At this moment you are seeing Getaway through 2 of the best beaches in Cantabria in a campervan by @vanviagamos
Cantabria by campervan: 2 beaches that you should not miss

Getaway through 2 of the best beaches in Cantabria by camper by @vanviagamos

Discover a route through 2 incredible beaches of Cantabria in a camper van or motorhome. A route to enjoy traveling by motorhome or van and that will make you fall in love through the travel story of these great adventurers.

Without a doubt this couple who love the camper world are one of those Instagram profiles that hook us. They are one of our favorite instagramers in the world of traveling by camper van and motorhome.

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Yadi and Javi they are a couple that carries all my life dreaming of this kind of camper life and that fate brings them together to make this dream come true.

After some travels through Spain and Portugal, they decided to go to live in germany, where they have spent the last 3 years. This has allowed them to travel across much of Europe.

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Cantabria by campervan: 2 beaches that you should not miss

Plan and organize your trip through Cantabria by motorhome in 5 clicks

Of all the trips we have made, we want to recommend the one in Cantabria, which has undoubtedly been one of the most incredible in terms of landscapes and gastronomy. And here our proposal is for a weekend spacada to Liencres through two of the best beaches that we set foot on in Cantabria by motorhome or van.

Here we propose a getaway through Cantabria in a motorhome or van through two incredible beaches that will make you fall in love.

Arnía Beach (Liencres) in Cantabria by van or motorhome

We begin our recommendation of a getaway through Cantabria in the Arnía Beach, belonging to the district of Liencres belonging to the municipality of Piélagos.

Arnia beach

Arnía beach is apbeach located on the coast around Santander, in a spectacular area for its landscapes
geological, with small islets vestige of the old coast, and a spectacular platform of eroded rocks. It is about 3 km from the town of Soto de la Marina and it is a beach that the last section of the descent to the beach must be done on foot.

It is a beautiful beach of fine golden sand that is 220 meters long.

Access to the beach and parking

For, to access you have to cook the S-463, 2,5
Km from the crossing. The proposal is that you park in the private car park next to the El Cazurro restaurant.

By contributing one euro to the owner, you can spend the day there with the campers and with views that do not envy landscapes like those of Thailand. 

GPS Coordinates43,473,-3,916     

Visit and enjoy the place, but to sleep think that you will not be able to spend the night here. For this you must go to the next beach that we recommend for this weekend getaway.

Cantabria by campervan: 2 beaches that you should not miss

Somocuevas beach (Liencres), the second recommendation for a getaway through Cantabria in a campervan or motorhome

To sleep you can go to this wonderful second beach, the Somocuevas beach. The second beach that we recommend on a route through Cantabria in a camper van and that you should not miss.

Somocuevas Beach

Somocuevas Beach in Liencres, Piélagos municipality, 3 km from Boo de Piélagos is also beautiful and ideal for spending the night. It is accessed from a small parking lot from which a short path starts that ends in the 139 stairs that lead to the sand. We recommend leaving all your weight in the van or car so that climbing the stairs is not so hard. This beach has a very high percentage of nudists. It has fine sand and a gently sloping entrance to the sea. A large overhang protects the beach from the open sea. It is one of the best coves on the Costa Quebrada without a doubt.

Access, parking and overnight

On this beach, there is a small free car park on the edge of a cliff above the beach that is where you can spend the night.

GPS coordinates for the overnight stay: 43,469,-3,942

Gastronomy in the area: a recommendation

Finally, the gastronomic recommendation for this wonderful getaway through Cantabria in a camper van. The La Viga restaurant, in Soto de la Marina, where not only did we have a deal of 10 but the food is exquisite and the place is super cool. Another recommendation to sign up for your next getaway or route through Cantabria by van or motorhome.

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 We advise, manage, solve doubts, give support and set up a route or organized trip in a motorhome personalized to your tastes and needs, so that you go calm, safe and your motorhome trip is unforgettable.

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  1. Alberto

    Sorry to throw you a jug of cold water, I understand that due to ignorance, I explain.
    Since 20.04.2017 when the BOC (Official Gazette of Cantabria) approved the regulations for the Natural Park of the Dunas de Liencres and Costa Quebrada ( You cannot spend the night there, as the BOC states on page 22, article 37, of prohibited uses, I quote:
    «F) The circulation or parking of vehicles off the roads and places designated for that purpose, especially cross-country traffic and the« moto-cross », the overnight parking of caravans, vans and similar vehicles, as well as the circulation by tracks and paths forbidden and designated for this purpose. The circulation or parking of vehicles that access privately owned farms or under a concession regime, those associated with the permitted uses or activities, nor those assigned to the activities of management, emergency services, surveillance or Security Bodies ».
    With what in practice, you could be fined for spending the night there.
    A greeting. Alberto.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Good Alberto, thanks for your contribution. In this case, the invited authors put the places where they were and could spend the night this summer, in fact in the first place they explain that it was not possible to spend the night there. I do not get to know more, so I thank you for your contribution as it is important. A hug! Thanks!

  2. Alberto

    If you can pass on my information to them, great.
    A greeting.

    1. Kucavanera family

      I will let them see if they can also answer you here. Thanks Alberto!

  3. furgosurfera

    I am from Cantabria, thank you for discovering one of the most beautiful areas to enjoy with the camper van

    1. Kucavanera family

      You're welcome from @vanviagamos! And thanks from us for your comment. Remember that our website is open for you to explain your routes to colleagues. You can send your stories to [email protected]


    In summer, perhaps the prohibition in the dunes of liencres (Parking) is more rigorous, but in September and until now, I have been planning more than 30 days and I have not had any type of problem. In fact there are always at least 15 or 20 campers in the parking lot (mainly surfers) and on weekends quite a few more.
    Even the Pilar bridge was a real madness. I counted more than 70 vans and motorhomes.

    1. Kucavanera family

      Thanks for your contribution Julian 🙂

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