At this moment you are watching We show you our motorhome inside with all kinds of details and advice

We show you our motorhome inside with all kinds of details and advice


In the following article we show you our motorhome inside with all kinds of details, advice and recommendations based on our experience traveling in a motorhome and before a camper for more than 30 years.

Our motorhome inside to review: a Challenger 396, a model for families with a lot of interior space

Next, we show you our motorhome in this amateur video. Our motorhome is a Challenger 396 that we bought 3 years ago now. A profiled motorhome designed mainly for families of 4, since it has a tilting double bed (that goes up and down with a button) above the living room and with also tilting bunk beds above a second living room that gives us a lot of play with the children, plus plenty of extra interior space.


We believe that our motorhome has many advantages, but there are things that can also be improved and depending on the type of family it may not be the perfect motorhome.


In the following video we show you our motorhome in detail, so you can see what a motorhome looks like inside and how it works

Our motorhome under review

What model is it and what type of motorhome

 We started our review of our motorhome

Brand and model

The brand of our motorhome: Challenger

The model of our motorhome: Genesis 396 of 2018

Motorhome type 

Profiled 7,50 meters long


Challenger seats 396

5 seats in travel, 6 to sleep

Challenger 396 motorhome layout

Double living room convertible into double tilting bedrooms (with automatic button up and down), the rear with bunk beds and the front double bed.
Separate bathroom. Separate shower totally in front of the toilet, separate bathroom with sliding door.

Challenger 396 Garage

Very big, we put the 4 bicycles, removing some wheel inside more chairs, tables etc ...

Challenger 396 motorhome price

Around 55.000 Euros

The best of our motorhome inside and out

For us, the best thing about our motorhome is undoubtedly the spaciousness we have.

Considering that we traveled with two children and a large dog, and that we like to travel in winter to snowy areas, the range of indoor mobility was a deciding factor.

Undoubtedly, the Challenger 396 motorhome gives us that spaciousness and flexibility in interior mobility, to be able to be totally snails and not violate any rule. Since, as you know, camping is totally prohibited in our country and we cannot take a table or chair out of the vehicle.

Secondly, what we consider another of the best points in favor of our motorhome is the spaciousness of the garage. This allows us to carry the bikes inside and not have to put a bike rack and take them outside. In addition to more safety of the bikes, we reduce the length of our motorhome inches.

Finally, something to highlight about our motorhome inside is the distribution of the second living room that gives a lot of flexibility. The flexibility of this space is due to the table that can be easily opened or folded. That turns the space into a room to play games, a dining room where we eat en route so as not to remove chairs in the other, a dressing room since it is in front of the shower or simply a space to play on the floor with the little ones.

Worst of our motorhome inside and out

 Surely the worst thing about the challenger 396 is that it is one of the longest motorhomes on the market, 7,50m, which makes it difficult to park on many sides and that also on slopes can make it touch your ass easily. On this last point, we have improved a lot by putting the air suspension as it raises the height of the vehicle's butt in places

 The structural qualities, perhaps it is another weak point, but I think that general of all low-end motorhomes like this one. The materials must be very light and that makes some materials not very robust. Although at the moment you hold up pretty well.

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