At this moment you are seeing The trans-Pyrenean route in a motorhome through 14 great destinations!
Motorhome route through northern Spain. A 15-day trip through the Pyrenees.

The transpyrenean motorhome route through 14 great destinations!

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On a motorhome route through northern Spain, the Pyrenees from valley to valley with 14 destinations you don't know

Would you like to make a motorhome route through northern Spain? What if it's a nature and mountain trip? How about a roadtrip through the Pyrenees?

Next, we invite you to read about our experience on a trip with our 15-day camper van through the Pyrenees. 

We travel in Family with our camper, with two children of 1 and 4 years old for 15 from the Catalan Pyrenees of Lérida to the Navarrese Pyrenees, passing through the beautiful Aragonese Pyrenees.

Here you will find the chronicle of a trip that for us was very exciting and endearing, full of adventure and nature.

A motorhome route through Spain of nature and mountains. We will see the Pyrenees with young children, a new look. The Pyrenees with children in summer, which will make it a trip where the mountains and water will be the main protagonists. It was also a trip  low cost within what is in itself this super route and the prices of the tourist places of the Pyrenees.

Come on let's go to the Spanish Pyrenees, to discover it!

We hope you like it!

Plan and organize your trip through the Pyrenees in a motorhome in 5 clicks

Summary of the motorhome route through the Pyrenees

The fundamental data of the Pyrenees roadtrip

Days of the motorhome route through the Pyrenees Spain

15 days

Dates of the trip to the Pyrenees with children

From mid-July to early August.

Route of the motorhome trip through the Pyrenees

Route through the Pyrenees by motorhome, starting the route through the Catalan Pyrenees of Lérida (Lleida), crossing the Aragonese Pyrenees and ending up playing in the Navarrese Pyrenees. 

Kilometers of the motorhome route through northern Spain in the Pyrenees

About 2.000 km traveled

Autonomous Communities visited during the trip to the Pyrenees

  • Pyrenees of Catalonia 
  • Aragon Pyrenees 

Expenses of the motorhome route through northern Spain in the Pyrenees

Total: € 1.029 (2 adults + 2 children)

·        It is absolutely all inclusive: gasoline, campsites, restaurants, supermarkets, visits mause us, souvenirs ...

The phases of the motorhome trip through northern Spain

For us this trip through the Pyrenees has had 2 stages:

  • 1: Catalan Pyrenees
  • 2: Aragonese Pyrenees

The best of the motorhome route in northern Spain: The Pyrenees

The worst of the trip to the Pyrenees

Travel guide: Pyrenees by motorhome, the route and 14 great destinations

Below, you will find 14 great destinations in the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees with the description of each of the stops made on our route through the Pyrenees by camper. You will find places to park your motorhome, overnight places, essential visits and more.

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STAGE 1: Route through the Catalan Pyrenees by motorhome

Congost de Collegats, Gerri de la Sal and Sort

Rialp, Espot and the Estany de Sant Maurici

The Port de la Bonaigua and the Bosc de Gerdar

Baqueira-Beret, around horses

Vall d'Aràn: Salardú i Vielha

Vall de Boí: Barruera i Taüll

STAGE 2: Route through the Aragonese Pyrenees by motorhome

Valley of Benasque

Pineta Valley, relaxation without crowds

Aínsa, the camper friendly medieval town

Puyarruego: from water pool to water pool

Vió Valley and the Anísclo Canyon

Ordesa Valley, Broto and the waterfall route

Tena Valley: Formigal, La Sarra, Sallent ...

Zuriza Valley, the great discovery


STAGE 1: Catalan Pyrenees by motorhome

Congost de Collegats, Gerri de la Sal and Sort

Rialp, Espot and the Aiguestortes National Park and the llac de Sant Maurici

The Port de la Bonaigua and the forest of Gerdar

Baqueira- Beret by motorhome

The Aran Valley: Salardú and Vielha

La Vall de Boí: Taüll, Barruera, the Cavallers reservoir and Aiguestortes

STAGE 2: Aragonese Pyrenees by motorhome

The Benasque Valley: Senarta camping area, Llanos de Hospital and the Road to Aigualluts

The Pineta Valley, magical forests and waterfalls

Aínsa in motorhome, camper friendly people 100%

Puyarruego in a motorhome, from a water well to a water well

The Vió Valley and the Añisclo Canyon

Ordesa Valley: Broto, Torla and the route of the waterfalls of the Strait, the Cave and Cola de Caballo

Tena Valley: Panticosa, Pueyo de Jaca, Lacuniacha, Sallent de Gallego, La Sarra and Formigal

Ansó, Hecho and Zuriza Valley with its Linza refuge

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