At this moment you are looking at 3 easy Christmas crafts for children in cardboard
easy Christmas craft for kids

3 Easy cardboard Christmas crafts for children

3 proposals for easy Christmas crafts for children in cardboard

With the proposal of making an Advent calendar of Christmas cardboard crafts, with the promoter of the blog of, This post has emerged where we compile 3 easy and entertaining ideas for you to do with your children this Christmas.

1st easy Christmas craft for children: Doorknobs or Christmas cardboard decoration

As easy as doing the following steps:

Step 1 Easy Christmas craft for children: Draw on a cardboard to reuse a star, a Christmas tree or a Christmas ball and cut out the drawings made

As a template you can print the photos or do as I used the cookie cutter to draw the different shapes.

After drawing, cut out the pictures of this easy Christmas craft for children.

Step 2 easy Christmas craft for children: Decorate to your liking

Imagination to power, paint with what you have, use adhesive wasi tapes or hook whatever you want. The important thing is to decorate this children's Christmas craft.

Step 3 easy Christmas craft for children: Make a hole and pass it a string.

Make an incision and pass a rope or yarn that you have around the house.

Your doorknob or Christmas decoration for the cardboard tree is now ready.

2nd easy kids Christmas craft: snowman with sleigh with egg cups and kitchen paper roll

As easy as doing the following steps:

Step 1 easy Christmas craft for children: Make the body of the snowman on the sleigh

We cut into 3 pieces of different size, a roll of the kitchen paper cardboard. 

We take a cardboard egg cup and on it we assemble the three pyramid-shaped pieces, gluing them with a little cold silicone.

Step 2 easy Christmas craft for kids: making the snowman's hat

Cut out a protrusion from a cardboard egg carton. And on a cardboard cut out a circle. Paint it however you want and stick it with cold silicone or however you like. You already have the hat.

Glue the hat to your snowman.

Step 3 easy Christmas craft for kids: Just decorate your snowman and his sleigh

Creatively decorate your snowman. 

We have drawn her mouth, nose and eyes and then with wasitape we have made her a scarf and decorated her sleigh a bit.

3rd easy children's Christmas craft: a birdhouse with a milk carton

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  1. Noemi

    I loved this post

  2. Soraya

    I love them, I write it down because I still have a little (a lot) of cardboard left in each and I'm sure Martín loves this. Thank you

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    They have enchanted me. The first is my favorite without a doubt. ❤️❤️

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    I have loved also super simple thank you heart

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    I liked them a lot, especially the doll is different

  8. I love all the ideas, and you have done a great step by step. The star and the tree have amazed me because they look like decorated cookies. We will surely try to make some of your recommendations because we like washi a lot and the snowman is ideal.

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