At this moment you are seeing 10 days of route through the Dolomites in a motorhome by @mis_ana_ps
Route through the Dolomites in a motorhome with children

10 days tour through the Dolomites in a motorhome by @mis_ana_ps

Discover the Dolomites in a motorhome, with the help of the instagramer @mis_ana_ps. A trip that will make you fall in love through the story of a trip to Ana and her family's favorite place in the world.

Ana is undoubtedly one of my favorite instagramers in the world of caravanning and campering. Ana has inspired me to routes like the one we have done this summer in Holland. With his publications he helped us plan and decide our route. For me, she is one of those instagramers who undoubtedly add value with her publications, so don't hesitate to follow her! What are you waiting for?

Ana travels with her family. A family of 5 crazy about travel, especially nature. In his profile you will find many routes through Europe with children and trips to Spain. They are in love with the Dolomites and define it as their favorite place in the world.

Do not miss the post they have made recounting their last trip, not the first, to the Dolomites. They are all experts!

In this post we share our route through the Dolomites in a motorhome this past so atypical summer of 2020.

We had visited this area in 2018 in our van and spending the night in camping and apartments of super cool farms. But given the exceptional situation we are experiencing this year, we decided to try to make the trip to the Dolomites in a motorhome and it was a success. Next, I detail our travel diary on board. I hope you enjoy it. And remember that for any questions you can use comments or write to me on instagram.


Lake Carezza Dolomites with motorhome

Arrival in the Dolomites by motorhome through the front door. We arrive at Lake Carezza or Karersee. The beauty of this place speaks for itself.

This time I barely took photos, I had waited so hard for this reunion, we had been so uncertain about the trip until the last minute that when I arrived I was so excited that (almost) I even forgot to take photos 😊 .

It is a tiny lake, the rue that surrounds it is done perfectly in half an hour although if you are lucky enough to see it and be able to enjoy it almost alone, as it happened this second time, you will not want to go from there.

A recommendation

El Camping Vidor is, for us, without a doubt the best campsite in the Dolomites (and they don't give me commission ????????). So, after enjoying Lake Carezza, we headed to this campsite where we planned to spend a couple of nights but…. It was complete! and it doesn't surprise me. When we were in 2018 I made the reservation in January, and I think that by February they usually hang the full poster for the summer season, something that you must take into account if you are going to include it in your plans.

Even if you don't stay at the campsite you can use the spa, we paid 29 euros for 3 hours, it's great!

This year as a novelty they had an outdoor heated pool with breathtaking views. It has 3 slides for children and adults and a very cool part for the smallest of the house that was closed that day but that you can see on its website if you are interested. The campsite has apartments and a restaurant with excellent cuisine.


Today, the second day of our route through the Dolomites by motorhome, it is the Val San Nicoló. It's time to go through this perfect alpine valley full of cabins, huge meadows, marmots and deer 😍😍😍.

The valley can be climbed directly on foot from Pozza di Fassa , as we did, or take a little train that goes directly to the valley. If you don't like walking uphill very much, the ideal is to take the train 🙈.

The rise are almost 7 km, (the descent becomes shorter). Approximately with the little ones it takes about two hours or more, since it is inevitable to stop every bit to contemplate this wonderful environment. The prize when you get to the top is to enjoy a coffee and a delicious piece of chocolate cake or a strudel at Baita Ciampie. Do not miss it.


Route to the Sass Pordoi, the terrace of the Dolomites

We wake up at Passo Pordoi and the first thing we do is catch the cable car to go up to the Sass Pordoi also known as the terrace of the Dolomites. The views from here are spectacular. On the one hand the characteristic green of the Alps and on the other a rocky and almost lunar desert landscape. While we waited for the cable car and during part of the climb we saw several marmots, for the little ones it was super exciting.

Viel del Pan Route

After getting off the Sass Pordoi we started this beautiful route that already captivated us in the previous visit. This historic trail It was used in the First World War to transport food with pack animals between Passo Pordoi and Fedaia. Path 601 starts from the Passo Pordoi itself, which you can access in your vehicle or on a funicular from Canazzei. The full path has little more than 12 km to Lake Fedaia but you have to bear in mind that from here you will have to wait for a bus and then take the funicular if you have left your vehicle up and you have to return. We did it like this the first time and we narrowly reached the last bus because the funicular was already closed. Another option is to get to beautiful refuge Viel del Pan and eat there enjoying the views and then return the same way contemplating the queen of the Dolomites throughout the journey, the Marmolada. This route is quite simple to do with children, although the path is narrow there is no greater danger. There is a third option which is a circular route.

Dolomites in motorhome


We started in the Alpe di Siusi our fourth day of touring the Dolomites in a motorhome with children, (in German Seiser Alm) the most extensive atiplano in Europe. 

It is a unique place full of traditional farms, alpine huts and trails where you can take a leisurely stroll enjoying the views. This visit is accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs because a large part of the trails is paved. The access road is closed between 9 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon (except if you are staying there) but you can go up by bus or cable car. We use the second option and the views during the up and down trip are 😍😍😍😍.


alleghe Dolomites route by motorhome

 We dedicate this fifth day of travel to the Dolomites by motorhome to visit two of the most beautiful towns in this first area (I think you have to make at least 3 bases) and start the way to the next one.

This motorhome trip was very different from the first. The truth is that it is very noticeable not having to return to the accommodation and being able to move forward every day. We saw more than I had planned and the days were much longer than the first time we came.

Clearly Dolomites is an ideal destination to travel by motorhome , for saving time on the move and for the wonderful places where you can sleep.


 We repeat in Ortisei, a small town nestled in the heart of Gardena Valley full of colorful houses and with this square that is one of the most beautiful I have visited


 This small town is one of the most important in Val di Fassa for its ski resorts and because several of the cable cars depart from here to reach some of the most visited mountains.

Canazei is full of luxury hotels, wooden houses with flowers and many small food stores.

It has an indoor aquatic center that is a real wonder: thermal pools, slides for the little ones, jacuzzi, all in a spectacular setting.

We visited it on the previous trip to Dolomites but this time it was closed due to COVID ????. It also has a small outdoor park with inflatables, cars and many attractions for the little ones (which was also closed) And after this visit we started the way to the easternmost part of our route.


Sottoguda, is a very small town, you can see plenty of it in just an hour. In it we will find again the typical houses with flowers, a couple of beautiful craft shops and a wonderful iron and forge shop. The two times we have visited this town it has rained and there was fog, and to me personally the atmosphere could not seem more magical. From this town comes a very beautiful and famous route, “El Serrai de Sottoguda” that runs through a gorge. We had no intention of doing it, we just wanted to walk around town again and eat the richest pretzels we've ever tasted. 🙈In addition to the fact that the day was not good, it was closed due to landslides. Another reason to return.


This town is considered as one one of the most beautiful in Dolomites but I think is there any that is not 🙈? Alleghe is located at the foot of the Mount Civeta and bathed by Lake Alleghe. The carved wooden statues They are very typical of the region and in this town we can find numerous artisan shops. I have to say that the two times we have visited it, it was very very cloudy, nothing to do with the crystal clear waters and supernatural colors of other lakes. Of course, the view of the town over the lake is truly beautiful and being able to enjoy it alone was a luxury.


Today sixth day of our trip to the Dolomites in a motorhome with children, we made the route of Lake Sorapis, the most turquoise lake in the Dolomites 😍😍😍😍 The color of its waters is due to the accumulated dust of the glacier and is almost 2000 meters high. The only way to access is through a route of about 11 km approximately round trip. That is if the route is not suitable for people with vertigo and only for adventurers. 🙈. The most complicated parts of the route are handrails and in more rugged terrain stairs and walkways to facilitate progress. For us, to complicate it a little more, it was raining, and quite a lot, during almost the entire journey up and down but still the adventure was worth it and for my little ones it was an epic day, they talk a lot about that great adventure taken to the cable with the precipice at the foot.

Lake Sorapis on the Dolomites route with motorhome with children


Morning route: to Lake Misurina

Lake Misurina is located in the town of the same name where we had spent the night in an area for motorhomes. In our previous visit to the Dolomites, this lake was pending and I wanted to remove the thorn, but I have to say that neither fu nor fa. They say that the sunset in this lake is very beautiful and it can be, but we went first thing in the morning since in the afternoon we had the main dish of the day 😄. If it takes you on the route or you can go to see the sunset, it is still worth it but for us this visit is dispensable. Not everything is so wonderful in the Dolomites, there are places with less charm and it is also said (the same thing happened to us with the famous Antorno lake that we saw on the way and it was so dirty that we did not stop).

An afternoon with the highlight of the Dolomites: Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Tre Cime di Lavaredo is, perhaps, unot one of the most representative and special places in the Dolomites. This is one of those places that you have to live because in photos you cannot capture the majesty of the landscape, the imposing presence of the 3 peaks (Piccola, Grande and Ovest) and the feeling of being very small in the middle of an arid and rocky landscape.

We went up to Auronzo Refuge car park where we were going to spend the night to watch the sunset from up there and from where the route begins. Whether you stay overnight or not, you have to pay the same to go up there with your vehicle. In the case of a motorhome, it is 45 euros, which is well worth it. Thanks to the advice of @viajandonuestravida and @lanzados_bcn we decided to do this trekking in the afternoon that there are much less people. Our intention was to reach the Locatelli Refuge which is where you have the best views but the afternoon got ugly. At times it rained, it was very icy wind and we were at -1 degree, although we were warm we were not comfortable so less than a kilometer to get there, we decided to turn around and have one more reason to return (we think that things are not than force them).

We had been dreaming about the famous chocolate cake that Maeva had recommended to us all afternoon and we were lucky because at the Rifugio Lavaredo, on the way back, they also had it and it tasted great with a very hot chocolate with the cold we had. The Tres cimas is one of those places that you should not miss

The three peaks, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites by motorhome


Saint Candido

Today we have a super plan for the little ones. We go to the town of San Cándido where the “ Fun Bob ”. Some of you already know these funny mountain slides on rails. This one in particular is very famous in the area and is usually very crowded. This year, due to the special situation, there were not many people and even so it was very difficult for us to park the motorhome, we almost left it as impossible. To make the descent you have to go up to the top in a chairlift (it is quite high) and the price is 22 euros per adult and 16 per child. A bit pricey for what it is, but it's worth doing at least once. At the foot of the "slide" there is a very nice miniature golf with a restaurant where you can eat the rich specialties of the area. Rodelbahn, lunch, game of mini golf, stroll through the village and heading to the next destination of the day

Lake Dobbiaco

It is in the Alta Pusteria valley, near the town with the same name. It is a picturesque lake, although it is not so famous with its neighbor Lake Di Braies.

Dobbiaco is the north entrance to the Dolomites . This natural alpine lake is a popular destination for families and hikers. The route around the lake are 2,5 kilometers in a very pleasant walk.

As a curiosity, this lake served as the border for many years between Austria and Italy.

Braies lake

And from here we head to our bedroom that night and next destination on our route through the Dolomites in a motorhome with children: Lake Di Braies where we intend to enjoy the last hours of the day and the first hours of the next day with peace of mind. we get? 


Lago di Braies

Some of you had faith that we would enjoy this beautiful lake calmly late in the day or early in the morning but no…. not at one point or another 😰😰. When we arrived late in the afternoon the parking lots were full. We were walking until the power went out and there were a lot of people (this is a totally exceptional year where we had been almost alone in most places) and the next morning, at 7:30 am there was already a queue waiting for the pier to open abr . At 10 when we were leaving it looked like a shopping mall. From the last thing I read, it seems that the Italian government is going to take measures with the capacity of this area and I think they should do so without taking too long, firstly (and more importantly) due to the deterioration that this implies for such a natural area. wonderful and special and secondly because it loses all the charm !!! It has become a showcase where to go to take photos

Santa Maddalena

 We leave the Lago di Braies behind and head to our last stop, one of my favorite places in Dolomites : the small town of Santa Maddalena in Val di Funes. Very close to the Austrian border and the city of Bolzano, this area is known as the South tyrol . This place offers us one of the most famous and sought-after panoramic views, and it is that the views from THE MOST POPULAR BANK OF THE DOLOMITES OF THE VILLAGE WITH ITS CHURCH, the valley and the impressive mountains Oddle they form an idyllic setting full of beauty where you will not want to go 🙈. We were lucky to enjoy it quietly and completely alone. I still have to show you the most special place (for me).

Church of San Giovanni in Ranui

The last place we visited in the Dolomites had to be this, I was saving it for last to leave with the least taste in my mouth and all the desire to return without having left yet 😊. This is my favorite picture and this place gives me a huge peace.

Dolomites is an area famous for its impressive mountains, its lakes, its villages and its churches that are so characteristic of this area of ​​Tyrol. I do not understand much about architecture but I would dare to say that what makes this church more special, or at least it seems so to me, is its location in the middle of that huge meadow and surrounded by mountains.

Here we were also lucky to be completely alone but I think it is a place where tourism is also increasing a lot. The proof is that when we went in 2018 it was possible to access with complete freedom and now they have fenced off the entire enclosure and have put some rotating lathes and to pass you have to pay four euros per person, children also pay. It would seem fine to me if you could have access to the church from the inside but it is not like that, you can only see it from the outside, although a legend has it (which I don't believe much) that if you ask for the key at the nearby hotel you can enter.


Gardaland Park in Italy, amusement park Italy

As a final finale this trip we go down to the Lake Garda and we repeat visit to amusement park »Gardaland» known as the Italian Disney.


 Gardaland Park is the largest amusement park in Italy. It is located on Lake Garda, more specifically in Castelnuovo del Garda.

This park has 5 different theme zones for all tastes and ages: Fantasy Kingdom, Area Medioevale, Villaggio Inglese, Souk Arabo, Rio Bravo. Each one has its own identity, period shows and equipment that reproduce the Egypt of the pharaohs, the corsairs of the sea, the medieval jousting or the Wild West. 

Gardaland, the best amusement park in Italy, has a reserved parking area for motorhomes but no motorhome area for the overnight stay. To sleep you can do it where we did it in one of the Pieschiera del Garda motorhome areas 10 minutes from Gardaland amusement park.

This exceptional year there were not many people and if many security measures, for example, you did not queue at the attractions but through a QR code they gave you the exact time to get on, which used to be no more than 5 minutes. In 2018 there were sooooo many people and it was unbearably hot. 

And here comes our super route for this year 2020. And I anticipate that by 2021 next to Gardaland there will be a
Lego super water park that was under construction and well underway in August. We have it already added to our list.

If you do not have a motorhome and what you want is to rent one and start in this world, this is your service. Or, if you don't have time to organize your next motorhome or camper trip and you want someone to organize it for you with the utmost professionalism, this is also your service.

 We advise, manage, solve doubts, give support and set up a route or organized trip in a motorhome personalized to your tastes and needs, so that you go calm, safe and your motorhome trip is unforgettable.

PRICE: Depending on the days of the organized motorhome trip to be assembled.



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