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When to travel by motorhome

When to travel by motorhome? 

If you are wondering when you can travel by motorhome and you are wondering between midwinter and heat waves ...

The answer is clear: all year! and also very comfortably.

These vehicles are perfect to go to ski and sleep on the ski slopes or to move to the beach in the summer time. 

En summer, the optimum is to have a Viesa, Oneill or air conditioning so as not to get overwhelmed by heat; but like home. And in winter, static heating. What to choose to avoid dying of heat is a personal and use issue.

We carry a cooler See Since our type of trip is more road, with few campsites and motorhome areas with electricity. Therefore, we needed an air for the summer but that would give us autonomy. In this case, the Viesa is a humidifying cooler, which does not depend on being connected to the electrical network and which gives a lot of autonomy since it does not use almost water or batteries. We can have it connected 24 hours without any problem and it helps us lower the temperature by 10 to 5 degrees on average. 

I assure you that it shows a lot. So much so that it allows us to sleep with all the windows closed in the middle of summer, eat at noon with everything closed and the sun is shining, or even leave our dog inside without any problem (on the contrary, then he does not want to leave the motorhome).

That is not a air conditioner, so if you are looking for that fridge cold you will not have it with the Viesa. You will have that with good air conditioning, a very good option if you like to go camping more.

Motorhome cooler or air conditioning?

Although honestly the ideal would surely be to carry both. The air conditioning has a range of about two hours well, so it would surely help also to cool off in addition. You can also mount auxiliary batteries and have an air conditioning with greater autonomy. But of course, here we have to talk about money and prices.

A Viesa cooler with included mounting costs about € 1.500, an air conditioner, the same about € 1.500. Now if you want to mount an air conditioning with auxiliary batteries that will multiply for a higher cost, and it will not give you full autonomy either.

Really, as you can see, the when to travel by motorhome it's not a problem. On the contrary, it is a great advantage, for all the comforts of today's motorhomes.

What usually worries the most when traveling by motorhome, to the newer motorhomes, is the driving and staying overnight with the motorhome in snowy areas. In this case, we have written you a post with everything you need to know to go to the snow in a motorhome and to enjoy skiing and snow in a motorhome. click here and we will explain it to you.

For short or long trips?

For, weekends or also for long vacation

There are people like AC as a family, Sergio Sánchez or the Ligrones who live traveling as a family for years in a motorhome and they do not have a bad time! 

Therefore, it is not only for weekend getaways. Do it when you want, as long as you want and where you want!

Of course, if perhaps you only take it for holidays, you can consider renting more than buying one. 


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