At this moment you are seeing Puigcerdà and Gorges del Segre (in Llo), to equip yourself for the ski season.

Puigcerdà and Gorges del Segre (in Llo), to be equipped for the ski season.



  • Days: 3 days, from Friday afternoon to Sunday
  • Dates: from November 23 to 25, 2018
  • Populations visiteds: Puigcerdà-Eyne- Llo- La Molina
  • Overnight places: Residential parking next to some swings behind the Puigcerdà sports center -> Parking at the Llo hot springs. All areas can be found
  • Total spends of the getaway approx: 75 Euros calculated round trip (35 € approx. gasoline (with AC heating expense included) passing through the Collado de Tosas N-260 there are no tolls / Tickets visited places 0 € / Overnight areas ).
  • Summary of visits and activities to Puigcerdà by motorhome + Llo:
    • Puigcerdà (1 night)
      • Visit municipality on electric scooter
      • Estanque
      • Sta Maria tower
      • Zipper elevator that goes down from the Town Hall to the lower part of the town
      • Shopping for second-hand skis
    • Eyne
      • Cambre d'Aze ski slopes with a restaurant and bar
    • Llo (1 night)
      • Gorgas del Segre trail
  • Best of this getaway to Puigcerdà by motorhome
    • Puigcerdà, beautiful walk along its pond and perfect place to eat on one of its many terraces.
    • The gorgas del Segre trail, beautiful with the Segre river always next to it.
  • Worst of this getaway to Puigcerdà by motorhome
    • The stress of the gps wanting to take us along another 4-hour route because it said that the road n-260 (collada de tosas) was closed, which was true ... but there was a temporary detour with which there was no problem to pass with the motorhome.
    • The rains and the frost that fell at night in Llo made the motorhome parking, which is dirt, muddy, so it was difficult for us to get out when the wheels slipped, a little more and we need chains to get out. Luckily we had a margin ahead that had been pending and we were able to get out without turning back, which is when the wheels slipped.
    • General
    • If you want to save over 40 Euros toll from Olesa and from the Cadí tunnel, go on the c-17 and then on the N-260 (Tosas pass). In our case it was only 10 more minutes and for the savings it was worth it. There are curves and it is a mountain road, so if you go through the Tosas pass, always be careful.
    • In Puigcerdà there are shops that rent and sell ski equipment, they also sell second-hand equipment if you are interested. It is a great place to equip yourself for the ski season.
    • In Puigcerdà visit the Torre de Sta María, an old church destroyed in the civil war, for only € 1,5 you can go up to the bell tower and have great views of the Cadí. In the viewpoint there are photographs indicating the location and names of the mountains, towns, etc. Also there you have the tourist office, take the opportunity to ask anything.
    • Always carry always even if the sun shines a raincoat if you make trails through the Pyrenees, at noon it is likely to start raining.
    • If you want to bathe in the thermal waters of Llo, first check their website if they are open, this weekend they were closed for holidays. Between ski season and summer they make vacations, eye. They are open from 9 a.m. to 19:30 p.m. all year long, in summer until 20:00 p.m. It is worth € 10 per adult. Children can enter without problem.
    • For gorgas excursions and mountain hiking, remember to equip yourself with good shoes that do not slip, are comfortable and have a good grip on the foot. And another tip if the boots are old check the sole ...
    • For hiking excursions, take GPS and download the corresponding trac you want to do before going. We always look at for excursions with trac. We download the trac we want and with a garmin mountain gps watch we do the routes, it is much safer than going to the mountain with nothing. Although if you are going to do a couple or three of km with the children for the routes that we propose, there is good signposting and a path.
    • If it is summer and it is hot there are areas where you can soak a bit in the Segre river during the Gorges bed.
    • Don't forget to bring flip flops, swimsuit and towel in Llo's bathrooms. No hat required. There are hair dryers (underpowered, hand dryer type) and there is no plug to plug yours in, no need to take it with you.
    • Look at the vouchers that are in Llo's baths before entering, perhaps one will suit you. There is a family pack for 43 euros that you enter 2 adults + 2 children (the saving is 3 euros). There are also nominal 5-ticket bonuses that save you 3,5 euros per ticket, if you are going to ski again or maybe it will be more interesting. Children under 3 years old are free.
    • In Eyne go to the house of the Eyne Valley, it is a beautiful place where they will give you all the information about the Valley, there are exhibitions and also a small shop of local products and restaurant.
    • If you go in winter, you have the Cambre d'Aze - Eyne et Saint Pierre dels Forcats ski slopes, very quiet and familiar. Price of about € 20 to € 23 the pass. Cheap equipment rental. Two hours from Barcelona. For perfect kids, for adults who like skiing it won't be the best place. There was still no snow this weekend and they were closed.
  • Specific if you travel with children:
    • In Eyne there is a tourist office where there is always an exhibition about fauna and flora that children will like.
    • Be careful with the electrified fence of the sheep farm next to the AClo de LLo parking, it is not signposted.
    • For the Llo baths, don't forget to bring cuffs for the little ones, there is no pool so small that they reach the ground all the time.
    • In Puigcerdà, on the lake there are ducks, swans, fish and birds (if you bring some bread they will come to you quickly), which the little ones will love, if you also go to the informative panels you will be able to teach them the names of some. Very pedagogical and fun.
    • In Puigcerdà there are shops that rent and sell ski equipment, they also sell second-hand equipment if you are interested in it for the little ones, also every year you can go and they exchange the equipment from the previous year for the one of its current size for only about € 30, just as it would cost to set them up. It is a great place to equip yourself for the ski season and more with the little ones that every year you have to change boots and skis.
    • In Puigcerdà if you want to relax for a while with the little ones, you have the Plaza de la Torre de Sta Maria you will find many terraces and next to it a great park for them. Sitting down to do the vermouth there with the sun is a joy.
    • If you go in winter, you have the Cambre d'Aze - Eyne et Saint Pierre dels Forcats ski slopes, very quiet and familiar. We recommend them if you go with kids. Very easy tracks. Good ski school. Many green and blue runs. Ideal for little ones. A chairlift and the rest tele-trailers but practicable for the little ones. There was still no snow this weekend and they were closed.
  • Specific if you travel with dogs:
    • They will not be able to access the Llo baths.
    • If you park in the parking lot of the Llo baths, be careful not to let the dog loose, just in front there is a field where the sheep are kept.
  • Specific if you travel with a motorhome:
    • The N-260 (Collada de Tosas) now (dated December 11, 2018) is closed for works on a section near Puigcerdà, but there is a detour enabled where you can go with the motorhome without a problem that passes through La Molina.
    • If you are an AC of more than 3m high, remember that you will not be able to take the road parallel to the collada de tosas since there is a tunnel that you do not pass.
    • Be careful with Llo's car park if it has rained, it is dirt and it gets muddy. Being downhill, the wheels slip and it is difficult to get out. Leave margin ahead to turn around without backing up and always carry some snow chains, in case you can't go out use them. Another option is to put gravel under the sliding wheel.
    • We strongly advise you to take a special GPS for a motorhome or truck to put your AC measurements, in these mountain areas you go much more relaxed, it is a rest.

































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