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Skiing in a motorhome

To the snow in a motorhome. What you should never do!

Top 5 tips for going to the snow in a motorhome. Traveling by motorhome in winter is the best there is. Motorhome in the snow already.
Ski, sledge, snowshoe, igloo ... anything is possible in a motorhome

What should you never do if you go in a motorhome in the snow?

Chains yes or yes. Winter wheels maybe

Never go skiing or snowing without winter chains or contact wheels. In mountain areas, even if it seems like a good day, you can change the weather in a second and it can start to snow. Besides, if it is cold nobody assures you not to find an ice or snow plate on the road. So never forget to bring chains, and being able to be 4, one for each wheel. Motorhomes are large, they need 4 better than 2 to pull properly. There are chains of many types, some easier than others to put on and of different formats: cloth, iron, etc ... snow motorhome

Now if yours is going to be upload every weekend to the snow in a motorhome to ski, snowshoe or any other activity, what we recommend is that you put winter contact wheels in your motorhome. You will go with complete peace of mind. And for absolute safety, carry two extra chains in your trunk, for extreme conditions. snow motorhome

About all this you can read our post Winter tires or chains for the motorhome? What to choose?

Heating and boiler, essential allies

Never turn off the heat. When you are on the ski slopes or in cold places with snow and you leave your motorhome, never turn off the heating of the motorhome. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a motorhome to go skiing, reflect on the type of fuel you will prefer for heating (diesel or gas). Remember that propane gas always withstands lower temperatures than butane gas. You can set a low temperature, but never stop it completely. snow motorhome

But what you can find when you get to the motorhome is that Your water pipes or chemical toilet freezes.

Furthermore, once in a while, it's okay to turn on the boiler, the water heater, to keep having hot water and to be able to wash or wash dishes with hot water, at the same time that we heat the pipes. There are some motorhomes and campers that go along with the heating and the boiler, in that case you will do it all in one.

How not to let gray waters freeze

 Never let your gray water tank freeze if it is more than 3/4 full.  In that case you could cause a blowout of the tank and pipes of the motorhome. A great disappointment to enjoy a snowy day in a motorhome.  

To avoid this, there are several options. snow motorhome

 If you're just going to go to the snow in a motorhome for a weekend, always come up with empty tank and controls do not fill the gray tank more than 3/4. On the way down home, they will thaw on the way and you can empty them without problem. Perhaps, you have to stop showering a little in this option, but with the cold nobody will find out, calm down. 

For when you go to ski or snow for more than 3 or 4 days, you will have to apply other techniques. Here the best technique is to always leave drip the tank from the grays. If there is water circulation, it will not freeze. What to do then? Place a drum from camping or a cube under the gray tube and open it a little. In this way you will ensure that the grays do not freeze and that you can empty them.

Another option, not ecological and that we advise against, is to throw antifreeze liquid drive through the pipes. Or the most pro option, but which we consider is not essential either, since it is not 100% reliable, put the extra of the gray tank heater

Batteries, solar panel, cold and little sun, fun combination

4 Never let your batteries run down and beware that with the cold they discharge before. Keep an eye on your battery levels. Even if you wear a solar panel, you can still have problems. In winter, with bad weather and little sun, everything that is unloaded due to the cold will not be loaded. In these cases watch, start engine, make route or you go to a camping and plug into an electrical outlet if you are going to be unemployed for many days.

Be proactive and Get out of the house with the batteries of your caravan well full.

Fill water, an odyssey? maybe..

5  Never leave home without a full tank of clean water if you are going to go to the snow in a motorhome.

In cold and snowy areas they tend to cut off all outdoor fountains and water intakes, so finding water will be difficult, neither in the motorhome areas nor in public places. Even in the same mountain campsites it is usually more complicated than normal.

You can get water in the campsites or some public bathroom, but we recommend you take a long hose. This is because normally the winter water intake they have it in the bathrooms.

The clean water tank is generally inside the motorhome. Therefore, if you always have the heating on at a good temperature, you will not have to worry about it freezing, and you can take it full without problem. 



This post is made with normal snow and cold conditions in mind, not extreme temperatures and conditions. Although, you will have to apply the same advice in any case, but with different results.


There are other minor tips that we could give you. An example is to bring thermal insulators for the windows, mainly for the front ones, to avoid freezing of the glass, not only on the outside, but on the inside. 


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    What a good article the truth that helps us a lot, we are Canaries and we go to Sierra Nevada on vacation and we are a little lost.
    Also, if you know of a nice place for the end of the year, it would be appreciated.
    A hug

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      Good Ramón! Thank you very much for your comment, it encourages us to continue writing and help other travelers. In the Sierra Nevada area everything is beautiful. My roots are from Pitres and Busquistar rightly, from the Alpujarra 🙂 Everything is beautiful there, but in winter especially you have to do snowshoes and ski to enjoy the spectacular nature of the place.
      By the end of the year I don't know exactly what they will do in the area. But if I can recommend that you see Soportújar, the village of the witches (do not go through its alleys they will park in the Barranco Caliente area), Lanjarón the spa town, then Pampaneira is beautiful and there is no parking problem for AC and Trevelez essential. Sure you will love everything! you will tell us! A big hug and see you on the road 🙂

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