At this moment you are seeing Africa in a motorhome by youtubers ConvistasalmundoAc
Africa by motorhome

Africa in a motorhome by youtubers ConvistasalmundoAc

Discover a great trip through Africa by motorhome through Morocco, Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal.

About ConvistasalmundoAc

We are Luis and Natalia. After several years traveling by van and motorhome we decided leave everything to make the great trip of our life. We hit the road in September 2019 and are still rolling around despite the pandemic. We travel with our dogs Dark and Gray. In addition to discovering new places and cultures we love to play sports everywhere. We try to capture part of our experiences traveling in videos. 

And if you want to know something you can always ask us!

Africa by motorhome

Africa by motorhome: crossing the largest desert in the world, the Sahara

We propose them

The route that we propose consists of crossing the Sahara desert from north to south on its western side. This will take us to explore Morocco, Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal. 

Point of departure 

As a starting point in our trip through Africa by motorhome we would take the population of Dakhla, old town Cisneros, which is the last great city that we will find before arriving in Mauritania. For kite surf lovers Dakhla lagoon could be considered a mecca.

There is a free camping area on the beach that is always full of kite and windsurfers. A spectacle of seeing more than 100 kites at the same time! Within the city there is also a good spot for surfers with easy and very long waves.

Eat oysters

As a fishing town you have to take advantage of it to eat oysters or fresh fish, battered, grilled, barbecue; as we like the surroundings of any of its markets for € 2-3 per person. This is one of the charms of traveling through Africa by motorhome. 

Adventures on the frontier

We went out into the desert

Leaving Dakhla, we entered the desert again to reach the border of the Guerguerat and no man's land, a couple of kilometers of mined desert, with abandoned cars and remnants of explosions that we will have to cross until we reach the border of Mauritania.

Sahara by motorhome

A lot of curiosities

We continue our journey through Africa by motorhome. At the border you will have to arm yourself with patience and negotiate all the bites that you will try to hit. We will detail it soon in our blog here.

Once we left the border we entered Nouadhibou. There we will live a traffic chaos, ramshackle, old cars, without doors or with patches ... The most curious thing that I don't even know how they work ...! Another charm of the trip is… the typical Mauritanian attire, a short-sleeved tunic called daraâ accompanied by the turban to protect ourselves from the sun that caught our attention.

Dunes and more than 50 degrees

We will continue along the road to the south to reach the capital Nouakchott, a single road full of sinkholes, devoured in sections by the desert and with a town of several shacks in the middle of nowhere, just crossing the country is a great adventure. The truth is that it is fascinating to travel around Africa by motorhome. After several days of endless straights, surrounded by dunes and temperatures above 50º change the landscape suddenly.

Africa by motorhome

Heading to Senegal ... let's go!

Hospitality, colors and a lot of rhythm 

We will arrive at the diawling national park where the landscape will start to change suddenly, returning to see life, plants, animals and many warthogs, do you remember pumbaa? There are 40km of track, full of potholes and trails and sinkholes that we did at an endless 5km / h average ... 

We will cross the diamond bridge and we will already be in Senegal, country of teranga, hospitality. After so much desert and monotony we enter a country full of colors, joy and rhythm. Indescribable!.

Africa by motorhome

Africa by motorhome, you can't miss it!

Did you like our trip to Africa in a motorhome?

If you dare to do it, you will return with your batteries charged and full of emotion. We assure you!


Sahara by motorhome

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  1. Javier

    Hello, I would like to travel in my motorhome from Morocco to Dakar, is it very dangerous?

    1. Kucavanera family

      Morocco is not dangerous, they take good care of tourists and the people have a culture that is very respectful of tourism. They are just a bit heavy to sell you anything, but for safety from our experience you should not fear. Just a note, Morocco is still closed for the Spanish 🙁

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