At this moment you are seeing Sardinia in a motorhome through 8 stages

Sardinia by motorhome through 8 stages

Join us on our trip through Sardinia by motorhome: a charming destination for its wild beaches, its good food and its open people ...

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Viahem the 4 and the girl (girl without "ñ" on Instagram), that is, Dad, Mom, the two little ones and the Challenger AC which is the girl.

We like to know places around the world, sports and, in general, culture. Whenever we travel we would like to stop more time to rest but in the end we are eager to know different places and We set course for the new adventure. 

Before we had a camper with which we have made very cool trips, now with our motorhome we will continue adding experiences that we will share with everyone who follows us.

Sardinia by motorhome

What should you know about traveling around Sardinia by motorhome or camper?

Regulations on overnight stays and camping in Italy (Sardinia)

Motorhomes or camper vans are subject to the same rules as other vehicles, therefore, they can park in any parking lot or authorized public parking, unless expressly indicated otherwise or by local regulations. Must take into account: 

  • Parking does not constitute camping, camping or similar if the vehicle rests only on the wheels, does not emit its own waste, except that of the mechanical propeller and does not occupy a surface greater than that corresponding to the gauge of the same vehicle. 
  • Within cities pay attention to Limited Access Zones. Especially in historic centers and residential areas, since entering involves a considerable fine. 
  • In Italy you will not have many problems for the night. If you avoid very striking coastal areas, super tourist places or places of express prohibition, and as long as you do not deploy camping elements, you can spend the night with your camper or motorhome in Italy.


Services for motorhomes and campers

In Sardinia there are campsites and areas for motorhomes / campers throughout the island although their prices are higher than in Spain (the park4ninght application will help you with this task).

However, in Sardinia you can spend the night freely if you organize yourself well, You follow the safety and civility rules, and you manage to adapt to the situations that may arise. Some tips and tricks:

  • If you can avoid traveling in the summer months, everything will be easier and more pleasant for motorhomes and campers.
  • Arrive at the car parks near the beaches after seven / eight in the afternoon in Summer. It is when the cars leave and there is a lot of free space. But do not use excessive space since if the cars come to park in the morning and they see that you have invaded a lot of space, they can call the police.
  • Do not put chocks, or take towels outside, or chairs, etc ...
  • Before parking, be careful to carry a full water tank and empty gray and black ones. Sardinia is a wild and beautiful natural park that you have to take care of, leaving your remains in it deteriorates it and is also an attraction for the police.
  • Check the holidays and market days if you are going to spend the night in cities.
  • It is safe to spend the night in Sardinia, but try to avoid very dark places and it is better to choose places where there are other motorhomes or campers.
  • Sardinia is an island with a mild and muggy climate in summer. Always carry plenty of water to hydrate yourself and mosquito repellent and insecticides. The mosquito nets of our vehicles must be on day and night, they are essential.


Roads and tolls in Sardinia

Do we know how Italians drive?… Well, in Sardinia they also go fast and many people skip the rules of the road. However, there are no tolls or excessive traffic, but at dusk in high season the roads that lead from the beaches to the cities create car caravans. Be patient!.

Sardinia by motorhome

Discover our route through Sardinia by motorhome in 8 stages!

SARDINIA 1: Spiaggia la Pelosa and Spiaggia Le Saline

To the north of the island and near Porto Torres, where the ships arriving from Spain dock, we went to Spiaggia La Pelosa and Le Saline.

La Pelosa is a spectacular turquoise beach. It is very crowded and to be able to find a place in the parking lot or hammocks (which cover almost the entire shore) you must get up very early.

Le Saline is a long crystal clear beach. We discovered that if you arrive after eight in the afternoon, the parking lots and the beaches are very empty. 

Where to park and spend the night in a motorhome in this destination

On our trip to Sardinia by motorhome, we were able to spend the night without problems in the parking lot right in front of this beach (be careful not to leave towels or anything out because the forest rangers call your attention!). There is also the Sosta Camper La Pineta Area - Stintino where you can fill and empty for 10 euros. We follow the route to the east… .we tell you about it in SARDINIA 2 😉.

Sardinia by motorhome

SARDINIA 2: SpiaggiaRena Bianca and Spiaggia La Salinedda

It's called the Emerald Coast because, indeed, the color of its waters justifies it.
The northeast of the Island is an area of ​​marinas, golf courses and luxury urbanizations integrated into the landscape. Along its tracks we have come across ferraris, teslas, bentlys and even a rollsroice😯.
SpiaggiaRena Bianca is a turquoise beach ideal for families, and you can see anchoring super luxury yachts (in some of our photos you can see one that also has a slide) ️. In the Pedro Restaurant they eat delicious salads and pasta but the price for one of these simple dishes is around 25 euros (the emoticon of "nailed" jiji is missing). 🚙
We continue our journey, and below Olbia. A small paradise, little crowded, crystal clear waters, although with algae in some areas of the shore. The best thing is that we coincide again with @koalafamilytravel and we had a great day ????. If you have paddle surf or canoe you can reach beautiful coves that are in the surroundings (a countryman from Torremolinos who also spent the night in this place was enjoying it and we send him a big hug ????).
In the next post we will go through the east of the island until we reach the south😉....⛱️

Where to park and spend the night in a motorhome in this destination

In SpiagginaRena Bianca we parked on the shoulder of the road after being fined 😅. His thing is to get up early to get a place in the private parking ...

We spend the night in a small free car park in Spiaggia La Salinedda (you must arrive at eight in the afternoon to find a place). This is one of our recommendations on your trip to Sardinia by motorhome.

Sardinia by motorhome

SARDINIA 3: Cala Brandinchi, Golfo di Orosei, Cala Gonone and Cala Pira

The east of the island also has very cool coves that they have nothing to envy to those of the north. It is another of our great discoveries on our route through Sardinia by motorhome! We stopped at Cala Brandinchi just to take some photos and video while we stopped the motorhome on the shoulder for a little bit ... This Cala is a protected place with capacity control and private parking, very difficult to access.
Sardinia also has mountains... we enter the SS125 full of curves and cuts not suitable for the heart 😅 in the Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu🏞️ . Impressive views of mountains that reach more than 1500 meters of altitude (it even snows in winter)
We arrived at Cala Gonone, a small coastal town at the foot of the mountain where we could eat very well in ZioPedrillo🍕. The walk by the sea is beautiful, there is also an area for motorhomes. Boat routes are organized to visit some caves and movie coves.
Cala Pira, already in the South, we loved it because it is a free beach without hammocks, and its waters are spectacular. In our next post we are heading towards the southwest ...

Where to park and spend the night in a motorhome in this destination

Cala Gonone: there is an area for motorhomes (€ 15 for gray and black water evacuation and filling. With overnight stay it is € 25). There are also campsites in the area.

We spend the night in Cala Pira in the shaded municipal parking lot right next to the beach (in the morning you must pay for parking, € 6 from 9:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.). Be careful! ... Be careful not to move towards the private parking lot at the back, you get the bottom of the ac on the way.

Sardinia by motorhome

SARDINIA 4: Cagliari

Sardinia is not just beaches. We parked the ninna (the girl) Challenger in the port of Cagliari while we visited this important southern city.

We climbed the stairs of the bastion to see some beautiful views from the wall. You can also go up in the panoramic elevator, but you miss the streets and buildings of the city.

We arrived at the Cathedral of Santa María de Cagliari and The sculpture of the "sleeping" virgin caught our attention. with a veil over it (appears in the video).

Is a custom that occurs in different cathedrals of Sardinia on August 15 and consists of placing a sculpture of the Virgin of the Dormition representing the awaiting resurrection and ascension to heaven. Finally, outside the walls, we get to see the ruins of the Roman amphitheater.
We continue our way to the Costa de Chía and upon arrival we find a fireworks reception just above our motorhome🎆 since August 15 is a national holiday.
In the next publication we will see the Playa su Giudeu and we will go up from the south to the west….

Where to park and spend the night in a motorhome in this destination

We spent the night right next to the Laguna Chía Resort since we arrived almost at night and it was not worth entering an area of ​​the area just to sleep. We are in the middle of our trip to Sardinia by motorhome!

Sardinia by motorhome

SARDINIA 5: Costa Chía (Spiaggia Su Giudeu)

La Baia di Chia is a coastal area in southern Sardinia. Long miles of sand and dunes They are surrounded by forest and salt ponds where pink flamingos nest, but we didn't see any 😏.
We stayed at Su Giudeu beach (although in the video there is no way to say the name correctly 😅🤣). We ended up, like many Italians, buying a beach volleyball(I.e.Since by covering so little and being so warm, you spend hours in the water.

The horn announces that the granitas cart is arriving….You will not be able to resist the fresh and natural hailstorm that you find throughout Sardinia. The sunset between the dunes is a beautiful picture.
The AreaSosta Camper Su Giudeu, has large, shaded pitches and we were able to have a quiet dinner outside. The candle at night is very romantic ... but the reason for being is to drive away the damn mosquitoes that chase you all over the island🤪.

Don't forget the mosquito repellants and put the mosquito nets well if you don't want to be shot ????. For 25 euros / day you have water services for the motorhome, showers with currency but without WC. You must pay in cash, which happens in different establishments on the Island 🤷💶.
We continue with our trip through Sardinia by motorhome to Oristano to which we dedicate our next publication 😉.

Where to park and spend the night in a motorhome in this destination

We spend the night and renew water in the AreaSosta Camper Su Giudeu for 25 euros / day. You have water services for the motorhome, showers with currency but without WC. You must pay in cash, which happens in different establishments on the Island 🤷💶.

Sardinia by motorhome

SARDINIA 6: Oristano

We continue our tour of Sardinia by motorhome and arrive in the center-west.
We take off our bikini and get handsome to visit Oristan. Capital of the Oristano region, the first thing you come across is the Torre Mariano which was the north gate of the city built by Pisans along with the walls. On the original construction of the late thirteenth century, the Crown of Aragon intervened to make changes. 
Sardinia has a very important heritage where Spain has left its legacy since the island belonged for many centuries to the Kingdom of Spain: first in 1324 to the Crown of Aragon (including also the Principle of Catalonia); later, with the Catholic Monarchs, Sardinia became part of the Kingdom of Spain until 1708. For this reason, throughout the island the cultural, architectural and linguistic references of Spain are innumerable. For example, in Oristano there is a festival called the Sartiglia very similar to the Ensortilla de Menorca.
This Spanish past can also be found even in its curious flag that says that the four heads of the banner represent the victories achieved by the Catalan-Aragonese in Spain against the Moorish invaders: Zaragoza, Valencia, Murcia and the Balearic Islands. Sometimes we can find another flag with the Moors looking the other way and blindfolded as a symbol of Sardinia's independence.
We were trying typical Italian sausage such as Milanese salami, pork coppa and its cheeses that are delicious. And of course with a refreshing and typical Italian Spritz cocktail(I.e..
In the next post we come to one of the towns that we liked the most, Bosa 💙.....

Where to park and spend the night in a motorhome in this destination

We parked in an outdoor public parking near the center to visit the city and have lunch.

Sardinia by motorhome


Before talking about the beautiful town of Bosa, crossing the province of Oristano, we saw thousands of hectares burned by the fire 🔥 declared less than a month ago (July 2021). A shame to see fields, trees and even villages burned. A real catastrophe 😢...
As Lonelyplanet says, "Bosa is a postcard town by the river." Maybe is the town that we liked the most on our trip through Sardinia by motorhome  since it has some beautiful colored houses, narrow cobbled streets, the Temo river, wrought iron balconies, very original painted tin pots, the ruins of the Malaspina Castle, ...
You can visit the town by walking, on the tourist train, but the boat ride on the Temo river (the only navigable river in Sardinia) passing under the two bridges of the city is very pleasant. It costs € 10 adults and € 5 children.
Both day and night there is a lot of atmosphere in Bosa And if you want to take a table in the restaurants in the old center, don't arrive later than eight thirty. As we have no remedy with European hours, we had to leave the center and have dinner at Disco Bar / Pizzerie Bosa, where we ate some incredible pizzas and the little one a juicy cotoletta (breaded chicken fillet). 

In addition, the waiter invited us to a shot of Mirto (typical drink of Corsica and Sardinia) stronger than brandy ????🔥..and all at an incredible price ... maybe the last photo is the effects of the dinner🤪🤣??
If you check the map, we have little left to go around the island completely. Follow our next publication to Alguero and its Coast, and we will tell you about an area for motorhomes that is great…. ????

Where to park and spend the night in a motorhome in this destination

There are two areas to spend the night freely and without problems, one is right next to the river behind the bridge, and the other, on the other bank, a kilometer from the center.

Sardinia by motorhome

SARDINIA 8: Alghero, Cala Dragunara and Porto Torres

We have made a complete tour of Sardinia with our motorhome.
Our journey comes to an end in the Alghero coast located in the northeast of the island. We parked at the port and ate alloscoglio spaghetti (seafood) which are delicious.
We toured the city surrounded by ancient walls, and the cobbled old town bustles with people entering its shops, artisan ice cream parlors and emblematic buildings. The Catalan flag is in some places since with the expansion of the Kingdom of Spain through the Mediterranean in the XNUMXth century, the city was populated by many Catalans. The Catalan language is still spoken by some of its inhabitants.
Red coral, since ancient times, has been an artisan and commercial symbol of the city and you can find in its stores a multitude of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. of a very special ruby ​​red. A very cute bracelet fell😁.
We continue our journey along the Alghero Coast towards Cala Dragunara. A little hidden corner where they were @koalasfamilytravel. We do not hesitate to have a spritz at the chiringuito de la calita although with a bittersweet taste for the price of the cocktail😅Luckily the good company of the koalas eased the dunk🤪🤣.
We went to the Neptune grotto that you can visit from the sea or on foot if you are able to go down the 654 steps between the cliffs 😅. Unfortunately it was closed due to bad weather but we enjoyed the spectacular views of Cabo Caccia.
We fired from @koalasfamilytravel and we headed to Porto Torres to return to Spain. 

Where to park and spend the night in a motorhome in this destination

To visit the city of Algher you can park in the port car park.

We were in the Camper I Platani Area, which is perhaps one of the best in Sardinia (although we have not stayed overnight in many during our trip). It has a water filling / emptying service, showers and toilets, spacious pitches, a swimming pool, and there is a bus service to go to the beaches and the city of Alghero. You can also order pizzas at home 🍕. It costs € 25 / day.

In Porto Torre, hours before taking the boat to Spain, we spent the night very close to the port in the parking lot in front of Balai Beach.

Sardinia by motorhome

Balance of our route through Sardinia in a motorhome ...

What we liked the least 👎

  1. High price of gasoline and diesel.
  2. Hot and muggy during the day in summer, although it cools at night.
  3. High price of areas and campsites.
  4. Bad internet coverage.
  5. Many mosquitoes, flies, etc.
  6. Very crowded in summer.
  7. Excessive private beaches and little space to be freely without paying for hammocks.
  8. There are hardly any restaurants on the beaches, they are beach bars with ice creams and panninis.
  9. There are no showers or toilets on most beaches.
  10. Saturated parking from early in the morning.

What we liked the most 👍

1. Natural and wild beaches. Very clean and crystal clear.
2. Food.
3. Security.
4. Friendly and outgoing people.
5. Spend the night in AC or camper without problems.
6. Beautiful and charming cities.
7. Ideal for families.
8. Coves that can be explored with kayak, paddle surf,….
9. You can visit between two / three weeks.
10. Shallow depth of the beaches and ideal temperature that allows spending a long time in the water, diving without a suit, etc ...

Do you dare to make your own trip through Sardinia in a motorhome?

Tired of the hectic trip but full of sensations and precious and exciting experiences, we conclude this trip to Sardinia by motorhome.(I.e. 

Thanks for following us ????

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