At this moment you are looking at 10 Christmas gifts for your children (that you will also like), if you are a motorhome or camper
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10 Christmas gifts for your children (which you will also like), if you are a motorhome or camper

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10 motorhome or camper gifts for children. Gifts that you will surely like and that will also be very useful.
Here we propose things to give to the son of the fan of campers and motorhomes.

Camper or camper gifts for children.

All these gifts that we propose, have been our children in our motorhome for a long time. If we recommend them it is because for us they are very useful and they love them.


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Motorhome or camper gifts for children that improve their safety

1GPS watch with emergency call. Children always located. One of the good ones motorhome or camper gifts for children

This watch has a touch screen, being very easy for children to use and with whom they can take photographs, voice chat, it has an alarm clock, anti-lost, SOS, flashlight to have fun with other friends, etc ... It is a smartwatch with GPS for children, ideal as one of the gifts of motorhome or camper for boys and girls that they will love.

It works with a SIM card and they can call you or you, as well as locate them on a map quickly if you need to.

It is waterproof, not waterproof for a bath in the pool, the only bad thing, but it is very resistant to children and has a 12-month warranty. It is a joke to be calm with the little ones when we are in campsites, fairs or places with many people where they can get lost.


These walkies are ideal as one of the motorhome or camper gifts for children children of motorhomes. Occasionally, we go to a camping or to the mountains to make a route and these are essential elements.

There are 4 gadgets, for all or almost all family members, which is super practical for communicating over medium distances.

They also run on batteries, no batteries, and the durability is very good.

Another use is during meetups, where they will play with friends and you can also communicate with the kids. Or on routes with different motorhomes or camper friends, very useful to communicate.

Motorhome or camper gifts for children that improve coexistence with parents

3  Anti-tip glasses of colacao in the morning on the sofa of the camper or motorhome

Thanks to our friends from the motorhome @Xirivica we discovered that drinking Cola Cao in the motorhome should not be a drama every day.

There was no day that one of the two little ones threw a glass of milk at us. When not the water or whatever ... With these glasses we finished the anger for it. Also, the straws are reusable. A great invention for children and parents in the motorhome or camper, believe me. 

We have the first type down here, glass. Although we have seen others made of plastic and silicone.

4 Holds anti-gland heads while driving and napping the child

If you are one of those who during the trip makes your son or daughter nervous while his little head sleeps because his head is hanging, here you have the great gift of this Christmas for him or her and for you. 

This head support is important to be approved like this one that we recommend. In the event of an accident, the head restraint jumps and not like others that can drown the child.

5   Table to play, paint or see the tablet during the trip

A great invention without a doubt, so that your children can play on the road, paint, write, read or whatever they want in a comfortable way and without everything falling on the floor of the motorhome.

6  Table tablet holder to make the long trip more enjoyable

With this support you can place the tablet on the table of the motorhome or camper and on long trips entertain them with a good movie while your trip becomes more pleasant. 

We are not to put much television or tablet. But honestly, on long trips of more than 3 hours, we see nothing but advantages in seeing a movie. Quite exhausting is for anyone a trip of 4 hours or more. If you can watch a movie from time to time at home, on the trip this will be the best time.

7  The ultra rugged photo camera that lets parents take photos on the go

This has been the solution for the children to let us practice our hobby of photography during trips. They also participate in the hobby by taking photos with their camera. And if they get tired of taking photos, by the way indestructible, it has small video games that also help to entertain the little one in long waits or queues like those of Disney.

Motorhome or camper gifts for kids who are cool to play

8  The typical hippy van. One of the typical motorhome or camper gifts for children.

This toy is essential in the home of the good motorhome or camper. Whether in lego, iron or whatever, the son and daughter of the motorhome or camper must have one. We have a few and they all play a lot.

9  The typical cool motorhome

This toy is essential in the home of the good motorhome or camper. Be it in lego, iron or whatever, the son and daughter of the motorhome or camper must have one. We have a few and they play a lot with everyone.

10  The funniest games in our motorhome

These are the 3 games we play the most within the Kucavana. Aballon and Virus especially love Arnau who is 7 years old and Anna at 4 years old her favorite is Piratatak, although she likes Piu-Piu, Uno or Dubble as well.

3 games that do not occupy too much and ideal As one of the motorhome or camper gifts for children that they will enjoy with the family for sure.


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