At this moment you are seeing El Valle de Ordesa, a national treasure for all audiences
Ordesa Valley by motorhome. Huesca Pyrenees Route

The Ordesa Valley, a national treasure for all audiences

1 of the 14 star destinations on the Pyrenees route by motorhome: Ordesa Valley by motorhome

Valle de Ordesa by motorhome is one of the 14 stops on a motorhome route through Northern Spain that we tell you about here today.

Next, we invite you to discover one of the 14 destinations on our transpyrenean motorhome route. A motorhome route through the north of Spain that crossed the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees.

A trip with our two children, back then, little ones, and with our California T4 van. A great trip that we will always remember with love.

Come on, let's go to the Aragonese Pyrenees in a motorhome, to discover it and refresh our summer!

We leave you with one of the 14 unique destinations on this motorhome route in Spain. Below you can continue discovering the 14 destinations of the complete transpyrenean route.

We hope you like it!

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Ordesa Valley in a motorhome with children: Broto, Torla and the route of the waterfalls of the Strait, the Cave and Cola de Caballo

We arrived at the Ordesa Valley by Broto. Our first stop. We visit Broto and enjoy an ice bath in the river. 

From Broto, we are going to Torla. A beautiful town at the gates of the Ordesa Valley. In summer Torla becomes difficult for camper and motorhomes. Not like we remember from an autumn that we climbed Monte Perdido. What memories those days when we made three thousand. Now with children things have changed a lot!

They do not let you spend the night anywhere. It is only allowed to spend the night in a campsite. There are a lot of campsites luckily. We start looking for camping and everyone is full. Luckily, the most remote and with the least services have a free plot. We spend the night at the San Antón campsite without a pool, but with baths and a hot shower, something important on a trip with a California without a toilet or hot water boiler.

In the morning we parked in the parking lot where the bus to Pradera de Ordesa takes. They don't let cars through during the summer and you have to go by bus.

And in the Meadow of Ordesa we are preparing to do the waterfall route. A 10 km circular route where we will visit three waterfalls. Arnau with only 5 years old does it superbly. And during the tour, we find small beaches on the river where we reward you with multiple baths that replace batteries.

For those who do not have a mountain seat for the youngest of the family, in the Padera de Ordesa store you can rent one. We did it for Anna and it was great.

Travel guide: Pyrenees by motorhome, the great transpyrenean route with 14 great destinations

Below, you will find 14 great destinations in the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees with the description of each of the stops made on our route through the Pyrenees by camper. You will find places to park your motorhome, overnight places, essential visits and more.

STAGE 1: Route through the Catalan Pyrenees by motorhome

Congost de Collegats, Gerri de la Sal and Sort

Rialp, Espot and the Estany de Sant Maurici

The Port de la Bonaigua and the Bosc de Gerdar

Baqueira-Beret, around horses

Vall d'Aràn: Salardú i Vielha

Vall de Boí: Barruera i Taüll

STAGE 2: Route through the Aragonese Pyrenees by motorhome

Valley of Benasque

Pineta Valley, relaxation without crowds

Aínsa, the camper friendly medieval town

Puyarruego: from water pool to water pool

Vió Valley and the Anísclo Canyon

Ordesa Valley, Broto and the waterfall route

Tena Valley: Formigal, La Sarra, Sallent ...

Zuriza Valley, the great discovery

Photo gallery of the motorhome route with children in Spain: Aragonese Pyrenees route with children in motorhome

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Ordesa Valley: Broto, Torla and the route of the waterfalls of the Strait, the Cave and Cola de Caballo

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