulate you for the work. All the best

    1. Kucavanera family

      Thank you for your comment Francesc 🙂 Surely with your dog you will enjoy the destination very much 🙂 it is ideal to go with them. On what to bring, you have to bring them the passport that your veterinarian will give you and stamp with all the vaccines, above all they require the rabies one, and in the case of entering Finland they also ask for a certificate of deworming against tapeworms, which you also get. your vet will do it. I also tell you that they did not stop us at any time then, now with the Covid they are stopping in Norway with greater control from what we know from friends. It will be a great trip, enjoy it very much!

  5. izaskun

    Hello, congratulations on this super report. I am planning to do this trip with our AC and two boys ages 4 and 8. I am curious to know how you make the children endure such long runs! For the rest, I am going to start preparing the trip based on your experience. Thank you so much!!

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good Izaskun. Thank you for your words, it is a pleasure to share experiences with colleagues like you. The definitive long run trick surely doesn't exist, but in our case this is what we do:
      - 1 movie on the tablet in the morning
      - Free play time to paint, read or write or play between the two of them whatever they want (they carry a children's travel tables with arsenal of colors, a blackboard and a bag each of notebooks and games) until lunchtime
      - Stop for lunch
      - 1 Movie with afternoon popcorn
      - Another time of free play or we sing songs that we put on them or a time of I see or see or «count yellow trucks or cars hehehe» here creativity each one
      - Stop for dinner early around 20pm maximum and put on pajamas
      - 1 episode of a series already sleep

      While we stop every 2 hours to pee, gas and change drivers, both Jose and I (Pilar) drive, and we usually leave at 5 in the morning and stop to sleep at 8 hours. So are our long runs.

      Another trick after long driving runs always always if they have behaved well they have a prize that they know from the beginning. It's like the goal of the trip for them and the motivation. At Nordkapp this goal and motivation was Legoland from Denmark for example.

      In the end, combining a routine a bit, telling them what will happen and what the routine of the trip will be like, motivating them and improvising during conflicts can help, but above all I think that our children always behave so well because they are used to this way of traveling from a very young age and they know that what comes will always be a good recommendation 🙂
      You will already know izaskun that in the end with the little ones there is nothing written, educate as you can and travel as you can is my motto, there are no perfect solutions or perfect families 🙂
      A big hug family and encouragement with that super trip, you will not regret it, one of the best we have done so far 🙂

  6. antonio

    Thank you for sharing all this information I am preparing our route for the summer of 2022 we will have 90 days and your experience is going great for us
    The return ferry can be purchased on site as we do not plan the return day

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Antonio. First of all thank you for your comment and thanks 🙂
      As for the ferry, I couldn't tell you, in any case all ferries if they have availability they sell it at the ticket office, but better contact them just in case.

      Hugs and greetings from this family! Jose and Pilar

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