At this moment you are seeing How to make canned tomato step by step in an easy way
how to make canned tomato in a bain-marie

How to make canned tomato step by step in an easy way

If you wonder how to preserve your leftover tomato in an easy and traditional way, you have found the right article. Here I tell you how to make natural preserved tomato.

Every year to save our surplus tomato from the garden we make this traditional homemade canned tomato that our grandmothers already made. Here I explain how to make canned tomato in a double boiler step by step. I hope to help you in your canned tomatoes naturally.

Any questions remember to write us a comment, we will be happy to help you.

How to make tomato sauce in a bain-marie step by step


  • Any surplus tomatoes you have of whatever type. Of course, you should know that cherry tomatoes and pear tomato are the best varieties to make natural tomato preserves.
  • Water

The Materials we will use

  • High pot
  • Glass jars. I use recycled cooked legumes that I keep throughout the year. But you can also buy them.
  • Wooden stick (a wooden spoon will do you good)
  • Knife
  • Bowls or basins depending on the quantity
pick the tomato to make canned tomato

The process of how to make homemade tomato preserve in a traditional bain-marie

In the following article, on how to make canned tomato in a bain-marie in a traditional way, I will tell you the step by step process.

The step by step of how to make natural tomato preserve


First get a tall pot, fill it 2/3 full with water and bring it to a boil. Our first step to obtain our canned tomato.

Once the water boils, put the whole tomatoes for 4 to 6 minutes. This process is called blanch the tomatoes. 

You can make whole canned cherry tomatoes or whole canned pear tomatoes which are the best varieties. But if you have another you can also put the other variety and make canned chopped tomato.

Scalding the tomatoes we facilitate their peeling and we eliminate bacteria and enzymes that can spoil our preserve.

After that time, remove them to cool out of the water. You will see that part of the skin has been cracked


-If before putting the whole tomatoes, at the base of the tomatoes you make two cross-shaped cuts, you will later facilitate the peeling of the tomatoes

-You can cool them faster with cold water or with water and ice.

How to make tomato preserve: Step 1 blanch the tomatoes

You have to sit in front of the television or radio. The second step of how to make natural canned tomato for us is the most entertaining. Touch  peel, as a family, each one of the tomatoes. In our home it is a ritual. The whole family participated, children included.


-If you have made the previous cross cut, you should only pull the skins, otherwise make a cut with the knife and pull the skin.

How to make canned tomato: Step 2 peel the tomatoes

Once the tomatoes are peeled, we put the whole tomatoes in Glass jars to finally have our canned tomato jars.

But to make canned tomato, before using the glass jars remember that they are well clean and sterilized (boil them in water for a few minutes).

Sterilizing the cans is important so that no microorganisms remain that could spoil the preserve.

And now it's time to fill the canning jars with the tomato.

First of all, you have to know that you can make canned chopped tomato or whole canned tomato. Be that as it may, we are going to make a natural canned tomato.

There are people who put the tomatoes chopped. It is made especially with large salad-type tomatoes. In our case we prefer to do them integers, since less air enters to make the preserve, that is why we use the pear-type tomato or the cherrys.

As we put them inside the boats, let's go squeezing with a wooden stick. Thus, we take out the air inside the boat. You have to go putting the stick without fear and make movements from the bottom up. It will be the way that we do not have air left in the canned tomato jar and that the preserves made do not spoil.

In the photo you can see how Anna makes canned cherry tomatoes, very useful for garnishing and decorating dishes.


- To know if there is air inside, see if there are air bubbles between the tomato. They look.

- Fill the jar well with tomatoes. That they do not touch the lid, but that little is missing.

- You can also make canned tomatoes with basil and garlic. Simply add chopped basil leaves and whole crushed garlic to the preserve. It will give your preserved tomato a different flavor.

how to make canned tomato: Step 2 put the tomatoes removing the air
Step 4 of how to make homemade tomato preserve BAÑO MARIA TO MAKE THE EMPTY

Once the jars are filled with the blanched peeled tomato, we close the lid of the jars well. Then, we put them in a large pot with boiling water for 20 minutes to drain them and keep them well.

After 20 minutes, let the cans cool in the same water.


- It is important that the boats are completely covered with water. No matter the position as they are, but they must be covered.

- You will know that the vacuum has been made if you press on the lid of the boat and it does not sink.

how to make canned tomato in a bain-marie
Step 5 of: SAVE THEM

Finally, it's time to save our natural tomato canning jars.

But before, and after cooling them a little in the same water, we are going to place them upside down for a minimum of a couple of hours.

In this way we will be able to ensure that the canned tomato jars completely vacuum.

And after a few hours like that, it's time to put away our canned tomato. 

Remember to label them with the packaging date and store them in a cool, dry and better dark place. We use them during the fall, winter and if it arrives, during the following spring.


- You will know that the tomato canning jar has been emptied if you press on the lid of the jar and it does not sink.

how to make canned tomato in a bain-marie

Canned tomato recipes

With natural canned tomatoes we do many things during the rest of the year. Here are some recipe ideas for natural canned tomatoes:

- Pisto manchego

- Sofritos

- Fried tomato

- Gazpacho or salmorejo

- Varied salads

- Codfish esqueixada

- Tomato jelly

Canned cherry tomatoes recipe that we use the most with them:

-We use whole canned cherry tomatoes as garnishes for dishes and as decorations for canapes or appetizers especially

Homemade tomato jam

Problems preserves the water bath

You may have trouble making the canned tomato. The most common problem is that the vacuum is not drawn during the water bath.

Sometimes that occurs because the lid does not correspond to that bottle and does not fit well or is not tight. Check the lids and do the step of the bain-marie again and turn them upside down.

Another problem is that when you open the jar, the tomato is in poor condition. Usually it is due to some bacteria or that we have left air inside. That is why it is important that you stir well with the wooden stick so that the air comes out. Check the cans well before storing them that there are no air bubbles between the tomato.

How to make tomato sauce in a bain-marie
If it has been useful or you have questions about the process, do not hesitate to write me a comment below!

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