At this moment you are seeing 17 incredible destinations to discover the Costa Brava by motorhome by youtubers Paca Stories
Costa Brava by motorhome

17 incredible destinations to discover the Costa Brava by motorhome by youtubers Paca Stories

Discover the Costa Brava by motorhome, with the help of the great youtuber PACA stories family.

Without a doubt, this family of 4 are one of my favorite youtubers in the world of caravanning and campering. Their publications add value to the world of motorhome and camper and help inspire us to plan and decide next routes. For me they are one of those youtubers that undoubtedly add value with their publications, so do not hesitate to follow them! What are you waiting for?

Monica and Fran with their two little ones and their 4 and 2-legged critters, yes, as you hear it, even a parrot, called Melón, travels in La Paca, as he calls his motorhome

Since 2019 they share their passion for knowing new places and living new experiences on their YouTube channel, which makes us all laugh, smile and help us with a thousand tips, they are a documentation center about the world of motorhomes 😛

We cannot love them anymore, not only because they are the way they are, but because they are actually friends of Kucavana, even before their YouTube channel. If someone is worth following it is them, you will not regret it, you will end up with laughter for sure!

Paca Stories

The Costa Brava by motorhome is undoubtedly one of the great destinations for four-wheel travel with the house in tow. A tourist route through Girona in a motorhome or a trip to Girona in a camper van is one of those adventures that motorhomes do not want to miss at least once in their lives.

Catalonia is a Spanish autonomous community, considered a historical nationality according to its Statute of Autonomy and Girona is one of its provinces, the most north and east.

Geographically, it is bathed to the east by the Mediterranean Sea and to the west and north by the Pyrenees mountains.

The Costa Brava by motorhome or camper van: park and spend the night

On the Costa Brava as in all of Spain the camping is prohibited, that is why it is very important that in its most touristy and crowded points we are very responsible and respectful. Especially on its coast fully protected and that in many points we are banned.

We can park on our route and spend the night if it is not prohibited in that municipality. But, nor under no circumstances should we take out tables, chairs, or open windows or put chocks in places that are not intended for motorhomes or campers (areas or parking lots).

We emphasize this article and call on everyone's responsibility so that it does not happen to us as in our neighbor Portugal, where the overcrowding of the coast and not the responsibility of some camper users has recently led to the prohibition of free overnight stays for motorhomes and campers . Therefore, remember to be responsible and invisible to your neighbors during your route through the Costa Brava in a motorhome. Y Whenever you can go to motorhome areas and authorized places and avoid overcrowding any place.

Plan your trip along the Costa Brava by motorhome in 5 clicks

Route through the 17 essential destinations of the Costa Brava by motorhome


Port de la Selva is a special town especially for its orientation, since it is situated practically with its back to the Costa Brava.

It is a town with a fishing tradition, with a port and one of the most important fish markets in the area.

In Port de la Selva you can walk, relax, enjoy its crystal clear waters, do water activities and above all we recommend snorkeling.

Another recommendation to visit the place is to walk its walkways in both directions.

Overnight in Port de la Selva in a motorhome

To spend the night in the area we recommend 3 places.

 The first is a small car park belonging to l'Hostal l'Arola, located in front of the sea just 500 meters from the center of town and with all the services of both water and electricity, there are even showers and a sink.


Parking park4night link:

The Camping Port de la Vall, a bit further from the town but with great views.

More information about the campsite:

Finally, you can park for free in the municipality's sports center one kilometer from the beach, 15 minutes on foot.


Old town and center of Cadaqués

Cadaqués is possibly the most visited place on the Costa Brava, its town, its isolated location from everything, its authenticity, its history, its culture make it special. 

When you arrive in Cadaqués, you know that this beauty has only been maintained thanks to its geographical isolation and the daily effort of the city council to preserve its essence, although sometimes its decisions are not liked by everyone. 

 Portlligat and the Dalí House-Museum

 Portlligat belongs to the municipality of Cadaqués and was formerly a very important fishing area for the people of the area, but it really became famous because it was the residence of the great Salavor Dalí.

His house can be visited and be able to see both his rest, leisure, work and inspiration area, a place that will undoubtedly not leave you indifferent.

And with that peace and those views he lived and was inspired for years in the creation of his works.

The place itself does not have the appeal that Cadaqués has, but the Salvador Dalí House-Museum and the Portlligat Abbey with its calm and shallow waters offer an ideal place to relax between the sea and culture.

 More information about the Salvador Dalí House-Museum:

The Cap de Creus Lighthouse

We recommend visiting the Cap de Creus Lighthouse and enjoying its beautiful views and if we wish to have a drink in its restaurant, and if you can, do not miss the possibility of visiting the Tudela area, a simple and adapted walk to do on foot or in bike where you will see impressive rock formations worthy of the planet Mars and with access to beautiful beaches and coves.

It is a protected natural park so its visits tend to be more and more restrictive, but that is not why we should not do without your visit.

It can be visited in several ways:

1 The first is on foot, crossing the coastal path that goes from Cadaqués to Cap de Creus with a route of about 8kms.

More information about the route:

2 By bicycle, If we travel the road until we reach Cap de Creus we will have about 8 km of demanding road with slopes only suitable for the brave, obviously it is not an option for families with children.

3 With shuttle busThis option only works in summer, in the months of July and August and is provided by the Cadaqués city council to avoid crowds, pollution and better preserve the area in the months with the greatest influx of visitors.

Park and spend the night in Cadaqués in a motorhome or camper

 To spend the night it is VERY IMPORTANT to follow the indications because this area is a protected natural park and as such, our vehicles cannot park outside the indicated places.

 Entering Portlligat to touch the port, there is a very large parking lot behind two beach bars. Parking is municipal and from June you pay € 10 per day, whatever time you enter, the rest of the year is free. It does not have services, that is in front of the port of Portlligat beach.

 Parking park4night link:és-unnamed-road/spain/girona#.YLzsEi0lNpQ

 But above all, very important, not to park our vehicles anywhere other than this one, because we can take a gift in the form of a fine that surely will not be pleasant for anyone. It is also important not to camp under any circumstances, since it is totally forbidden to take out tables, chairs or awning and we can be fined.


In the old town we can also park in the paid SABA car park, located at the entrance to the town, although due to the volume of traffic and vehicles it is not advisable. Much better to park in the motorhome parking in Portlligat and move on foot

Google Maps link of the car park:

In this area it is also possible to spend the night in a small campsite in the Portlligat area.


Roses is a small town in l'Alt Empordà special for its beautiful views of the Golf de Roses. 

The Ciutadella of Roses

It is a place with a lot of tourism and many services, but since we like the most exclusive things and without so many crowds in this little corner, we will pay special attention to the Ciutadella de Roses.

It is a Renaissance fortress whose sites continue to discover new things from multiple eras of ancient history. A guided tour will be the best option to discover the old city of Roses and learn all its history away from the noise of the city.

Park and spend the night in Roses in a motorhome

To spend the night there are several options:

AUTOCARAVANING PARK ROSES is a private area and possibly one of the best in the Girona region with all services and very close to the center of Roses.

 More info about the area:

And then there are several campsites, we could not say which of the 3 to recommend so if you are interested in going camping in that area we leave you the links of each one and decide which one best suits your needs.

Camping Joncar Mar:

Camping Salatà:

Camping Rodas:


Empuriabrava is a residential marina belonging to Castellón d'Empuries, located in Alt Empordà, a town whose streets are water canals, or at least the vast majority, built inspired by the city of Venice.

It is a city that boasts luxury homes with private piers alongside its beautiful gardens.

By bike and boat through the canals

To visit this curious town we recommend doing it by bicycle, since it has an extensive network of bike lanes and renting a boat in its port to explore its canals.

More information about Empuriabrava:

Parachute or fly in the simulator

Another of the star activities in the area is parachuting, with spectacular views of the Golf de Roses and of course the town of Empuriabrava.

 More information on parachuting:

Overnight in Empuriabrava in a motorhome or camper

To spend the night there is a specific parking for motorhomes at the entrance of the district, free of charge, right next to a Karting that, although it does not have services, is a good alternative if you want to visit the area by bicycle, since the bike path begins there.

Parking park4night link:


Dali Museum

The Salvador Dalí museum is located in the city of Figueres, it was formerly the Municipal Theater of the People and Salvador Dalí reformed it in his style to locate his museum there.

In it, a large part of his works are exhibited and also there are his mortal remains, an essential visit if you pass through the area.

To visit the museum there are different car parks, since it is a big city but we are going to give you 2 options.

Castell de Sant Ferran by boat through the underground waters

The Castell de Sant Ferran is one of the fortress castles with the most perimeter of Europe, a place that for many years was in Tejero prison and that today we can enjoy visiting it for its interiors.

A highly recommended visit is the one that takes place in boats through the underground cisterns of the castle. Book before.

Overnight and park in Figueres in a motorhome

Free option, a car park located right next to the Castell de Sant Ferrán, 15 minutes walk from the center of Figueres.

Parking par4night link:

Payment option, parking located just 5 minutes from the center and with shops and shopping centers nearby, has a cost of about € 3.

Parking park4night link:’empord%C3%A0/spain/girona#prettyPhoto

Finally, there is the option of a private area with all payment services located in Vilatenim near the Figueres fairgrounds.

Sant Pere Pescador by motorhome


Perelada castle, museum and casino 

This beautiful medieval castle located in the heart of l'Empordà, built in the XNUMXth century and restored on several occasions, currently offers a leisure-cultural role together with the rest of the complex's complements, such as the gardens and the convent.

Currently the castle houses a Casino and the convent a museum and library that can be visited.

More information about the Castle of Peralada:

In addition, this unique corner is famous because for 35 years in its gardens they have offered one of the most important summer music festivals in Europe.

The Castell de Peralada International Music Festival, in which top-notch international artists perform.

More information about the Peralada festival:

Park and spend the night in Perelada

To visit the castle and its town we suggest:

A free motorhome area that the city council has arranged in the same town with a filling and emptying service.

Area park4night link:


Els Aiguamolls de l'Empordà is one of the most important natural parks in Catalonia where you can observe more than 300 species of birds.

The visit can be done on foot or by bicycle and they offer more than 5 routes that run through the park and can be done with pets.

It is a highly recommended visit for all audiences to relax and observe this beautiful ecosystem.

On one of the routes there is access to the beach, so we recommend bringing a swimsuit for a stop along the way.

 More information about the aiguamolls de l'Empordà:

Park in the Aiguamolls, overnight stay prohibited

To visit the park we can park in the same parking lot at the entrance to the park, which has a cost of € 5, but you cannot stay overnight.

Parking Park4night link:

To spend the night we can do it at the Nàutic Almata campsite that crosses the Aiguamolls themselves.


The ruins of Empúries

Les Ruïnes d'empúries is a walk through Greek and Roman history, as it includes different cities from different periods, being the longest-lasting archaeological sites in Catalonia.

They can be visited throughout the year and offer guided or audio-guided tours and can be accessed with a pet.

We recommend your visit outside of the summer season, since it is a large area that with high temperatures can make the visit uncomfortable.

More information about Les Ruïnes d'Empúries: 

Sant Martí d'Empúries

Small medieval hamlet belonging to the Escala where from the scale following its walkway between wooden walkways you can visit it.


In L'Escala you will not only discover a lively fishing village but you cannot forget to try its famous anchovies from L'Escala.

Park and spend the night in La Escala

To visit the ruines we recommend a parking located just 5 minutes walk from les Ruïnes and 2 minutes from the beach, it is suitable for parking or spending the night, and outside the summer season it is free, in summer the price is € 20 / day , whose cost may be excessive considering that it does not offer any type of service.

Parking park4night link:’escala-3-carrer-claudio/spain/girona#.YL7JNvkzZPY

Attention, it is forbidden to park and spend the night in the car park that is right in front of les Ruïnes, there is a plaque where it indicates it although in the end many people do it and “nothing happens to them” we do not do it, we throw stones at our own roof.

To visit the town of La Escala, the Mercadona parking lot is another of the points in parking4night.


Passeig Molinet

Of the corners that l'Estartit has, this is our favorite, I suppose because we always flee from the great beaches, and it is that reaching this corner on foot or by bicycle and finding those giant stone walls next to the sea is an imposing place where enjoy a bath with the little ones among rocks and look for animals among them.

Illes Medes

 Les Illes Medes is an archipelago of small islands located 1 mile out to sea just in front of the town of l'Estartit.

This protected natural park is one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean, since due to its years of protection they have created a recovery of spectacular flora and fauna, being of great interest for scuba diving.

And for families there is the possibility of visiting the islands with a boat that has underwater windows that offer spectacular views of its marine fauna and flora.

 More information about the boat:

 More information for scuba diving:

 As it is a protected natural park, all activities must be contracted by authorized companies in the area.

 More information about les Illes Medes:


Park and spend the night in the Estartit in a motorhome

To visit the area we have several options.

Costa Brava Area, is a private motorhome area with all services and multiple water loading and unloading areas located in the same town of l'Estartit.

Costa Brava Area website:

The town has 3 campsites of which we are going to leave you a link to each of them so that you can select which of them interests you the most.

Camping La Sirena:

 Camping el Molino:

Camping Rifort:


Castell de Montgrí

If you like easy excursions with some unevenness, we suggest an ascent to the Castell de Montgrí suitable for children and included in the list of the 100 cims (the 100 peaks) of the FEEC (Federació d'Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya).

The Castell de Montgrí is a military fortification built at an altitude of 303 m in the XNUMXth century, the so-called century of castles, although they never fully finished building.

The castle is open to the public and you can ascend one of its towers and walk along its walkway to enjoy its views from all 4 sides.


The views are impressive, where you can see side by side from Cap de Creus to the mountains of the Begur area with the Illes Medes in front and the Pic del Canigó (France) if we look towards the north face.

More information about the pirinexus routes:

Park and spend the night in Torroella de Montgrí

To spend the night near this place we will find 2 very interesting options:

Camper Massís del Montgrí Area, this area located in the town of Bellcaire, in addition to offering all the services, is located in a town with a lot of history and very interesting to visit and also with a multitude of options for cycling the Pirinexus route, and for course among its easy routes to do from the area is the ascent to Castell de Montgrí.

Website of the Massís del Montgrí area:


Pals is a municipality in the Baix Empordà located 6 km inland with a very special charm.

This small town offers a beautiful and well-preserved medieval historical center, which you can enjoy taking a walk through its streets, you will surely fall in love with it.

Park and spend the night in Pals in a motorhome

To visit the area and spend the night we can do it in:

 In the center of town there is a fairly large dirt parking lot without services with a playground next to it and picnic tables, ideal for visiting the town. You can also spend the night in it.

Parking par4night link:



Tamariu is a district of Palafrugell, a small town on the Costa Brava located between Begur and Llafranc that is possibly neither the most beautiful nor the most touristy in the area but we recommend visiting for a kayak excursion along its rugged coastline, both the northern part as the southern part.

This area of ​​rugged beaches offers a multitude of small coves, narrow passages and spectacular caves.

More information on excursion with Kayak:

Overnight in Tamariu in a motorhome

The best option to spend the night in this small town is the Tamariu campsite, since as we say it is a very small town without parkings or good access.

Tamariu campsite website:

Calella de Palafrugell

Calella de Palafrugell is one of the “postcard” towns on the Costa Brava, a hamlet of Palafrugell, a fishing village that in addition to being picturesque offers a multitude of restaurants and terraces to relax in front of the sea. It also has many coves with turquoise water that surely you will not be able to resist the temptation to take a bath.

More info about Calella:


Gardens of Cap Roig

If you want to visit a corner surrounded by color, sculptures and the sea, you cannot miss visiting the Jardins de Cap Roig., Located in Calella de Palafrugell. 

It was formerly the estate of a Russian art-loving colonel and created a beautiful garden full of plant species from all over the world, and consequently these botanical gardens are now considered the most important in the Mediterranean.

Currently this place belongs to the la Caixa foundation, which is in charge of its maintenance and operation.

The visit can be done all year round but the best time will be spring, which is when more plants are in bloom.

More information about the gardens:

In addition, this place hosts the cap roig festival in summer, one of the most important international music festivals. If you visit the area in summer, do not hesitate to go to one of their concerts.

More information about the Cap Roig Festival:

To be able to visit the gardens we can do it with our vehicles or on foot from the town of Calella de palafrugell.

The first option is to park in the same parking lot in the gardens, but staying overnight is not allowed.

Park and spend the night in Calella de Palafrugell

In order to spend the night in this town in high season (summer) we suggest you do it in:

Moby Dick campsite located 5 minutes from the beach that offers a space with a special price for motorhomes.

More info about the campsite:

In low season the possibilities of staying overnight and parking improve, but it is always better to speak with the local police to avoid unpleasant situations since it is a complicated area full of prohibitions for motorhomes.



Cala Fosca

La Cala Fosca is located in Palamós, and it is our favorite, for accessibility, for its beauty, for its shallow depth to go with children and for its possibilities of activities.

We are sure that when you visit it you will fall in love from minute 1.

Cala S'alguer

Cala s'Alguer belongs to Palamós and is one of those postcard beaches on the Costa Brava, possibly the most beautiful because it is picturesque, although giving it that privilege is complicated with the number of beaches and beautiful corners that the Costa Brava has.

It is a small cove that has an authentic and very local touch because it is flanked by a set of old fishermen's houses that are currently private or rental homes.

To access this cove we recommend walking the coastal path that goes from Cala Fosca and continues to els Jardins de Cap Roig (8kms round trip).


Palamós port and fishing museum

The port of Palamós is the second most important port in Catalonia, since it is very deep, so deep as to accommodate large cruise ships that make their way through the Mediterranean Sea.

But surely this is not the best reason to visit this port, but if we tell you, GAMBAS DE PALAMÓS, it will surely make your mouth water there.

And it is a very important fishing port and especially famous for its tasty prawns, which you can taste in many restaurants in the area.

It is recommended to visit its fish market, which is open for direct sale to the public from 16.30pm once all the fish auctions to the fish merchants in the area have ended.

Also nearby you will find the Palamós fishing museum.

More information about your fish market:


Park and spend the night in Palamós in a motorhome

To visit the port of Palamós and its beaches and be able to taste its exquisite prawns, we propose 2 overnight areas.

EMPORDAREA, this private motorhome area is located just 20 minutes walk from the beach of Palamós and has all the services.

Empordarea website:

AUTOCARAVANING PALAMÓS, this private motorhome area is also a 20-minute walk from the beach and the port of Palamós and also has all the services, specifically we like it for its beautiful views on the plots located on the balconies, although for accessing them can be a bit uncomfortable and difficult for inexperienced people driving motorhomes.

Palamós motorhome website:

Palamós by motorhome
Palamós by motorhome


Camí from ronda s'Agaró to Sa Conca

 Surely this part of the coastal path of the Costa Brava is the most beautiful of all, and that is why it deserved to be mentioned in this exclusive list.

It is located in the municipality of S'agaró and is a path that connects Sant Pol beach with Sa Conca Beach, whose route is 4kms and a large part of it has been adapted for people with reduced mobility, being the most beautiful suitable for all audiences.


Do not hesitate to visit it because we are sure that you will love it.

More information about the coastal path:


Park and spend the night in S'Agaró in a motorhome

To spend the night in the area and visit this place we propose the S'agaró area, a private motorhome area with all services and with privileged views of its beaches.

Area park4night link:



The Barri Vell of Girona

 The first stop that we offer on this route and should be mandatory, is to visit the city of Girona, and specifically its old town. 

Girona is the capital of the province of Girona and is also a cultural treasure. 

Many of you will know it for its imposing cathedral, the scene of one of the best series in history as it was, Game of Thrones. But it is that all its old town offers a very interesting journey through history, such as the old Jewish quarter, the Arab baths, its walls, the houses of l'Onyar or its multiple bridges that cross the Onyar river as one can be. built by the same Eiffel, yes yes, the one who made the famous EIFFEL TOUR of Paris.

So it is a visit that you cannot miss.

 More Information about Girona:

Girona in Temps de Flors

Visiting it at any time of the year is a wise move, but we recommend visiting it when Girona temps de flors is celebrated. 

This event dresses the entire old town with flowers, and not in any way, the best florists and decorators squeeze their creativity to create true works of art with flowers, located in places that are often closed to the public normally and that open their doors just for that. event. 

This is one of those events in which you could cry with emotion when contemplating so much beauty. 

Girona temps de flors lasts 9 days and normally takes place in the month of May. 

 More Information about Girona temps de flors:

Park and spend the night in Girona in a motorhome

To spend the night in Girona we leave you several options.

 Domeny free motorhome area, located on the outskirts of the center of Girona, about 35 min walk from the old town and 10 min by bike. It offers filling and emptying services and has many green areas, parks and bike paths to enjoy around.

Free area park4night link:


Parking Vayreda Autocaravanas, is a private motorhome area located just 15 minutes walk from the old town. It is prepared with all the water, electricity and security services offered by a private area, so it is possibly the best alternative to visit the city. 

More information about the area:


Tossa de Mar is an isolated town at the end of a valley in the middle of the Costa Brava, it is a place with a rugged terrain with many coves and decorated with the presence of its imposing and beautiful castle and its walls.

Offering a postcard stamp that could remind many of the castle of Peñíscola in the province of Castellón.

More information about Tossa de Mar:

Park and spend the night in Tossa de Mar in a motorhome

To visit Tossa de Mar, its coves and its castle there are many car parks in the town, but on many occasions motorhomes are not very well accepted, especially during the summer months, so we recommend calling the local police to find out where spend the night.

But if you want to play it safe, we recommend spending the night at Camping Can Martí, located at the entrance of the town 20 minutes from the castle.

Can Martí campsite website:


Sa Palomera de Blanes

Blanes is the first municipality going up from Barcelona belonging to Girona, and in addition to being alive all year round, it has a multitude of shops, campsites and leisure areas to enjoy along with its vast expanse of beaches.

But if there is a symbolic place in Blanes that is Sa Palomera, who has not climbed on top of this huge rock and has taken a photo, well, nothing, as good tourists you will have to do it.

More information about Blanes:

Marimurtra Botanical Garden

The Jardí Botànic de Marimurtra belongs to the municipality of Blanes, and is a mixture of botanical paradise that combines postcard architectural elements.

The gardens can be visited and have a journey of approximately 1 hour with rest areas and impressive views of the sea and Blanes.

More information about the Jardí Botànic de Marimrtra:

Park and spend the night in Blanes

To spend the night in the area there is a parking for municipal motorhomes and many campsites so we better leave you a list and you choose the one you like the most:

Municipal parking:

Camping El Pinar:

Camping Bella Terra:

Camping Blanes:

Camping Solmar:

Camping La Masia:

Camping S'abanell:

If you do not have a motorhome and what you want is to rent one and start in this world, this is your service. Or, if you don't have time to organize your next motorhome or camper trip and you want someone to organize it for you with the utmost professionalism, this is also your service.

 We advise, manage, solve doubts, give support and set up a route or organized trip in a motorhome personalized to your tastes and needs, so that you go calm, safe and your motorhome trip is unforgettable.

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