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How to travel safely in a motorhome

Safety in the motorhome is something that concerns us all without a doubt. We talk about safety both when we sleep and when we travel.

We explain a synthesis of everything you must take into account.

Anti-theft motorhome security

You have at your fingertips numerous security systems to travel with total peace of mind. On the one hand, you have closures motorhome security outside and inside, some types of security lock for motorhomes that work great, putting more obstacles to the entrance of friends of others.

Access here! to see various types of interior and exterior motorhome security locks 

In addition, you have straps and in the chapter on alarms, you can do with a detector of gas to prevent gas attacks or gas leaks inside our vehicle.

And one more device that will make your life safer is the vehicle's anti-theft GPS alarm. 

Security in the motorhome when parking and spending the night

General rules:

1. Never stay overnight in a motorway service area. They tend to steal very frequently. Jump to the first town before sleeping there.

2. Never park or stay overnight during rains near streams.

3. Never park or stay overnight during strong winds near trees or buildings in poor condition, and never do it in open places where the wind can make you overturn the motorhome (in the park of the North Cape it usually spends the days of strong wind, for example).

Motorhome security en route


We leave you here the 8 best tips to ensure your safety on the road:

1. Always shut off gas en route. Placing an automatic safety regulator will help you avoid doing this every time you stop and start. For 200 euros it is a great extra.

2. Make sure that all cabinets are properly closed with the safety click that nothing 'flies' on the way.

3. Do not run. The most important thing. The bigger the vehicle, it is advised to run less. A golden rule: drive a motorhome 20 kilometers less than what is allowed on the road you are on.

4. Bring winter tires in the cases that you go every weekend always to ski or to mountain places with the possibility of snow in winter.

5. Provision snow chains if it is winter and you go to high places or very cold sporadically.

6. Have a control system tire pressure to warn you to avoid punctures or wheel blowouts.

7. Everyone should be seated with a seat belt. Never get up during the trip or go over the beds.

8. Make sure all windows and roof skylights are tightly closed, don't open on the way, and run out of one.

9. Travel with a good motorhome insurance. We have our insurance with Carvan Seguros, the one that gave us the best price then. It is our second year with them, after having a part to blame for another and throwing us in Lolo Seguros (it is seen that it is political that if the first year you give part outside) they were the ones who gave us the best budget for an all risk franchise, HUntil now, for us it is the cheapest we have found at all risks and very professional and close. Here I leave your link where in addition to being able to ask for a quote, which will be the cheapest you can find, with this link they wanted to help us to continue writing and give us € 10 uritos for each quote you ask them 🙂 they are really good people! : Link to request a quote from Carvan and help us to continue writing on the blog

10. Travel with good travel insurance wherever you go, to be well protected by your health and in the face of adversities such as theft etc ... We usually travel with Intermundial, with a 20% discount, which with this link you can also get: Intermundial discount travel insurance.


Traveling in a motorhome with children. Motorhome security with children.


Now we go with the little ones. If you decide to travel in a motorhome with children, take approved seats. The safest are in reverse gear. Make sure before buying that this model can be installed in your vehicle. Normally you have to install Complementary elements such as the support bar that needs previous installation in the motorhome. 

Another excellent option for traveling safely in a motorhome with children is to take advantage of the seats that go into the reverse gear by placing seats in favor of the gear.

Very important: Always travel in a motorhome with children with the table lowered to avoid collisions with the child.

La greatest safety measure for traveling in a motorhome with children is always travel without haste. Remember that a motorhome is not a normal vehicle. It supports a lot of vibrations and the weight reduces the response time. Remember the golden rule: drive a motorhome 20 kilometers less than what is allowed on the road you are on.   That is, on the highway at 100 km / h and on nationals at 80 km / h. 


Dogs in motorhome. Motorhome security also for them and for you.


If you travel with dogs in a motorhome, you have to take into account the motorhome dog regulations, which is none other than the general for any other vehicle. Uses carrier well delimited that it cannot fly out, separated from the driver's cabin and passengers as required by the regulations. Although, the ideal and for us more practical, is to have an adapter of dog seat belt in one of the leftover spaces of the motorhome. So the dogs in motorhome will travel safe, but you too, without danger that they fly off in a collision.

To travel with a dog, taking into account the regulations for dogs in motorhomes or other vehicles, do not forget to always carry your veterinary card, with up-to-date vaccinations. Above all, add anger if it is not compulsory in your autonomous community (as in the case of Catalonia). 

Have your vet sign the dewormers. In countries such as Great Britain or Finland you will need to be dewormed from the tapeworm with a veterinarian's certificate during the previous week or maximum 20 days before crossing the border.

Take your dogs in a motorhome with their microchip, as established by law. Also, put an insert with your phone number or write it on her necklace. You will avoid more than a scare!

Things to bring in a motorhome to increase your safety and improve your performance

The GPS that avoids complications

TPS tires. The one that has already avoided us two blowouts and without installation

Interior security locks for a peaceful sleep

Anti-theft pedal lock

Eberspacher heating height kit. Heating that works and is safe at more than 1600 m high

Exterior security locks

Anti-lost and safe parking. Walkie talkies

Parking sensors

Rear view back camera

Improving battery safety and performance with the battery separator relay

Always know where your AC or camper is with the GPS tracking alarm

Expander cup for the water pump, reduces the noise knock of the pump with low pressure

Chains to go to the snow with the motorhome

Foldable shovel to go to the snow in safe AC

Fuse kit for the most common incidents in AC or camper


Click on each of the sections, to know everything and more about traveling by motorhome:

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