At this moment you are seeing 6 Gifts for this Christmas, if you are a motorhome or camper
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6 Gifts for this Christmas, if you are a motorhome or camper

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Motorhome or camper gifts. Practical gifts that you will surely use.
Here we propose things to give to the fan of campers and motorhomes.

All these gifts that we propose, we have used in our motorhome for a long time. If we recommend them it is because they are very useful to us.


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Motorhome or camper gifts that improve safety

1TPMS the ally against scares on the road. Avoid hooves, the best motorhome or camper gifts

This is the gizmo that for 80 euros has already prevented us two wheel blowouts. That means that it happens to you in a 3500 kg motorhome. For us it is an essential extra.

It is super easy to install because it is powered by solar energy and in each of the wheels you just have to change the cap for the sensor. Installation is very simple and increases security on all our trips. Only if you avoid a blowout you will appreciate it.

The GPS that saves you complications

This Garmin GPS special for motorhomes, has been our ally in all trips and escapes for two years. Perhaps it is not the cheapest on the market, but we can tell you that it works and has taken us out of a lot of trouble.

You set your measurements and take you on the best route, without encountering bridges or tunnels that make you go backwards.

Motorhome or camper gifts that improve comfort

3  Wifi in your motorhome or camper like at home

This Mifi, Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi has been our Wi-Fi solution for years wherever we are. It fits in your pocket and perfectly in your motorhome or camper.

Provides 150Mbps high-speed Wi-Fi. We accompany it with a 4G antenna to improve coverage when we are lost in the middle of the mountain.

Easily connect 10 users via Wi-Fi and 1 with USB. Outings, family reunions, parties will not be a problem from now on.

Also, running out of battery is no longer a concern. The low consumption of the device will allow you to be connected to the internet for 6hrs or 600hrs at rest.

4 Netflix in your motorhome or camper with a Firestick TV

Enjoy your favorite content from Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, DAZN, Atresplayer, RTVE A la carte, Movistar + and other services with this magical device in your camper or motorhome.

If you have a TV in your camper or motorhome and a mobile or a Mifi with internet, this will be your great ally on rainy days or as a blanket and TV as at home.

Fire TV Stick devices have storage space for apps and games.

Don't have a satellite? No problem. Enjoy live television, news and sports with DAZN, Atresplayer, RTVE A la carte, Movistar + and many more services (additional charges may apply).

For us it is already indispensable, it allows us to see on TV the motorhome from Formula 1, soccer, our favorite series or Netflix movie. A great invention.

5  The super indestructible Punker. Put music on your trip

This speaker that works by Bluetooth, we have had it for 2 years and I am not deceiving you if I tell you that we have charged it in total 4 times and using it a lot. It's amazing how long the battery lasts. It is also super suitable for children, because it is indestructible!

The sound is great, loud and on top of that you don't have to be charging the battery because it lasts a lot. That is why we believe it is the 10th speaker for those of us who have motorhomes and campers.

The price is more expensive than a Chinese speaker, but really for 37 euros it is a great gift.

6  Without barbecue there is no paradise, no camper or motorhome

This barbecue for 14 Euros does not take up your space and I assure you that it has delighted us on our last trip to Nordkapp. Where we went from barbecue to barbecue. It is essential to have one in your camper or AC.

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8 Gifts for this Christmas, if you are a motorhome or camper
8 Gifts for this Christmas, if you are a motorhome or camper

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