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Rent a cheap motorhome: our experience

Our experience of renting a cheap motorhome with the best tips is reported in this article. If this is what you are looking for, stay and read.

As many of you already know, we are a family of 4 who have been traveling with our motorhome for more than 5 years and before that with our campervan.

This time it will be different, we will travel by motorhome, but for rent. That because? Easy, we only have 10 days of vacation and we want to go to Scotland. For days and also for gasoline costs, which is through the roof, and wear and tear on our motorhome, this time it was not profitable for us to travel with our own motorhome. Therefore, after an evaluation of costs, pros and cons, we have decided to rent a motorhome.

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It could be said that, being owners, we are already a bit “experts” in motorhomes and that is why we wanted to share with everyone our own experience of traveling in a rental motorhome.

Also, if you want to see another article about some tips for renting a motorhome, go through the article we did on 9 things you should know before renting a motorhome or camper.

First of all, we have to decide where to rent: company or individuals

The idea, from our case and experience, is to travel to Scotland. We look at flights and we see that those from Glasgow have a better price than those from Edinburgh from Barcelona. So point 1 is to close the purchase of the flights for the dates that we have vacations.

¡ATTENTION TIP 1! Renting in France or Germany is the cheapest!
About renting the motorhome, give you an important recommendation before anything else. It depends where you want to travel in Europe, always think that renting a motorhome in France or Germany is always much cheaper than in the rest of the European countries. They have much more offer and therefore the rent is much cheaper than it could be in another European country. If it falls close to you, do not hesitate to rent it in one of these two countries.

Once we bought the flights, we started to Google “rent motorhome Glasgow” / “rent motorhome Glasgow”.

we leave two options Main:

  • Rent from a professional company
  • Rent on a platform between individuals

We looked at prices and definitely decided to choose a rental platform between individuals, type AirB&B of motorhomes. The one with the most motorhomes and vans to choose from and at the best prices, without a doubt we see that it is Yescapa that we also know. We have friends who rent every summer with this platform for years and we know that it is reliable and works well.

ATTENTION TIP 2! Only for motorhome and camper owners too
In addition, we are enlightened by the idea that we can rent our motorhome on the same Yescapa platform. We can do it even during the same dates. That way we recover the rent money that we will do almost immediately! What more to ask for! For those of us who own it, there is a positive 2×1 of it.

In this last aspect we analyze all the legal and security points of the Yescapa platform to put our motorhome for rent that we wrote in another article from our blog.

banner Yescapa rent your motorhome
banner Yescapa rent your motorhome

Once the rental platform has been chosen, we will look for the cheapest motorhome with the best features. How do we do it?

Let's go to it step by step. We explain to you, just as we have done to find a super cool motorhome and for much less money than the average cost of renting a motorhome. We have already found and booked a motorhome for €102 per day instead of €180-200 that costs on average one of the same characteristics.

We have achieved savings of almost 50% on rent! of the motorhome! Not bad, right?

-40 €uros in the rental of your motorhome with this discount voucher
As we write this article, we have just been informed that they are just giving a discount of €40 for the reservation of a motorhome or camper with no blackout dates in Yescapa during this June. Too bad you didn't rent a little later to get the discount on us!
Well, in case it works for you, here is the link to the offer that Yescapa has now to save you 40 €uros more:

And now, yes, let's go step by step to make the best search for the best rental motorhome at the best price.

Step 1: Register on the platform, first of all so as not to waste time and that the price does not rise

We advise you to first register on the Yescapa platform, before anything else, otherwise you will have to go back and forth in your search, repeating the searches and while the price will go up for sure. It happened to us ☹ a hassle that you can save yourself.

First register on the same Yescapa platform by accessing the "Enter" button

Step 2: Do the first search

Already registered and within our session. We are going to search by city and dates where we want to pick up and return the motorhome or camper.

From this first search comes the filtering, which is the key to obtaining the best motorhome at the best price and with just what we will need.

Step 3: The key: Filter to find the best motorhome or camper at the best price

Here it comes, the key to knowing how to find what we are looking for at the best price.

First of all, at this point you should know what you want and what you need from a motorhome and camper.

Think about the following:

  • Plazas What should the motorhome have to traveling and sleeping the motorhome or van. In our case we needed 4 places both to travel and to sleep.
  • Maximum price we want to pay per day. We put a maximum of 100 euros / day.
  • what extras do you need. For example, we set ourselves the following minimums for the motorhome or camper that we rented:
    • Should have a toilet and shower
    • It should have stationary heating inside the passenger compartment
    • It had to have a solar panel and an auxiliary battery so as not to depend on campsites every day
    • Seats for children to travel
    • Sheets and towels and kitchenware in the motorhome, so as not to have to carry overweight on the plane

From here we make the filters in the result of the first search and we see the options that come out to see the best.

In our case, as you can see, it was very clear, with everything we wanted, only one motorhome came out, which we preferred over a camper, so the selection was made.

Step 4: Contact the owner to close the rental

Once the best possible choice has been made for us, we go inside the profile of the motorhome and give “Rental Application” in order to send a message to the owner of the motorhome to see if we can definitely rent it for those dates.

A message is sent to the owner and from here we enter into conversations until we make the payment of the deposit and the rental of the motorhome through the same platform and both sign the rental contracts detailing everything super well to give us guarantees both to the tenants and to the owners of the motorhomes, in addition to signing the vehicle insurance that we will have for those days.

Step 5: Procedures on the reservation made

Once the deal is closed, we can always contact the owner by messaging the platform for questions or for any management regarding the reservation.

Our experience in synthesis renting by Yescapa

At the moment the reservation and rental of the motorhome has been great, fast, easy and we have saved almost half the price by renting through Yescapa in the way that we told you above.

Now soon we will go to Scotland and we will be able to tell you about the definitive experience also during and after the rental.

So, stay on the blog and we'll soon explain the whole experience to you!

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