At this moment you are looking at a proposed route and 1 tips to start snowshoeing with children
My first time in snowshoes

1 route proposal and 10 tips to start snowshoeing with children

Do you want to make snowshoes with children? Don't you know which route to start?

Route and tips to start snowshoeing with children.

I present you a route circular with little unevenness and only 3,3 km,  Puig de les Morreres in Port del Comte. It is a perfect path to start in the snowshoes with children and suitable for all ages and physical conditions. We have gone with the two kids of 3 and 6 years plus the grandparents who have never taken a chair lift or made snowshoes. Without a doubt, it has been a wise option.

Map of the Port del Comte ski slopes

The route leaves from the ski resort of Port del Comte, where there is an excellent ample parking at the foot of the slopes, which also if you go with a van or motorhome has 25 reserved spaces just in front of the station.

Puig de les Morreres is the easiest snowshoe track in the entire Port del Comte resort, that is why it is the one chosen as a proposal to start and go with children. You will see on the map of the ski resort, that from the sector of the Estivella there are more routes with rackets. True, but they are much more complicated by the big gap that they suppose, although there you do not have to take a chair lift and therefore you do not have to buy a ski pass and it is Free access.

To make the route that we propose to start snowshoeing with children, you have to take the Querol chairlift, the maximum complication of the route, if you have never climbed one. But don't panic, if you need to, they will stop you and help you with everything you need. And you can climb well with little ones, as long as they are old enough to sit in the chair (they cannot go in our arms). Then the route is to sew and sing, very grateful and easy.

Ten Tips.

First tip

Before leaving, remember to prepare a backpack with water and lunch / food, you will enjoy making a stop with wonderful views halfway.

Second Tip

Dress up and put on well. For this route you do not need goretex hiking boots, it is not that hard, so with some good warm snow breaks you will be great and comfortable. Be careful with taking normal sneakers, they will get wet for sure, there are times when you sink in virgin snow ... Of clothes, better skiing if you have and especially for the little ones who will end up covered in snow. If you don't have ski clothes, some mountain pants with a little waterproofing and some waterproof shoe covers will go well.

Third tip

Protect yourself from the sun. The eyes must be protected with glasses sun, both adults and children. And the face, with sunscreen.

Once you are ready to go on the snowshoe route with children, the first step will be to buy the snowshoe pass and take the chairlift.

Fourth tip

Do not get on the chair lift with under 2 years old and never pick them up.

To take the chairlift you must first buy the € 7 racket pass, at the ticket offices of the ski resort.

On the other hand, if you don't have rackets, you can rent them at the same station for € 9,5, They also have rackets for the little ones. If you have hI get very hot there may not be a lot of snow on top and you don't need snowshoes, ask beforehand at the station ticket offices how is the snow route before renting snowshoes!

Fifth tip

Do not take ski poles (the ones that are usually carried with the snowshoes for this trail. The route is simple and both for the chairlift and not to fall and hurt yourself more, if you are a novice, as much to control the kids you will be better have your hands free.

Sixth council

Do not take sleds or mountain chairs to take the little ones on this route, be minimalist, you will appreciate it. The route is short, at least they will do half walking with snowshoes (ours, who is three years old, has done so… and it is not that she is given to walking…). The other half do it in arms better. Both the mountain chairs and the sledges on the chairlift will complicate your life if you have to watch the little ones, carry backpacks, snowshoes ...

El sled tied to a climbing harness works very well for children on flat circuits that do not have to take chair lifts, for when they get tired drag them with him. But in this case, you have to take a chairlift and it is also a high mountain route, so although there is not a lot of unevenness, there is quite a bit of up and down, in addition to areas with enough stone to break it.

Seventh council

Go to the chair lift without putting on your rackets, this is important! They can fall and you can get nailed down, falling. Ahhh and don't even try to walk backwards with the rackets put on the road hehehe unless you want adventure or stick some milk hehehe.

Eighth tip: if this is your first time riding a chairlift, notify staff of the station that you will find there. If necessary, it will totally stop you and help you lower the security barrier.

The rutIt starts and ends great, since there is a bar just above hehehe when you get the chair lift. Behind the bar you have the gazebo spectacular on the Vall de Lord and the Cadí.

Just behind the bar, the route also begins, very well signposted and marked at all times by yellow and green posts with a person in painted snowshoes. You will see that there is no loss.

The way of snowshoeing with children It runs alongside a blue ski slope, so it is entertaining, watching the skiers and in the background the spectacular Cadi snowy

The tour is perfectly signposted, With the signs of the photograph, there is no loss, so rest assured, no guide is necessary.

Halfway, just before the turning point to turn around, you will see the Puig de les Morreres On your right, if you dare you can go up to the top and see the amazing views of this peak of 2120 meters altitude.

La return It runs to the left of the route, at a higher altitude and with views at all times to the Vall de Lord, Pantà de la Llosa del Cavall.

Also to the beautiful town of St Llorenç de Morunys, until you reach the bar and chair lift again after a hour and a half / two hours with multiple stops of photos and management of discoveries (especially of animal tracks in the snow) and frustration (the parents already know what I mean hehehe) of the little ones.

Ninth tip

Think that in the mountains the day can be turned quickly even when it's sunny. Especially after the midday. If you see clouds in the distance approaching, Do not entertain on returning from your route in snowshoes with children

Tenth tip

In the mountains, always plan your routes for snowshoeing with children. Check the weather ahead and wear chains in the car if there is a minimal chance of snow. The days are unpredictable and you have to be prepared in winter 🙂

And above all, above all, enjoy this wonderful experience that nature offers us as a family !!!

Good route!

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    1. Pilar Avila

      Very good contribution Jaime, for those under 4 years old, always a mountain backpack is a great point in favor for moments of weakness for the little ones. Although in our experience, with the little ones, it has always been better not to carry it, and thus they have not fallen into the temptation lol and on the long routes of sled rackets and harness we always carry.

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    I think snowshoeing is a great way to introduce the winter mountain to our little ones. Thanks for the tips

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