At this moment you are seeing Total Success in the 1st Meeting of Kucavaneras families for La Castañada and Vilamagore 2019
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Total success in the 1st Meeting of Kucavaneras families for the Castañada and Vilamagore 2019

Motorhome meeting for the Castañada and Vilamagore 2019 in Sant Pere de Vilamajor (Barcelona), the preparation

After 3 months of preparations, the moment came: the motorhome meet for the Castañada and Vilamagore 2019. 

On the 31st the first great Kucavanero meeting began. 

Until now we have organized only small stays of no more than 25 motorhomes or campers. For 100 motorhomes, things required more planning and, above all, management.

In 3 days, more than 110 people registered. Initially we considered accepting 80, but then we expanded to 90, pulling the waiting list and finally we reached 100 participants during the meeting..

During the inscriptions and like all statistics, there were almost 20% of casualties that we completely covered with the waiting list, confirming the attendees by phone practically one by one, which meant that there were no last minute casualties in the to meet the Castañada and Vilamagore 2019.

4 days of family activities with 3 goals

On day 2 and 3 we had the Vilamagore, the great medieval fair of Sant Pere de Vilamajor. A fair full of shows, activities and great staging.

During the day 31 and day 1 of November, that there were no activities of the medieval fair Vilamagore, from the Kucavana we organized different activities with 3 main objectives for the motorhome stay for the Castañada and Vilamagore 2019:

- That the families of the meeting were related, met and made pineapple among themselves.

- That the little ones and also teenagers of the meeting enjoy to the fullest.

- Promote our town, Sant Pere de Vilamajor, and help it to stimulate socially and economically from responsible tourism.

For this, the following program was organized:

So it was...

And so the A motorhome meeting for the Castañada and Vilamagore 2019.

 Carrying out activities such as:

  • The trick or treat
  • A passage of terror by the motorhome group of AC Pasión ACPeques
  • A popular walk in search of the Grinyols del Montseny, who read legends to us and granted wishes
  • A drone workshop for @lafurgodron,
  • A gymkhana about Confidències d'una Reina
  • The interview game Challenge Woow with a gift from @van_woow , which has allowed us to meet different families of the stay
  • A popular St Andreu meal with the sale of mead in solidarity from the Teranyina Solidaria association at the table
  • And a magic show for @ mag_nific13 de @ 5enunacamper .

 Some of the activities have been impressive and spontaneous by the participants themselves, amazing! Imagine the good vibes there has been! It has been a great meeting of motorhomes for the Castañada and Vilamagore 2019.

More and more, every morning the village baker has brought us the bread and breakfast with his van at the meeting door. 

Actually, this added to the activities, shows and great staging of the MEDIEVAL VILAMAGORE FAIR that is exceeded every year, has made us qualify out of 10 the meeting in our beloved town Sant Pere de Vilmajor! 

We say it excited and declared fans of the attending Kucava families!

Everything has been possible thanks to you, to each of the wonderful families who have participated with so much enthusiasm and good vibes!

How easy you have put it!

So it is a pleasure to organize things ... and who knows if the Kucavanafest 2020 soon ... !!! 

thanks for this one to unforgettable stay.






Photo gallery of the meeting

More about the meeting ...

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  1. Jose Luis adin Jiménez

    Hello, we would be interested in belonging to this club. You can indicate the requirements. Thanks and regards

    1. Pilar Avila

      Good José Luis, in reality it is not a club, we simply organize open meetings for all families in motorhomes without further requirements and with the sole objective of having a good time 🙂 Simply if you want to be informed of the meetings we do, like the last one we have for carnival, subscribe to the blog 🙂 A hug! Let's see if we agree soon!

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