At this moment you are seeing Route through the island of Ibiza in a motorhome or van by @camper_ibiza_df
Ibiza by motorhome or camper van

Route around the island of Ibiza by motorhome or van by @camper_ibiza_df

Discover a route through Ibiza in a motorhome or camper van for a few days so as not to miss the best. They recommend and explain this route two Ibizan vanlifers that you will love.

@camper_ Ibiza_df is formed by a couple living in Ibiza, but from La Mancha origins. 

By chance, they discovered last year what it is to travel by camper, they liked it and decided to camper a vehicle and get to know the island through it. 

They are delighted with this way of living and getting out of the routine. "It is a way of disconnecting, relaxing, knowing and living in nature and being able to do another of our passions, hiking." 

In your instagram profile we inspire and make us dream of beautiful destinations. For me they are one of those instagramers who undoubtedly add value with their publications, so Do not hesitate to follow them! What are you waiting for?

The Ibiza route by camper

Get to Ibiza by motorhome or camper van

There are two possibilities to travel around the island by camper or motorhome:

- Option 1: come to the island by boat ferry with your own camper or motorhome from Barcelona, ​​Denia, Valencia, Palma or Formentera.

- Option 2: come in plane and rent a camper or motorhome on the island (Ask us for information on instagram at @camper_ibiza_df and we will help you).

Ibiza by motorhome or camper: 3 things you should know

1 In general, you should know that it is not a very camper friendly island. There are many coastal areas where motorhomes and campers have parking and overnight stays banned with fines. In any case, there are still some points that you can go like the ones we tell you about our route.

2 On the island there is no motorhome area neither public nor private, so to service your motorhome or camper you must go to one of the campings what's on the island.

3 It is important, so that the areas of the coast of Ibiza do not veto us anymore, be extremely responsible. Remember that the camping is prohibited throughout Spain, therefore never never remove anything from the perimeter of your motorhomes and camper vans. To let us park and spend the night, not camping, remember.

Plan your trip to Ibiza in a motorhome in 5 clicks

Our route through Ibiza in a motorhome or camper for 3 days

Our 3-day route to know something of the south and north of the Island of Ibiza





We did this route one weekend. Friday afternoon after work we went with our camper to the south of the island specifically to the Point des Farallons where is the Rovira tower. 

Going down some steps made in the rock we found a small cove where we took a bath before the sun went down. We have dinner in the camper and sleep peacefully.  



Saturday morning after enjoying a breakfast with a privileged view we made a walking route around the coast passing through Cala Comte (It is a white sand beach with crystal clear waters of an intense turquoise color with parking and restaurant), to Cala Escondida (where you can find a beach bar with the same name).

On this tour we were able to discover hidden corners with fishermen boathouses, with lovely wooden stairs. 

At sunset we we move to Sa Figuera Borda where we could enjoy a spectacular sunset from the sofa of our camper, where we met a saxophonist entertaining the sunset. Once hidden, the sun is applauded.

La night we spent it in almost the north of the island specifically in Pou des Lleó

To go there we we went through Santa Gertrudix de Fruitera It is a district in the center of Ibiza typical Ibizan which belongs to the municipality of Santa Eulalia del Río. 

It is a town made up of white houses and a typical Mediterranean environment and offers an original look created by artists and sculptors who have contributed to its peculiar beauty. 

In the center of the town is the square where the typical Ibizan church is located and numerous bars and restaurants among them is the Bar Costa. It is a bar located in a typical Ibizan house where you can taste Iberian sandwiches (deer, ham, tenderloin, etc.), Ibizan sobrasada and vegetables. Inside is an impressive collection of paintings. 


We woke up in Pou des Lleó and we were able to discover a gravel cove with some boathouses and a beautiful landscape with the presence of islet of Tagomago.

 After having breakfast again with stunning views, we returned to do another walking route where we went to the Campanit Towerxo D'En Valls, from the s. XVIII and an abandoned house where you can see the islet of Tagomago up close and it has huge stairs to go down to a cove and enjoy the sounds, smells and colors of the sea. 

 We ate a delicious paella and after resting the food we went down to the cove to do some snorkeling and paddle surfing guidance on discover caves.

If you do not have a motorhome and what you want is to rent one and start in this world, this is your service. Or, if you don't have time to organize your next motorhome or camper trip and you want someone to organize it for you with the utmost professionalism, this is also your service.

 We advise, manage, solve doubts, give support and set up a route or organized trip in a motorhome personalized to your tastes and needs, so that you go calm, safe and your motorhome trip is unforgettable.

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  1. Alberto

    Likewise, I have not understood well what they wanted to convey, it seemed to me that there are contradictions between what they ask of us and what they have done, examples:
    First: it is said that staying overnight is banned with fines and then these guys go with their minivan and stay overnight for 3 nights. Can we stay overnight or not?
    Second: the message is launched that we cannot camp so that they do not look at us badly and then they say that they took out the gas and made a paella, well, look how good, setting an example ...
    If Ibiza is an island that does not want us vans more than put in camping, then it is said and we go to another place, without more, without saying "little friendly" type pigtails, that there are places to spend the night kicking and that they love us as we are, there we and our money will go.
    A greeting. Alberto.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Alberto, it is not that it is banned throughout the island, but it is in many parts of the coast. There are no prohibitions at the points that they recommend on their route, but for this reason, please continue with the good behavior of not camping, that is, do not take anything from the perimeter of the vehicle, as the law says.
      I understood the paella for him in his vehicle. But I'm with you, you never have to camp, it is forbidden in all of Spain and it is important to be aware that we are at stake in doing so so that they do not confuse parking with camping. On the other hand, it is true that we can always go to places much more "camper friendly" and we will surely be better off A hug and greetings from this family!

  2. Winston

    Hi very good,
    I live in Alicante and I am thinking of spending a weekend and renting a motorhome either there or by ferry. My question is if you can now travel to Ibiza?

    Thank you very much,

    1. Kucavanera family

      Hello Winston, in principle if you live in Alicante, you cannot leave the Valencian Community at the moment, only move around the Community. Greetings!

  3. Jose G.

    Hello, I am going to Ibiza next week where I can rent a trustworthy motorhome.
    Thank you

    1. Kucavanera family

      You can look at Jose on the Campifly or Yescapa websites 🙂

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