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traveling by motorhome

Gift ebook to get started in the world of caravanning

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  1. Joseph Peter Gilo

    Hi, José Pedro Gilo called me, and I came across your website by chance, however I liked it a lot, and I think I'm going to spread it around me. Now I have a doubt, I have tried to download the "Manual for traveling by motorhome, free, as a gift", and I suppose I have done something wrong because it asks me for the card and they charge me a very small amount, but it is not the amount, but the fact of a gift with cost. Seeing how elaborate your website is, I'm sure I've made a mistake, I know more about motorhomes than websites... If you can guide me.
    By the way, Congratulations, your motorhome is a good motorhome, well equipped and well built.
    A hug Motorhome

    1. kucavana

      What? It is a totally free e-book that arrives to you by mail, it should not ask you for any type of card or anything. You just have to put your email and name and you receive it José Pedro.

  2. kike madrid

    Hello, I did not receive the Ebook, I have also looked in Spam and nothing.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello kike, we have had some server problems, the mail has been launched again. If you have not received the registered mail, it would not be valid or you have it in the spam tray.

  3. Luis

    Like Kike, I don't get anything after subscribing either. I don't even know why I write this because I don't trust these things

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Kike, if it hasn't already arrived, it will arrive shortly. Look in the spam tray that has not been left there.

  4. Anonymous

    Hello, could you send me the guide? I don't receive it…Mó Thank you!!

    1. Kucavanera family

      Look in spam, promotional or spam, sometimes it goes there. If not, we will send it to you anyway 🙂

  5. OSCAR

    Hello, I don't get the E-book, not in spam or anything, can you send it to me please?

    Thank you!

    1. Kucavanera family


  6. Catalina Maggi

    Hello. I also have not received The Basic Manual for Traveling in a Motorhome, in the
    Free E-book email. How can I get it?
    I hope your answer.
    Thank you very much

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Catalina, we are having technical problems, you will receive it shortly for sure 🙂

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